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Meeting 2   4-18-10 (Sunday)

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1.    Questions we have

2.    Discuss any research we have found

3.    Discuss wiki

4.    Discuss the useful files posted on the wiki

5.    Prepare for discussion of project process for class on Monday night.

6.    Recap


Chat Notes from Skype

Danny Mittleman: YOur focus is on meetings rather than on projects.

You are interested in how meetings are designed and led, as well as the technologies that might be used.


Remember there is a team doing divergence (ideation) and another team doing convergence (decision making), so you don't want to repeat the work they do about


specific techniques or tools

Remember there is a team doing collaboration engineering, so you don't want to repeat their work in designing interventions

Remember there is a team doing virtual project mamanagement looking at long term support for teams

You do want to talk with these teams


What you have unique are:

Choices of tool suites for meeting management (focus on GSS kinds of tools)

Meeting scheduling (focus on TimeBridge kinds of tools)

Planning meeting agendas

Facilitation techniques for meetings (both local and virtual)


This is a full chapter; it probably is not in the order I just laid out above

 hicss article on facilitation

nunamaker article

 best practices article

 niederman, biese, beranek paper on faciliation

 Roger Schwarz book on facilitation

 christine hogan understanding facilitation


 Daniella K: Facillitation

Group Support Systems

 -Software and tools

-Product Categories




Marlyece Blum: http://sgr.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/25/1/105


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