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Charles Engle




• Cornell University

• Located in Ithaca, New York




• 56 years old and married

•Professor at Cornell University in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis

• Has a PhD in Human Factors and Ergonomics

• Lives in upstate New York

• Uses both Cornell and the Corporation’s collaborative tool for document sharing and virtual communication.



Works as a researcher in the Human Factors field.  Currently he and two colleagues are conducting research on work place hazards in response to numerous accidents that have taken place at a plant in Nebraska.  Since one researcher works at the university of Michigan and the other at the corporation headquarters, they often collaborate remotely. 



They have at their disposal the use of a secured corporate environment to accommodate document sharing and Cornell’s environment for virtual communication.  All are required to have a secured and consistent Internet connection and login credentials to access both environments.  Both are problematic for various reasons; he likes the convenience and security of the corporation but he is very concerned with employees accessing confidential information since anonymity and confidentiality of employee data is imperative.



Also, he and his other collegiate colleague would like to publish their findings and autonomy from the corporation is desired.   Overall, it would be nice for him to have a secured mechanism to collaborate both via documentation and person-to-person.



Informal communication is ongoing via email and IM.  However when a team meeting is necessary, all researchers will agree on a date and time. 



In a typical meeting with his colleagues and if Dr. Engle is the initiator, he would provide an agenda, address any open issues, discuss the research, and determine next step.



Dr. Engle’s needs are as follows:

• A secured environment to share information

• An environment where he can collaborate with his colleagues

• An environment where each person can separate their work from the others

• Video and audio capability if needed would be a nice to have but not absolutely necessary


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Comments (1)

Dr. Ruth Ter Bush said

at 1:12 pm on Oct 19, 2009

so let me be sure I understand -- they have secure document retention services and some kind of virtual environment but you haven't told me why these are not working (other than he doesn't trust the security of the corporate site which would presumably be better than the university site). I'm still not sure what type of meetings they conduct, what are the artifacts they share, what do you mean by "separate their work from the others," I have no idea what type of tool you are trying to find.

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