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Technology Lead Use Case

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Staci works at an online travel company “EasyTravel.com” which is based in New York. EasyTravel.com engages software developers based in New York, Israel and India in order to build out the complex features of their website.  Staci is a Technical Lead in the Core Technology Department and has to frequently engage in technical architecture brainstorming sessions as well as design presentations. 


Staci is currently working on  the technical specifications for a new Hospitality project and has developed  some initial UML diagrams(package diagrams, use case diagrams and network diagrams ) and  flowcharts. She  is organizing a meeting to walkthrough these initial diagrams with her colleagues ,Sheila (in the India office)  and John (in the NewYork office). John has a tendency to arrive late at meetings and will probably join atleast 5-10 minutes after the meeting starts.


During this meeting , Staci and her colleagues will  markup or modify the diagrams under discussion. Maintaining versions as well as a history of changes by author is  required in case they need to undo certain changes.   Integerated online chat (preferably voice and text) is extremly important since the technical architecture design is complex and requires additional explanations to supplement the diagrams. The ability to view previous discussions in text chat is deemed necessary for future reference purposes.


Kevin , VP of Hospitality Services, will preview the finalized diagrams after the meeting is over and may also provide modifications if required . Any of the meeting participants should be able to  download the finalized diagrams


Staci is usually involved in several projects at a time and finds it beneficial to create separate workspaces for each project . Additionally, she would like to control access to each workspace as well as associate roles with authorized users (read-only, edit)




Staci - Tech Lead  ( Nimmy)

Sheila -  Offshore Colleague.  (Abby)

John - Onsite colleague who arrives late (Jay)

Kevin - V.P  who views changes offline (Rami)



Feature set comparison


  Skrbl  Vyew  Twiddla
Free account      
Create UML / Flowchart   (Basic Flowchart symbols only) ( Basic Flow chart symbols only)
Integerated  Online Chat  


(Text + Audio + Video.)


(Text + Audio. Audio is not very good)

Personal  Workspaces      
Asynchronous Editing      
Synchronous  Editing      
Version control    

(Can create snapshots)

Late arrival support      
Maintain chat history      
Track changes by collaborator      
Specify access control    



Use Case In Action
















None of the short-listed tools support UML symbols and that is a major drawback. However based on the other requirements , Vyew was judged to be the best fit for this scenario due to its superior feature set and collaborative capabilities.  Twiddla was a close contender but its major drawback was its lack of access control and the unstable audio chat.


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