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Use case4: Organization in company

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New Employee & Recent Grad seeking organization in company


Group Size: company size 

Company location: Internet Cloud 

Age: 25 

Goals: Newly Hired Grad Student Seeking Organization in his new position




Jim a recent grad student who is trying get ahead in the corporate ladder is trying to put some organization of projects in the company that recently hired him.  He knows that if just finds a way to organize all the projects and the data the goes along with these projects will show that he has real potential in the corporate world and will help him get ahead in a very competitive corporate world.



Jim just needs a web based application that his fellow co-workers can assess and get the information that is needed on projects that they are working on.  They should be able to access the files that they want instead of searching for the file on the server and then also making sure if that is the latest version.  Pondering on what would be the best application for this he remember his a course he took at DePaul university how his team members where all over the world and had to work with them on a project so they used the a wiki page to share files and information with each other and also had their final project loaded on the wiki page. 



So Jim decides to go with the wiki concept to organize the projects data.  As he is pondering on how to do this he realizes that he can’t have an internet based application where everyone can access it.  This is company data and it needs to be secure.  So he decides to do more research on wikis.  He sees that there are many ways to make wikis secure even with online based wikis.  In his research he also realizes that there are internal wikis which are the most secure and can be maintained by the company.

Jim also would like the concept on an intranet wiki as he can have as much storage he wants and can expand space when it’s needed.  Having the intranet wiki there will be more tools as security so have more rights over who can have access to what in a project.  For example he can give the accounting department only access to the accounts files for each project.   For the technology department he can give access to source code and give the ability to view deadlines etc.  This will also give Jim the ability to make changes to permissions any time he desires.  This will give more security from hackers as it would easier to hack some this online rather than try to hack something that is in a secured company network.   An intranet would give less down time with wikis all over the internet there is bound to be some down time at some given point where updates are necessary to be made to make site more secure or add more storage space but if the wiki is a intranet there updates and changes can be made locally on the companies down time so it will have zero down time when the company really needs it.  Also should have blog where updates are placed at end of each shift so if a coworker is not able to make to work next day his fellow coworkers know where he left off and can take the work over from there.



The updates of all projects should be able to also loaded on an external wiki page where employees at the top end of the corporate ladder such as project managers and executives should able to access and see updates on the projects.  As executives and project managers are usually travelling they should be able to access this information from anywhere in the world from their PDA’s or Laptops. 



Documents share ability is also an important feature that this wiki would need.  If a manager of a department should be able to post documents and give access to certain employees to read it.  The wiki should have the ability to checkout /check in documents if modifications are needed to be made to the document and of course when a document is checked out is should state the name of the person that has checked out the document.

Jim also sees this as a cost saver having an internal wiki will save the cost of a external wiki would charge for the security and the group of employees that will have access to this page and will also have the cost of the storage space which will need to be upgraded from time to time having an internal wiki will also cost but not as much I would say the only cost to consider would be storage cost.



Eventually Jim creates a small version of the wiki and introduces the concept of the wiki to his manage at the company the manger than decides to use it for this department for time being and to see how it works out.  It works out real well for organization so his manager introduces Jim and Jim’s wiki to the executives and shows how it has helped their department in organization and completing projects on time.  The executives really like the idea a wiki and make Jim the head lead in the project to design a wiki for the whole company and train them in using the wiki on a regular basis.






Must Haves


- Intranet access

- Secured content

- High storage capacity

- Unlimited Page Revisions

- Designed for general users

- Blogs

- Search

- zero downtime

- Security (Permissions)

- Internet updates

- Easy to use

- Easy to Access

- Upload Documents

- Apply Permission to only documents loaded

- Check In \Check out



Nice To Haves


- Email notification of changes

- Mobile friendly



Scoring Card 



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