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WYSIWYG Meeting Notes Archive up through May 22, 2008

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 9 months ago
1. Date/Time: Saturday 19th (12 – 1) (all action items completed. please click on word doc for review)
Decision Points:



·         Team Name: " WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get!"
·         Assigned / Tentative Roles:
o        Project Manager – Tiera Williams
o        Facilitator / Wiki Lead – Mandy Brennan
o        Research Lead – Bob Peck
o        Operations Specialist / Lead – Yashinna Asper
o        Editor Lead – Eric Madou (Tentatively)
·         As a team we have agreed to have all class assignments complete by Thursday and/or Friday of each week to ensure deadlines are met.
Action Items:



·         Forward meeting notes and decision points to the team for review – Tiera (Due: Saturday 4/19) status: completed
o        Also, forward team roles to Danny status: completed
·         Research 3 groupware tools pro’s & con’s for the team to discuss - Robert (Due: Thursday 4/24) status: completed
o        Also, forward WebEx information to the team status: completed
·         Update Wiki with team roles – Mandy (Due: Saturday 4/19) status: completed 
2. Date/Time: Saturday 26th (12 – 1)
Decision Points/Deliverables for 4/27/08:
·Groupware for coordination of our project will be Wiki, with MS Project Files attached as "drafts"
·Bob Peck has begun the construction of the Wiki - http://pm440wysiwyg.pbwiki.com/
·The first pass of the software, researched by Bob is as follows:
PBWiki (http://pbwiki.com)
Wiki's are more of a repository of information. Wiki's allow people to easily contribute, and create webpages.
Pros :
We all know how to use it
It has a feature that notifies members via email, when updates are made
Good for organizing, and publishing public info
Good for group authoring web pages
Contains repository for storing documents
Difficult to navigate
Difficult to share/organize the resources
Time consuming to link necessary pages
Formatting pages to look nice is difficult
No privacy
Joomla (http://joomla.org)
Joomla is an online content management tool. I have seen it used mostly for blogs, and for websites. It is good for people who want to build websites but don't have the time to learn how to code. It applies style and makes added pages keep a consistent look and feel. Not generally used for projects, but it has a lot of features that make it ideal, and possible for managing a project.
Very easy to apply templates and customize looks
Naturally promotes simple, and sensible layouts, which promote easy navigability
Security can be established by creating user log-ins, along with restricting access for members
Contains a repository for storing files
Promotes group authoring
The professor is encouraging us to use this tool (sees it as a great added value to the class)
Needs to be hosted online (Danny said he might be able to get all the teams web space from school)
Has a higher learning curve than the other products
Zoho Projects: (projects.zoho.com)
Zoho is an online project tool, designed for exactly what we're doing, managing a project.  
More of a project management tool
"Create tasks, assign owners, specify deadline to track. associate tasks to milestones."
Has a calendar
Can run reports (with Gantt charts))
"Track the time taken for each work item."
Has file sharing capabilities
Only free for 1 project
I've never used it before
Action Items:
·Forward meeting notes decision points and action items/assignments to group – Mandy (Due: Saturday 4/26/08 7pm Central) status: completed, revised
·Research Use Case Scenario/s for the group project – Robert status: completed
oAlso, begin first draft of project via Microsoft Project – Yashinna/Tiera status: completed
·Invite Prof. Mittleman to next group meeting and email deliverables – Tiera (Due: Friday 5/2) status: done
·Research Alternative to Skype for our team meetings per several are not getting good connection via Skype - ALL status: completed. we are using a conference line now.
oAlso, email alternatives to Bob - Mandy, Yashinna, Tiera, Eric status: completed
·Also, Tiera emails the group the final choice for meeting tool- Tiera (Due: Saturday 5/2) status: pending
·Schedule next team meeting - Mandy/Tiera status: complete, scheduled for Sunday 5/4 11am
3. Date/Time: Saturday 5/3 (12 – 1)
Notes: This meeting was to take place using Skype, but too many of us are getting dropped & having tech issues.  We will continue to use Tiera's conference line until this matter is resolved.
Decision Points:
·Conference calls for now will be conducted using Tiera’s conference line, per Skype tech issues for majority of group members
·Team meeting will take place tomorrow, Sunday 5/4 at 12:00pm
·We will revert to using the original Wiki Site per Bob’s input : http://pm440.pbwiki.com/Presentation+and+application+sharing+environments
·We will be using a PowerPoint presentation via WebEx for our group presentation to the class
oAccess will require a link and password to join in
Action Items:
·Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting & individual responsibilities:
oTeam communication environment – Mandy (Due: Saturday 5/3)
§ Add slide/s explaining our choice to use Wiki, basic internal communication & send to Tiera  
§ Update the Wiki with notes and drafts
§ Send notes & conference call info to team
oDiscuss use case & suggestions for the technologies we're going to demo - Bob (Due: Saturday 5/3)
§ Add slide/s including various technologies, as well as rating scales for & send to Tiera
oReview team Project Plan & Update PowerPoint – Tiera (Due: Saturday 5/3)
§ Add slide/s explaining our project plan
§ Email Bob your Rating Scale template
§ Coordinate elements of the MS Project Element w/Yashinna
§ Consolidate slides from team contributions
§ Email Danny the conference calling instructions
oEmail Team Updated Powerpoint for Meeting – Tiera (Due Sunday 5/4)
oAssist with WebEx presentation environment – Yashinna (Due: Sunday 5/4)
§ Speak w/ Bob & Tiera about using this for our class presentation
§ Schedule a test run of WebEx with group to take place within 1 week
§ Determine a url for this by tomorrow, Sunday 5/4. Any issues please discuss w/ Bob & Tiera (they have working knowledge of WebEx)
oRead class notes and provide feedback to group – Eric (Due: Sunday 5/4)
§ Thereafter, proofread all proposed documents mailed out by Project Manager, Tiera
§ Provide feedback in the form of an email to Tiera and rest of group as needed
4. Date/Time: Sunday 5/4 (12 – 1)
Notes: All group members to attend must call in at 11:55am.
Enter code: *6079214*


