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Storage Use Case

Page history last edited by Pathik Chitania 11 years ago

Use Case- Storage




Name: Hannah Mac


Organization Name: Honey Bees (girls community group)


Job Function: Founder/CEO of Organization    


Goal: Find a reliable data storage tool to allow for collaboration amongst group members, for an organization with small capital.


     Hannah Mac, a long time resident of Lake County, founded a non-for-profit girls group called the Honey Bees around 6 years ago.  Hannah knew that Lake County had lots of offerings for children that were male focused (i.e. sports) but lacked groups that catered to young women’s interests.  Hannah therefore founded a group called the Honey Bees that allowed young women to engage in activities that they were interested in, while at the same time giving back to the community. 


     Hannah, a very successful businesswoman, was able to use her own capital to start up the organization.  After seeing the positive impacts this organization had on young women in the community, many organizations started to offer donations to help the organization pay for supplies, transportation to events, and rental space within the community recreation center.  Hannah, being very collaboration minded, chose to create a board of directors within the Honey Bees to help establish the curriculum, assist with the business end of this organization (budgeting, finance, etc), as well as critical group decision making.  In the past, it was very easy to keep track of all organizational data by hand since the group was very simplistic.  As of late, the Honey Bees have grown to nearly 100 members, and keeping track of all members’ contact information and dues have become more complex.  


     About two years ago, Hannah decided to take all of the documentation (meeting notes, financial figures, roster information, etc) and import it all to digital form.  This allowed for more piece of mind through the archiving of data onto a hard drive rather, than a bookshelf of scattered papers.  Hannah utilizes the Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Word and Excel, to compile meeting notes and financial data.  Hannah has had a harder time finding a reliable piece of software for rosters and contact lists.  She envisions some type of virtual address book where information can easily be updated by multiple authorized users, and outputted to an Excel spreadsheet to form a roster/payment checklist.  In the past, Hannah was the only one who reviewed the materials, but her career has picked up and she now is traveling a week or so out of every month.  This has prompted the need for a new way to share data amongst group members.  Not only this, but Hannah’s computer, along with many of the other board members, are rapidly approaching capacity in terms of hard drive space.  Unfortunately, the members are reluctant to spend money on an external hard drive or new computer due to the state of the economy and a tight financial situation within their households. 


     Sadly, Hannah recently discovered that she has a virus on her computer, potentially allowing access to her confidential file information to hackers.  The financial records of the Honey Bees (including sponsor bank account numbers) and confidential personal information of the members are now at risk.  Hannah is determined to find a safe storage alternative that allows for automatic updating/backup, the ability for authorized users to access and update information from any location, data security, and the ability to search for specific financial data if called for by partners.  Not only this, but Hannah wants to be sure that her data will be backed up in multiple locations so that she can always be sure to have access to the physical data if need be.  Along the same lines, if the data is ever requested, Hannah expects it to be in a user-friendly format.  Due to their lack of technical knowledge, Hannah and her colleagues cannot receive encrypted data because they will be unable to turn the information into a useable format.  Also, Hannah requires an organization with superior tech support (24/7/365) to be there to answer any questions that may arise from board members.  Despite the success of the Honey Bees, funding is an issue and Hannah hopes that moving all organizationally relevant information to the web will save time and money.




Google Apps (Google Docs)


-First, Google Docs supports common file types (e.g. .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf), so since Hannah is already using Microsoft office software (i.e. word & excel), the transition of this information from her computer to the Google Doc cloud will be a simple process.


-Hannah can securely invite the Honey Bee board members and assign the security settings she sees as most appropriate.


-For the time being, the storage demands for the Honey Bees are fairly minimal and the free Google Apps account will work just fine.  If storage is an issue down the road, Hannah can upgrade to the premium account allowing her 25 GB of space for a fee of $50/year.


-To assist with address book concerns, Hannah can utilize Google Contacts to store all critical member and business partner information.  Once entered, Hannah can export the .csv file to a spreadsheet and upload her newly created spreadsheet to Google docs.


-Even if a user does not have the same MS office software Hannah uses, they can still access and edit the spreadsheet data online. 


-The data is securely stored in multiple locations across Google’s servers, and therefore in case of an emergency, the Honey Bees information will be easily accessible.


-Google has approximately 99% uptime and has many document and video resources to help with technical issues.  Phone support is available for critical issues, so Hannah and her board of directors will have the support they seek and need to be successful in their business endeavors.

Comments (2)

Pathik Chitania said

at 9:20 pm on May 29, 2009

The revised use case has been posted.

Dr. Ruth Ter Bush said

at 3:14 pm on May 11, 2009

I would like you to take this to another level of detail -- when Hanah does a specific thing (like managing the roster) specifically what does she do, how would you expect her to do it. At this level, it will be difficult for you to compare candidate products.

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