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Use Cases - The Presenters, Inc

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Use Cases:


  • Dolapo Nunu


Joanne martins


Employment status: Unemployed (Full- time graduate student)


Company: Sonoma Partners


Location: Chicago, Illinois


Age: 25




To find an application that can download PowerPoint presentations quickly and also has a video-cast feature enabling viewing from different locations.  It has high-quality audio and visual features for presentations to be heard and seen clearly, and is compatible with both Mac and PC computers.




Joanne is a currently a full- time student at DePaul University, who is seeking employment in her field of study (i.e. Information Systems).  In order to make herself more marketable in a highly competitive field, she has applied for internships and part-time employment at positions posted on the DePaul HR website. This will enable her to gain hands-on experience prior to seeking a full-time career.  Recently she received a phone call for an interview for an internship position at a company called Sonoma Partners. As part of the interview, Joanne was sent a fictional problem that she is to solve, present, and explain the reasoning behind her decision. This presentation will be evaluated by the company’s top executives while in and out of the office using a collaborative tool.


 Joanne read the problem given to her by her interviewer prior to the interview and found a solution. To present her thoughts she created a PowerPoint presentation. In the presentation Joanne inserted a video she found that backed up the reasons behind her solution. Therefore, an effective collaborative tool for Joanne’s presentation is one that has the following; it should be able to open a PowerPoint presentation with a video in it. This tool should have a visual feature that enables attendees outside the room to see Joanne deliver the presentation, and for Joanne to see the audience when they have any questions or comments.  It should have a clear audio feature so Joanne can talk into a microphone and be heard clearly by people outside the room watching via video-cast. It would also be nice if the tool had a hand raising notification tool for Joanne to be notified when a viewer has a question.


 There will be 20 executives at the meeting; about half will be present in the room, while the rest will be watching via video-cast. Most of executives that would be watching this presentation are comfortable with Mac computer, while others are comfortable with a PC computer. Hence, what Joanna needs as a collaborative tool to have a successful interview is a tool that is easy to download and to share PowerPoint presentation documents; can be viewed on Mac and PC computers; allows web access to retrieve additional data to support her conclusions; costs her nothing; secures the information of her presentation; requires minimal to no training; and is reliable to work on that day.










Reliable for the day of presentation                                                    




Security of information               




Good visibility for executives viewing remotely                                   




Easy Web interface/ access




Cost nothing to use                                                     








No Training required












  • Abraham Valdez


Coders, Inc.


Expertise: Web Developers


Location: Chicago, IL


Number of Employees: 5 - 10




Find a cost-effective tool for sharing programming codes and enhance communication with team members to create an overall Company standard process in designing and developing websites.




Coders, Inc. is a small-business company located on the north-side of Chicago. They are a growing company which specializes in planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining websites for business such as Bike Shops, Pet Shops, etc. By developing a comprehensive tool the company may increase team productivity.




The Company uses the same programming tool and language to develop client requirements. Unfortunately, the lack of coordination with the team by upper management results in programmers coding in different languages. It was not until the Manager reviewed customer feedbacks that they discovered customers reacting by envy --“they have this feature on their site, how come we didn’t.”




Most of their existing websites incorporate different functionalities, such as Flash, which is not a company standard. Although [extra] functionalities were a major ‘plus’ to the Company’s recognition, reputation, and delivery --this was a major problem internally. For example, if an employee leaves the company, who specializes in a particular coding architecture, no one is able to support it and coding techniques may be difficult to use and understand by other programmers. This dependency forced the Manager to consult third-party consultants, which tends to be costly.




The Manager wanted to avoid these barriers between the programmers. His idea was to bring a collaboration tool to share programming codes, communicate with members internally, and provide a standard on developing websites. He needs the programmers to work together. It must be easily accessible by employees, run on existing hardware and software, built in-house or on open source software, and requires minimal training. This tool must include one of the latest operating systems in the market [must be scalable]. Due to economic problems, he wants this tool to be cost-effective as possible with the notion of increasing the company’s productivity as a whole.




This collaborative tool must allow programmers to share their codes, distribute handouts/files/documents electronically, track errors in codes, reduce stress, have a visual of the presenter’s screen, and manage IT standards effectively. This tool does not need audio to communicate with other co-workers. IT security will be managed by our internal firewall and network administrators. Per upper management meeting, a preliminary estimate cost for the entire project is $5,000. After the tool has been analyzed, the maintenance cost should be minimal and cheap.














- Preference: Free/Open Source






Technical support is included with the tool




Must be used with latest technology (Operating Systems)








Easy to use with minimal training








No audio
















Share screens
















Send documents












  • Sean Wilke


Sally Smith


Position: Web Developer


Company: Richards, Richards, & Richards


Company Location: Seattle, WA


Age:  28




To find an efficient web-based tool that demos a beta-version of a new company application from one office of a company to the other.




Sally’s employer, Richards, Richards & Richards, is an international patent law firm with offices in New York, Chicago, Seattle, London, and Munich.  She and her team, located at the Seattle office, are currently developing a web-based client-access portal that will allow the firm’s clients access their portfolios.  Once logged on, clients can view pending applications, modify case details, initiate new matter requests, etc…  The management committee, comprised of eight partners, is planning to gather at the New York office for their bi-annual meeting.  One item on the agenda is to touch-base with Sally’s progress on the new application.  The committee has been excited about this project for some time, as this will help streamline operations and cut down much of the support staff’s administrative burden.




