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Online meeting Monday

Page history last edited by davhodg@... 10 years, 5 months ago

me: hi

Achyuta joined group chat.

Achyuta: so you got work too :)

You have added Clifton to this group chat.

Sent at 8:24 PM on Monday

Clifton Dillman joined group chat.

me: hi

Clifton Dillman: hello

Achyuta: hi

me: 3 out of 4

lets find dan

Clifton Dillman: i saw dan on...it looked like earlier

i think he said he only gets to view the first hour

or something

danyalsyed@gmail.com is offline and so cannot be added to this group chat.

me: yeah, appears offline

ok, I have a much better understanding of the project now

I need to reread the material

Clifton Dillman: yes, i as well

me: It looks like the previous teams created team pages on the wiki

I will create one for us to track things

Clifton Dillman: ok

Achyuta: Should we distribute the chapter topics among each of us?

Sent at 8:31 PM on Monday

Achyuta: It basically breaks down to - Intro, History, Collaboration, Advantages and Disadvantages

me: lets wait and meet with the professor first

Clifton Dillman: i agree

Achyuta: ok

me: we can pitch this idea, i think its a good idea

Clifton Dillman: he can give us better direction

Sent at 8:33 PM on Monday

me: it looks like truesday may be the best day, I will email Dan again and see if he can make it

Clifton Dillman: sounds good

me: Prof can only make tue or wed, and achyuta can't make wed

I am feeling much better about this project now after tonights class

Clifton Dillman: thats fine for me


me: what i dont get yet is how much, or if any research we need to do

or are we just validating the work

Clifton Dillman: research on old content

or new content

i think the professor will give direction

he said each group is independant when it comes to that

me: either I guess, but that will be a good question for the prof

Sent at 8:37 PM on Monday

me: I have to go now, catch my ride

I will save these notes

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