Decision Points:
-Use Cases:
oTake the use cases beyond our group
oFictionalize the use case
oThink of a story, a detailed view of how someone will utilize a presentation tool
oThink up multiple use cases - 15-20 - and narrow them down
oPick three that are the most realistic & common
oOur use cases should embody notable dimensions
§ Dimensions:
·Talking head is (important/ not important)
·Security (tight / not tight)
·Participants are (same every time/ new every time)
·Infrastructure (old computers/ current computers)
·Leadership (is hands off/ considers feedback important)
-Our current use case affordances:
oWhat is really important vs what was mentioned just because its available?
oBrowser support is important/ more important than platform.
oHost login - host log in should be easy to use. should not take 15 minutes of trouble shooting to get the thing up and running. 
oParticipant log in - how is it handled? is it simple? is it so simple that security is risked - does security matter? how easy is it for them to figure it out the first time? how easy is it for Users to learn? (by learning i mean do it without thinking.)
oPhoenix to Chicago - whats more interesting? How time zone is handled in the meeting request/ live meeting. 



-Recommended Technologies:
oWe need to start with an exhaustive list
oAfter the list is created
oThen we group technologies under the use cases that they apply to.
oLastly begin narrowing the list down.



-Recommended by Danny to add to our list:
olive meeting
ozoho meeting
otalk point
oconference point



-Weighted scale portion:
oFor each use case create a weighted scale.
Action Items:
-We all are to read the following Project Plan and align with the deliverable/due dates within (follow link below)
-Send feedback with regards to the dates and assigned tasks
oWe do not have much time to spare
oSend your deliverables noted in the project plan to the group, include all members
oThere are several items that each are responsible for
§ The next due date for our group’s contributions is Tuesday May 6
-Next Team meetings that should take place (this can be changed if needed) are noted within the following project plan




Our Timeline/Project Plan as of May 4, 2008 :
5. Date/Time: Saturday 5/10 (12 – 1)
Notes: All group members to attend must call in at 11:55am.
Enter code: *6079214*


Today's Meeting was brief.  We set a goal for Monday for all group members, so that we can stay on track. 


1. Discuss the Software Listing and Next Steps for selecting the top picks
2. Review the software rating scale and expectations
3. Discuss the Use Case Scenarios and Next Steps for selecting the top picks
4. Class Deliverables
5. Action Items


