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Book Quality Assurance Discussion

Page history last edited by Danny Mittleman 10 years, 5 months ago

Quality Assurance Managers:


Project Manager Quality Assurance Manager
Collaboration Theory and Practice
Ann Visavapattamavar Pat Pkanchanasirpat
Collaboration Engineering
Bao-Ha Mui Wajiha Zafar
Collaborative Information Taxonomies
M Riaz C. J Petlick 
Cloud Computing and SAAS for Collaboration
Dave Hodgson Clifton Dillman 
Virtual Meeting Management Tools and Techniques
Daniella Kurash Juan Nieves
Collaborative Decision Making Tools and Techniques
Brad Marr Jennifer Canady 
Ideation Tools and Techniques 
Jeeri Reddy David Mason 
Virtual Project Management Tools and Techniques
Cheri Goosby Ryan Baird
Enterprise Level Collaboration
Maribel Lopez Laura Spohn
Enterprise Social Networking
Collaboration in Virtual Worlds
Ioan Jones Frank Tarantino
Building a Business Case for Groupware
John Wolfram Anthony Mantucca 
Adoption and Diffusion of Groupware
Mary Remington Elaine Alexander


Contact information is not placed here as this is a public space.   Contact information, where provided, will be on the COL Announcements page.   There is a listserv for Spring 2010 Project Managers and a listserv for Spring 2010 Quality Assurance Managers available in the COL mailing function as "groups".

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Danny Mittleman said

at 8:00 pm on Apr 19, 2010

Possible structure for each chapter

1. What this chapter is about AND why we care about this material

2. Where this material fits within the big picture of the book

3. The chapter content

4. Summary of the Chapter

5. Glossary of Key Terms

6. Thought Excersizes

7. References (Bibliography) (Citations)

8. Appendix: Resources, websites, products, etc.

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