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April 21st Meeting Note

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Meeting 2 on skype


-Introduced ourselves

-Talked about Wiki web

Ann suggested the outline of the book as follow: 

1 - meaning of virtual collaboration

2 - the importance of collaboration

3 - 7 layers model

4 - theory of collaboration

5 - applying of the theory


-Professor said the deadline for project is June 7 but that could changed as the project moves along.

-Our first deliverable is the outline of the book. Second would be our edition to the text.

-We each  are assigned to work on at least one topic. May: 1&2 Abinet:3 Ann:4 Pat:5

-Abinet is the person who will be in charge of updating on wiki for each meeting and also post the deliverable on wiki.

-Each of us is responsible for updating our own work (editing) on wiki.

-Professor suggested: 


You are working from Omaha Chap 1,2,3

YOu might hand off chap 2 material to collab engineering chapter - work that out with them.  The seven layers does not need to be repeated twice in the book.


Your challenge is to make this material interesting and relevant for managers (or students training to be managers) who read the book.


The total volume of material (being squeezed into one chapter) may be less than the material presented from Omaha.



1. What is collaboration science?

2. Why would a PM, or Line M care about this?

3. What are its practical applications?

4. What are its underpinnings (what is the theory behind it)?

5. How can we use this material?


Your most likely boundary issues will be the the CE chapter - talk to them.



take a look at chapter 1 of this book at books24x7 to see if it is of value

[4/21/10 6:54:59 PM] Danny Mittleman: Groupware, Workflow and Intranets: Reengineering the Enterprise with Collaborative Software

by Dave Chaffey 

Digital Press © 1998 (264 pages) Citation


How groupware and workflow technologies can improve organizational efficiency.



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