·having one preferred software for each use case.
oThe process we are taking is to have 5 use case and 4 technology to evaluate and decide which one best meets the needs of the particular use case 
·show overall advantages and disadvantages with the software.
owe need to be prepared to talk about this if we are questioned about it 
·Regarding the scorecards
othe thought was to do a general scoring based on the items you proposed (Screen Sharing, Price, etc.) because regardless of the business need the Screen Sharing, Price, etc will not change.
oWith that said, based on the scoring you should be able to determine which software best meets the business need 
·the presentation can be modified... it was simply a draft to give everyone a thought of how it should flow.
·         since each use case has different criteria, each use case could have a different ideal technology
·         we've presenting four main technologies and deciding which one is the best overall.
·         feel free to add a wild card, based on your use case’s requirements
o   for example, webex is not the ideal technology for groups concerned about money. 
o   so webex probably wouldnt be really considered
·         we definately should not be presenting one tool as being the ultimate tool
·         we should really be presenting the five use cases and describing which tool fits best that situation
Action Items: Please read the attachments and email the group the following by Monday, May 12:
1.  Read WYSIWYG Software Listing.  Pick 3 commonly used/well known/or trusted "Presentation" softwares that you want the group to focus on.  Pick 2 up and coming or unknown "Presentation" softwares.  Please keep in mind that some of the picks may be applicable to large projects, but perhaps not specifically for presentations.  It' easy enough to figure out if it's a presentation tool, because it will say so.  Look for keywords such as "powerpoint" "shareware"  "virtual meeting"  "Real time audio, video or text chat".  Others have added capabilities such as Whiteboards or mouse sharing.  The most popular picks(by number of requests) will be mentioned in our final presentation and considered as the tool by which we will be presenting, as well as the tool by which will be rated for each chosen Use Case Scenario. You should have 5 total presentation softwares in your list you share with the group.
2.  Read through the Use Case Scenarios.  We will use 3 for the presentation.  Each will have ratings for each possible presentation software.  Please note that if we use a Use Case Scenario with a description that is short or too broad, that more detail will need to be added.  We decided to use one Short, Medium, and Large company so that we can touch on the distinct benefits of the chosen softwares.  Please share with the group the 3 Use Case Scenarios you would suggest using out of the group's suggestions.  If you pick one with a short description, add your notes to expand it, make it more specific - add an event or two.
3.  Read the project plan, which includes the meeting times and dates.  Remember to let your group know if you are unavailable for scheduled meeting times so we can make adjustments. If you can't make it to a meeting please notify us or Tiera.  We can also rearrange the meeting times/dates to suit the entire group - don't forget!   
4. ·  Propose challenges to this structure to entire group before our next meeting


7. Date/Time: Saturday 5/17 (12-1)

·         There is a new draft of the presentation for 5/22 and the draft scorecards. Regarding the affordances, please send the team an example to include with the use cases today

Action Items:

·         Updates are welcome for the presentation. Please make the necessary changes and send to the team
·         Next meeting Monday at 7PM to finalize the scorecards and presentation. UPDATE- Group Meeting now is Tuesday 5/20. Mini-meeting w/bob & mandy testing Presentation software for the class will remain on Monday.
·         Updates are being sent for the scorecard spreadsheet
o    Note some updates to the format( please disregard any previous spreadsheet and use the new one)
8. Date/Time: Mini-meeting Monday 5/19 (7-8p)
·         Bob & Mandy tested Zoho and DIMDIM
·         Next Meeting will take place tomorrow
·         We will use the conference line and DIMDIM
·         Invitations to the meeting will go out at 7:15pm Tuesday after we discuss our agenda
·         Using DIMDIM, we will rehearse our PowerPoint and test audio
Action Item: Mandy send invite to group after conference commences
10. Date/Time: Tuesday 5/20 (7-9p)
·         Mandy is hosting the DIMDIM, Tiera is moderator for the conference line
·         DIMDIM works well without downloads
·         Group agrees to use this technology for Thursday’s presentation
·         We discussed consistency with the presentation
Action Items:
·         Add slide with logos of all 30+ technologies we researched before narrowing down our choices – Mandy (Due Wednesday 2pm)
·         Update scorecards for consistent design format – Bob (Due Wednesday 2pm)
·         Update scorecard data for use case 1 and forward to Tiera – Yashinna (Due Wednesday 2pm)
·         Update verbiage for use case 4 and add scorecards – Eric & Bob (Due Wednesday 2pm)
·         Update PowerPoint, rearrange per the notes taken during this meeting and forward to Tiera – Mandy (Due Wednesday 2pm)
·         Update PowerPoint with all forwarded data – Tiera (Due Wednesday 7pm)
·         Email Danny our presentation tool choice so that he can notify the DL students for Thursday – Bob & Tiera



11. Date/Time: Wednesday 5/21 (6:30-8p)
Notes: entire group must attend via DIMDIM. look out for invitation. 
·         Bob is hosting
·         Rehearse Updated PowerPoint
·         Q&A
·         We determined the order of all speakers and contingency plan in case we have any interference using DIMDIM for DL group members
o    Bob, Tiera & Eric will join the classroom, Yashinna and Mandy will be DL
·         Bob will set up early before class starts and run an audio check with DL members
·         We will use Wimba/Skype as alternatives to DIMDIM
Action Items:
·         Make sure Danny knows we want to use DIMDIM
·         Make sure an email is sent out to all classmembers so that the DL students can participate - like a Save the Date kind of thing letting them know they will be receiving an invte to their emailbox. 
o    Remember to put in there, only DL students should connect remotely since our version allows a max of 20 participants. 
o    let them know they need not download anything before, since it's one click access, but are welcome to sample the technology beforehand. 
·         Also we need to appoint one person during the presentation that can answer questions in real time during the presentation. 
·         Either one of us in the classroom with wifi & laptop or myself most likely will need to take care of this part. 
·         We can send a chat to all message to contact whomever that is if they have questions. 
·         We may have to demo the presentation chat/talk function briefly in the beginning to make it interactive.

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