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Use Case Scenarios

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General Unified Communications Use Cases


Case # 1


An engineer goes on a business trip every week in order to take part in global meetings for a regular transfer of knowledge. But the travel time does not equate to the length of the meetings. As a result, his company introduces a web conferencing solution. In this way, the engineer can attend all of his meetings from his office - in total comfort. The time saved on travelling results in a great deal more productivity which the engineer can spend in research work. The number of meetings and workshops at which he is personally in attendance can now be counted on one hand. Meetings which previously had to be rejected because of the need to travel can now be met with ease.

Result: The engineer can utilize his time more productively and more flexibly, in his leisure time he is much more relaxed.


Case # 2

The employees of a company are on a mailing list for projects or departments. If one employee sends a gimmick, a short question on a particular problem or a quick piece of information then he or she often clicks on all addresses on the mailing group list "Project XY". Thus all of the recipients on the mailing list receive a message which is often only really meant for one or two people. Studies confirm that employees need half an hour each day to filter out all of the irrelevant emails and to delete them. The Managing Director of the company recognized the problem and decided to introduce Instant Messaging. He asked the employees to make their ad-hoc communications with the chat system. The advantage: with Instant Messaging the recipient can be chosen directly and information can be assigned in a targeted manner.

Result: The volume of unwanted emails was reduced by thirty percent.



USE CASE 1:Avaya Solution


Linda Oxy does phone support for an IT Helpdesk at CostX Inc. Linda works primary from her home office, before she was driving an average of 100 miles a day to and from the office. CostX has provided Linda a laptop with all the tools such as a softphone, MS outlook and a Bluetooth headset she needs to carry out her daily job functions. Linda establishes a VPN connection into CostX before starting her shift. The softphone installed on the laptop participates in the helpdesk-automated call routing circuit to each helpdesk tech. Working phone support means Linda is on the phone 100% of the time. The helpdesk has a 1-800-24-XXXX number that customers use to when in need out support; the helpdesk also a hotline number -800-34-XXXX that strictly used for other IT support teams. Linda can hold three calls at the same time two customer’s calls and one hotline call.

She will be able to get calls seamlessly transferred to her and while being able to transfer calls from her softphone to the any other extension within CostX Inc. Linda can tell easily exactly who is calling by the ring tone sounds and the visual caller id. Scrolling through virtual rolodex, Linda can call anyone she finds jus t by clicking on his or her phone number or send him or her an email by clicking on their email address in the directory. Linda can see if a support team line is already in use or she can quickly open an audio bridge and even send text messages from the softphone. If Linda needs to step away from her phone, she can provide her status to others by using the personal status indictor by marking herself as a way, busy, online, or.


USE CASE 2: Cisco Solution


Andy Willis is a credit counselor for a major bank. Andy’s main job is to provide financial goals for new investors with the bank. Investors are located worldwide and deal within various markets. He does his job completely interactive with people that speak many different languages and located in different countries from Andy. Andy has a small team that handles various component s of making sure everyone participating in his seminars is able to ask questions & the answer are provide.

Investors can ask questions in their own language via live chat rooms that is monitored by a member of Andy’s team that is able to translate the language back and forth. Andy is provided with the question via audio from his teammate. He answers the question in English and it is then translated in each chat in it regional language.

The seminars are streamed lives over a private network with presentations and live hand gestures from Andy. High Definition cameras are setup in a video and audio conference room. It each investor is able to plug into the webcam and Andy can see them on screens in the conference. So far, Andy seminars are gaining popularity; investors do not have to leave their homes or learn a new language to get financial advice from Andy. Using live conference tools such as webcams, chat rooms, and audio bridges makes this possible.


Use Case 3: Elastix Solution


Mike Skol is owns a small business that has recently grown beyond using simple voicemail and standard call features. Mike is now looking for a PBX solution that brings together IP PBX, email, IM, faxing and collaboration functionality. After looking at fee based solutions, he decided to go with Elastix. Elastix will allow Mike to leverage many UC elements in his office environment. Mike's 20 person office now has an iPBX solution that will allow them to integrate best of breed IP Telephony hardware (from Cisco, Avaya, etc) with a open source based software solution.


Mike installed the software on a free server and then had two employees test the functionality of the software. The employees were able to use email, voice calls and faxing all from their Cisco IP phones. The integration of the open source solution Elastix was a success for Mike and his company and he is now looking forward to adding for modules in order to expand functionality.


Use Case 4: Alcatel/Lucent

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