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Page history last edited by Amanda Fick 10 years, 10 months ago

Document Retention:

Hanson Brothers is a small IT Development company, where all 5 of the Hanson brothers are partners and developers. They tend to have a lot of trouble, now that things have been getting much busier and people are trying to automate their process as much as possible. We see that the Hanson brothers are storing their documentation for contracts,plans and proposals on a shared drive. With the high demands and the phone calls being received very often, it is common for the same people to be working on the same document at the same time. Due to this, they want to use a data retention system that could store the documents and not allow more than one person to alter a document while it is checked out. It should definitely allow for people to get a read-only copy of the document.


Requirements: A document retention system that will be cheap or free that is not made for an enterprise system, rather something that can hold upwards of 50,000 documents. As well as offer a check-out system with the option for a read-only document. There should definitely be some space for comments for each document to ensure that there is a reason for the checking in and out of a document. This will keep for a better record of the document's history. There should also definitely be a way to search through the documents and be able to tag the documents with metadata

Constraints: Implementation Time, knowing the system will be used, usability, cost


System Users: the Developers, Potential Account Managers


Possible Issues: Possibility of someone not being at work and having a

document checked out where it is needed immediately, The company not using it after a while, people being able to check out every document even when they shouldn't have permission.

Amount of Use: It should be used daily, any time a document is saved.



Main issue why this system is needed: it seems that people were sending contracts and proposals that were out of date and intended for the wrong person. There needs to be a more efficient way to store documents in order to be able to not give people permission to edit a document that is checked out by another user, but gives the user the option to read the document



Assumptions: Everyone is going to use it. Permissions will be set correctly so everyone gets whatever they need, The server is stable.



Other Pluses: they may be able to use this implementation on their source code as well. This can be seen as a very beneficial thing for a development group.

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Comments (1)

Dr. Ruth Ter Bush said

at 1:04 pm on Oct 19, 2009

200 documents is too few. I can generate 200 documents in a quarter and I'm just one person. Total lockout is pretty draconian isn't it? Wouldn't it be better if they have read only viewing? At least then they can see what was in the document when it was checked out. I'd like to see more discussion of exactly how you see the user interfacing with this tool and less white space.

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