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Challenge 2 Overview

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Challenge 2 Overview


Presentation Skills,  Meeting Tactics,  and the Usage of Media will be explained in the depth for this section.  Knowing the learning preference of your team will help you to better target your communications. Strength Development Inventory Training, The Vark Questionnaires and other online learning evaluation sites are helpful resources.   Preparing in advance of meeting, with articles that your team can review will help them prepare questions or bring helpful resources of their own for the team.


Often times a meeting concludes with participants feeling tired and either over-loaded with information and tasks or underwhelmed with the lack of information presented. Focusing on presentation skills will help to bridge the gap and hopefully create an atmosphere ripe for learning, sharing and communicating.   Leaders will learn how to keep participants focused and interested using a method practiced in various cultures and still practiced today as a music art form.  This will help your attendees remember key messages.  


Additionally, using not body language, but another human component; emotion.   The Meeting Tactics, section discusses new strategies from the pace of the meeting, polling, round robins, incorporating email to elicit team conversation and how to employ online games create a cohesive, social team.  This guide includes many creative methods of being efficient, effective and productive.


Technique 1


Technique 2


Technique 3

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