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Wikipedia Updates

Page history last edited by Pathik Chitania 11 years, 7 months ago

The following updates were made to the "Cloud Computing" Wikipedia page. The updated page can be seen here -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing


Legal Issues:


In early April of 2009, the FBI raided a data center in Texas.   As part of an ongoing investigation, they had a search warrant allowing them to seize a particular cabinet of equipment.  Unfortunately, the hardware in that cabinet contained data for multiple companies, in addition to the one involved in the investigation.  The removal of their data caused at least one of these companies to be unable to operate, and the court denied their attempt to get their data back, although the FBI did offer to copy it to blank tapes.    This same type of co-location of data for multiple entities on the same hardware could be a potential risk and legal issue for companies considering hosting data or applications in the cloud.


Screenshot 1


Risk Mitigation:


8)  Data availability – Ensure that the vendor can move your data onto a different environment should the existing environment become compromised or unavailable


Screenshot 2




Although companies may be able to save on upfront capital expenditures, they may not be saving much and may actually pay more on operating expenses.  In situations where the capital expense would be relatively small, or where the organization has more flexibility in their capital budget than their operating budget, the cloud model may not make great fiscal sense.  Other factors impacting the scale of any potential cost savings include the efficiency of a company’s data center as compared to the cloud vendor’s, the company’s existing operating costs, the level of adoption of cloud computing, and the type of functionality being hosted in the cloud.  


Screenshot 3




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