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Use Case 1



Company: Basic PetroChem

Employee: Alex Faol

Position: VP of Production

Location: Around the Globe

Company Size: >10000 full time employees




  • Reduce the time taken to get materials from the warehouses to the production line plants.
  • Reduce international calling costs to sales offices.
  • Reduce traveling cost for the monthly and quarterly meeting between line managers and senior management.





Basic PetroChem is a petrochemical company that has multiple plants in US, Europe, Middle East and Asia; they also have sales offices around the globe.  In some countries they have multiple affiliates each specializing in distinct products; they have large warehouses for storage of their raw materials.  Most of the affiliates share the raw materials for their products, when a nearby warehouse does not have the required material the working team in the warehouse or the plant will communicate to other warehouses to check for the material availability.  For security reasons cell phones are not allowed inside the plants or the warehouses, however there are wireless handheld scanners connected to corporate network using Wi-Fi. These handheld devices have the Windows CE operating system linked to the inventory system.  Basic PetroChem wants to leverage these handheld scanners and the communication between the warehouses and the plants.


Another issue they are facing is the cost of international calls to customers and sales offices.  The different division managers meet monthly to discuss their business and a quarterly senior management meeting is held to review corporate performance reports. Because of the international proximity of the offices they use teleconferencing for some equipped offices but the managers in the office not equipped for teleconferencing must travel to an office which has it; this can be costly because some managers must travel to another country for the nearest equipped office.




  • Telepresence status in equipped offices
  • Easy implementation with little upgrade to current infrastructure
  • Leverage current data network between offices for long distance and international calls
  • Rich meeting and conferencing capabilities
  • Low learning curve on software




  • Meeting recording
  • Recorded meeting transcription
  • Integration with the Line of Business application “ERP, CRM …. “, with less effort and time
  • Repository to save files related to meeting and projects “Meeting spaces” for ongoing project meetings



Use Case 2



Company: Right Voice

Employee: Ryan Smith

Position: VP Operations

Location: Tamarac, FL

Company Size: >150 full time employees





  • Implement disaster recovery mode 30% faster – measured by time to be at 80% capacity in alternate location(s)
  • Reduce operational spending by 15%
  • Increase sales by 10% - measured by incremental revenue gained post implementation






Right Voice is a customer care and call handling center in Tamarac, FL.  Everything from marketing calls to live order processing is done from our headquarters where anywhere from 20 to 100 phone operators are handling calls 24x7 for many US-based companies.  Ryan Smith’s role is to run the daily operations of the call center which serves as an extension of the businesses of all customers of Right Voice.  Ryan’s team is primarily focused in Tamarac, FL where the company occupies three floors of one building in a large business park.  There is also a small group located two hours northwest of Tamarac in Clewiston, FL.  Clewiston houses 10-20 employees who specialize in a particular business deliverable for select customers purchasing one product from Right Voice.  This site also serves as a disaster recovery location in the event Tamarac is unavailable.



Right Voice sells their call center by outsourcing their services to companies who are not big enough to employ their own center or who are venturing into new business arenas and are looking to build a customer base before taking the service in-house.  Right Voice works in many different industries – communications, financial, technology, medical – offering services that range from sales blitzing to marketing research to after-hours phone answering to complete customer service and account management remotely.  Trying to compete with overseas call centers is getting increasingly difficult for Right Voice.  Ryan has been asked to reduce costs by making better use of the Clewiston office and employees and also reduce the time to initiate disaster recovery mode down by 30%. 



Geography has been somewhat of a struggle for the company.  Tropical storms and hurricanes in recent years have caused service outages at Right Voice on three different occasions.  A headquarters in FL brings a level of fear to prospective customers.  Existing customers who have been affected by service interruptions in the past have been demanding a change in the business continuity plans to restore their confidence – when Right Voice doesn’t answer the phone that means Right Voice’s customers do not answer the phones.  The executive team at Right Voice has tasked Ryan with finding a way to ensure minimal or no downtime is experienced in the event of any service interruption – natural or manmade.



Ryan is looking to unified communications to first make better use of the Clewiston office.  Currently, all of the Clewiston employees handle outbound calling; their marketing and sales call center.  This has been the more stable of the two offices because of its proximity away from the Atlantic.  However, the location is difficult to get to and is not easy to show off when prospective and existing customers want to see the center in action or need to visit for other business needs.  Ryan needs better technology so all departments in the call center can staff individuals in Clewiston.  So, Clewiston needs to be an in and outbound call center.  In the event of an outage in Tamarac, there is always personnel on the phones for each of their services; a ratio of 70-30 of employees serving each product with 70% in Tamarac and 30% in Clewiston.  The implemented technology at each location will not currently allow for this deployment, Ryan needs an application that will make this business change work. 



Right Voice believes this shift will have yield many positives for the company.  It will provide better business continuity, reduce operational spending by better utilizing an entire office of personnel, it will also aid in sales providing better selling points and address a growing concern over stability with a number of existing customers.  Ryan knows there are several changes that need to be made to achieve the goal but it all starts with a unified communications application that will make better use of current employee’s time with better tools that enable them to do their job better regardless of current geographic location.