Sally will join the committee at the New York office to present the new application for 90 minutes in real-time.  Every partner will be equipped laptops to view her demo.  She needs a web-based tool that will allow her PC to be displayed on everyone’s computer.  Because some of the partners are not tech savvy, the tool needs to involve little to no training.  The tool should be as simple as opening a browser, and typing a URL and password.  She needs a reliable internet connection and requires that the tool be secure, user-friendly and low-cost.  Also, the tool needs to be able handle at least eight attendees.  There is also help-desk support available at the New York office, so this person can work closely with Sally to set up the board room (i.e. connect laptop to projector). 












Reliable internet and phone connection








Web-based application








Capacity for at least 8 attendees
















Easy to set-up
























Little to no training












  • Anna Lesniak


MB Sculpture, LLC.


Expertise: Custom Furniture Manufacturing


Location: Chicago, IL


Number of Employees: 50




Find a web application that simplifies the scheduling and presentation of online meetings; allowing viewing of blueprints, ability to use whiteboard for live illustration, including video and audio, and teleconferencing for at least 50 people.




Mike owns MB Sculpture, which manufactures custom office furniture for large design companies. MB Sculpture is a leading provider of office furniture and services. Each office store provides our latest designs. The goal of the company is to help its customers to plan, visualize, assist and create great places to work. Mike wants to accomplish it thru engaging more in collaboration and consultation between the company and client. Mike’s company has grown 50% over the last two years, and he is having greater difficulty with communication between all the people involved, from design conception to manufacturing. Since MB Sculpture is also doing business internationally, mainly with Germany and Great Britain, face-to-face meetings are not always possible. Because of the growth and expansion of Mike’s company, he wants to have better communication with his clients to design and deliver proper workplaces. Mike needs to find a universal tool for communicating between everyone involved.


Frequent meetings between designers, BR sculpture, vendors, and clients are necessary. During these meetings blueprints, materials, and finishes are discussed, therefore file sharing is quite necessary. The use of a live whiteboard for all attendees makes design changes and brainstorming more possible. Scheduling spare of the moment meetings needs to be simplify for manufacturing issues, which need to be addressed immediately. At times video, audio and teleconferencing would be important between employees, designers and clients. The collaboration tool has to be easy to use and have the capacity of at least 50 attendees. It should provide schedule of meetings and meeting reminders. It must support Mac, Windows and Unix, be cost-effective and secure.












File sharing




Meeting reminders








Phone notification




Video, audio and teleconferencing








Easy to use and setup (with no training)








Capacity of at least 50 attendees








Schedule of meetings








Support Mac, Windows and Unix




























  • Kalier Howard


Julie McCoy


Position: Investment Marketing Manager


Company: Top Fortune 500 Financial Firm


Company Location: Chicago, IL


Age:  37




Julie has been charged by her company to find a web based collaboration and teleconference tool that is flexible enough to enable clients and employees – globally - to either participate in both scheduled and on the fly Financial Market Update calls due to the recent market volatility and/or hear a replay of the presentations immediately following.




Her company attempted to host a large client call with an existing vendor and it was not successful..  Due to the topic of the presentation, the demand has grown for such information from their client base.  When they attempted to host this type of client presentation two weeks ago, the vended solution could not support the number of attendees therefore causing a bad client experience.   The new solution will have to accommodate 1,000+ attendees and have a good experience if the number is close to capacity.  Also, the solution will have to have the bandwidth to accommodate hundreds of people signing on and calling in all at once, as from her prior experience, such volumes caused a bottleneck that caused clients to have long wait times and in some instances busy signals and their systems hung when attempting to access the web portion of the presentations.  Management has clearly stated: THIS CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN!  




Julie reviewed the last couple of calls to identify core needs she also spoke with additional teams in the company and found that other groups were also looking to provide similar solutions and they decided to do a consolidated search to find an enterprise solution due to cost efficiencies. What they found is that in addition to Julie’s client facing needs, the tool will need to be an enterprise solution that is accessible to all employees from their internal desktops to setup and host meetings as needed due to the recent cutbacks on travel but the increased demand to contact and collaborate with clients. Julie and her new partners looked closely at their existing solution to identify the current gaps and proven shortcomings and came up with the following requirements that the new vended solution will need to provide: 












Ability to display and share documentation in any format (.ppt, .doc, .xls, etc) to attendees




Ability to distribute documentation in any format (.ppt, .doc, .xls, etc) to attendees




Compatible with both PC and Mac




Has an easy way to allow them to electronically invite clients to attend the meeting




Integrates well with internal standards for enterprise solutions




Although they are on a tight budget, management has asked Julie to find a cost effective solution but are open to increasing starting budget is found solution can provide 90% of they core requirements.




Provide a tracking mechanism to identify who is on the call








Offer global teleconferencing options








Have the capacity to handle 1,500 + attendees at once








Have the bandwidth to support large volumes at once








Has presenter controls that will allow the host of the meeting to manage the presentation in a easy way








Offer a way for their team to collaborate globally before the calls to ensure they have everything in place before presenting to clients.








Ability to record the presentations in case people cannot attend the adhoc calls as the information shared is important and they want to ensure it is captured and is easy to make available for replay.








Allow attendees to ask questions and an easy way for them to respond and collaborate back and forth.








The tool has to have the option for the meetings to be secured as many times the information shared is proprietary and/or confidential.








The tool will have to be easy for the end user to use and it will need to require minimal training for their staff as they have a call that is coming up within a week.








A proven track record of success.  Management wants references before moving forward with a solution. They are not open to new, unproven vendors due to the sensitivity of the calls.









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