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Use Case 1: Midwest Retailers

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National Computer Services



Company Size: 250

Company Location: Elgin

Company Type: National Computer Services


Goals: To create a web based online knowledge bank.


Scenario: National Computer Services is a company that provides services to customers who has bought computer products from major retailers in the Midwest region.  This company has branches all over the Midwest region.  The president of the company would like to implement a web based knowledge bank application, which will serve as a tool for the technicians while they are trouble shooting customer issues.


There are different reasons why the president would like to have this knowledge bank application implemented.  When a customer calls with a computer problem, the technicians should be able to tap into the knowledge  bank and find out the solution right away so that the customers doesn’t have to wait while the technician tries to figure this out.  The second reason is that, when ever a new product comes into the market, they should have a place where they can start posting different solutions to different problems for this new product.  Also as soon as some one finds a solution to a problem then that can be uploaded to this knowledge bank, so that it is immediately available to other technicians, if they come across the same problem.  The other big reason is to have a track of the call that was received with a ticket number attached to it and a place to put notes on, what kind of trouble shooting that was done on it and what the solution was.


Web Based: This is a web based application so that the technicians can access it from all different locations within the midwest region


User Interface: This application should be very user friendly.  It should let users navigate back and forth without any diffucilty.  Should be self explanatory when it comes to editing.


Security: Technicians can only edit changes to the window that they have started.  they shouldnt be able to go back to a previous knowledge bank window and make changes.  That change can only be performed by an administrator.  The application requires a username and a password for logon.  Every week a new password is provided to the technicians through e-mail.


Administration: This application should have the ability to monitor the health of itself, run reports, do upgrades with a minimal downtime to the technicians, and keep log of change made to the database.







  • should be a web based online application
  • Should have the search function 
  • Technicains should be able to chatt among themselves
  • Ability to keep track of calls
  • Ability to upload information
  • Ability to create new pages for new products


Optional Features:

  • As soon as new informatiuon is added an e-mail should be sent out to all technicians
  • Should keep track of changes made by individual technicians 





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