UC Requirements:


  • To enable the Clewiston employees to field calls in tandem with the employees in Tamarac
  • To allow employees to better connect to the center for call answering and one another when one or both offices are unavailable
  • Business continuity is shored up and all users will have full access to systems and applications in the office or at home
  • Simple, straightforward application(s) that can be implemented quickly and used easily



UC Nice-to-haves:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Mobile access to UC features
  • Managed hosting offering whereas some applications are hosted off-site



Use Case 3



Company: LIDER

Employee: Hui Wie

Position: Director of Operations

Location: Multiple in the US

Company Size: 600+






·         Reduce travel time and cost for representatives by up to 50%

·         Increase the number of candidates interviewed by 25%

·         Increase the average number of active conference participants by 30% (inter-organizational meetings)






LIDER is a non-profit organization that is devoted to promote leadership among college and university students. While the organization has local offices in every major city, they also have their national headquarter which is based in Denver; CO. LIDER goes to universities and seeks the students through the college fairs and exhibitions. Out of the initial group several talented individuals are being selected and are further interviewed. Before the final choice gets approved, that particular person needs to be interviewed by the regional representative. There are only 9 major regions in the US.



In the previous years, the regional representative had to travel to every city once a month to complete interviews, but since the fuel crisis began in 2007, they started thinking about lowering the cost of travel. LIDER also started looking into improving efficiency so that instead of spending time on the plane, interviewing few people and flying back, now representatives would be able to spend all day teleconferencing with people in different places within their region. Also another feature that the company is looking to is that when there is no access to the landline (while traveling or during disasters) the representative can pull out his Smartphone and simply perform the initial interview on it. It would then be followed up by in person interview. Nowadays every major Smartphone producer offers a product with a camera and videoconferencing ability.






-          Being able to join the teleconference regardless of the teleconference enabled device used.

-          Must be very easy to maintain

-          Must require low amounts of money to maintain

-          One, at most two people have to be able to support it

-          Must be user friendly



Nice to have:



-          Redundancy in case of the disaster

-          Ability to use both video and/or voice only

-          Corporate training included in the price of the software





Use Case 4




Company Name:  Pharmaceutical Inc

Employee: Mark Phillips

Location: Chicago IL  

Company Size: 200 employees

Job: Director of Sales


·         Increase business productivity by 10% - measured by an overall increase in sales and decrease in the sales cycle time

·         Increase customer satisfaction by 20% - measured by increased retention of current customers and number of new customers

·         Reduce departmental costs by 10%





Mark Phillips is the Director of Sales for Pharmaceutical Inc which is headquartered in Chicago IL., which develops, produces, and markets drugs for use as medications.  Mark is responsible for four regional sales managers and ninety sales representatives.  The sales team is located in various states throughout the country. Mark and his team are assigned to specific territories and meet on a regular basis with current and prospective customers to ensure customer satisfaction and solicit additional sales, The sales representatives are ‘Road Warriors’ and are on the road at least 70% of their time.  

Since the industry is highly competitive, having access to accurate information on a timely basis is crucial. As the result of each customer having unique requirements, the sales representatives must deal with exceptions and opportunities that require not only judgment and collaboration with senior decision makers, but also quick answers to questions like pricing and product availability. Historically, sales representatives from around the country would call their regional sales manager with questions and if they were not available would then call one of the other sales managers which more often than not would end up in leaving a voice message. Additionally they would send an e-mail to the corporate office for pricing and product availability. Delays in getting information were caused when people were in meetings or out of the office.

               All departments have been asked to reduce their budgets by 10% due the issues with the economy.  Mark has an additional challenge in that the sales department has also received higher goals for sales for the coming year. 

Mark is looking to streamline business processes and improve communications in order to achieve the goals of reduced budget and increased sales.  Mark is aware that the delays in communication not only affect sales and revenue, but also customer satisfaction. Mark is looking to improve business productivity by integrating communications into their business processes to help ensure that it is possible to contact the appropriate people wherever they are in a timely manner.  Ideally having the ability to easily see who is available and best positioned to assist with questions and decision would help in shortening the sales cycle and improving customer satisfaction. He is also looking for a reliable and secure solution that would enable employees to access e-mail, voice mail and faxes from a single inbox and reduce the communication methods and number of devices that are needed to reach coworkers.  Mark also thinks that having the ability to collaborate remotely using video or Web conferencing could help business productivity and would like to explore various options.




  • Extend the workspace beyond its traditional desktop limitations by integrating different electronic messaging and communications into single interface
  • Speed access and improve communication - eliminating rounds of back-and-forth emails and phone messages
  • Improve collaboration between employees that are not physically located at the same location
  • Reduce number of devices that are needed for communication
  • Provide secure messaging accessible from most anywhere anytime

Nice To Haves

  • Video or Web conferencing 


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Dr. Ruth Ter Bush said

at 12:14 pm on Oct 19, 2009

UC1-- would transcription service also be good?
UC 2--pretty good, but I'm still a little fuzzy on what exactly the UniCom will do?
UC 3 - English usage issues, please correct. Not sure that offering interviews via smartphone is something leadership candidates will think is better than face to face, but I'll go along for a while. Not sure you can get away without specialized IT people to support UniCom implementations.
UC 4-- I'm not sure that all of the requirements are clear, but nicely done overall.

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