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Web Officing Tools Software Demonstration

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Web Officing Tools Software Demonstration Group Project



Working together using this wiki


We are investigating Foldera, Huddle, Joyent, and Collanos products



Group members


  • Fabrizio
  • Joan
  • Syed




product web sites


Huddle http://www.livehuddle.com/whatis.php

Joyent http://www.joyent.com/connector/

Collanos http://www.collanos.com/

Foldera http://www.foldera.com/




Saturday, 19 Jan 08, 1200 noon @ CTI Lab;

Sunday,20 Jan 08, 6055 N. Kirkwood, Chicago, IL

Monday, 21 Jan 08, 5 p.m., CTI and Conference Call

Tuesday, 22 Jan 08, @ CTI Lab

Wedneday, 23 Jan 08, 5:00, Fabrizio's Office


Power Point






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