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What is Web Office?


Web Office owned by Cisco and provides document management, group calendar, database management, task management and web conferencing capabilities.


Why Web Office?


It is a simple and powerful tool that provides real collaboration. It is part of the Webex family of applications, and therefore it could easily integrate with many other application to use remote PCs, video meetings and more.




To obtain Web Office there is a monthly fee based on a number of employees that ranges from 5 to 500. Adding new employees costs an additional fee per employee based on the plan that was chosen, and this cost becomes cheaper when the plan includes a bigger number of employees. Also, the more employees that use the application, the more GB of storage they get individually. Companies get a 10% discount if they enroll on an annual fee plan.


Open Source:


There is a 30 day trial but there are no open source options. Special prices are given to non-profit organizations.  




It must work under the following operation systems: Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003 Server, Mac, Linux and Solaris. Web browser versions are important and java script and cookies must be enabled.


Real Time Collaboration:


Web office has real time collaboration through the web meetings feature of the software that allows to create meetings at any time while sharing documentation.  


Easy to Use:


Web office has a slick and simple interface. I consider that the strongest advantage is that has all the features displayed in one single place to manage. You can easily see what features exist and use them by selecting any of them quickly. Icons also make it an appealing interface where you can easily identify what you need to use.




Web Office provides authentication, network security and redundancy. Meetings and session content are never persistently stored on servers. A 128-bit SSL and AES encryption is used during meetings and transfers to avoid visibility of information.








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