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Skrbl http://www.skrbl.com


by Ruveka ( Texas  based startup, privately owned and self funded)






* 2 products - Skrbl Whiteboard , Skrbl Grafitti. Skrbl Whiteboard - intended for individuals/teams. Skrbl Grafitti - intended for communities.

* Pricing for Skrbl Whiteboard : Has both free and paid versions. The free  account  allows single users only and offers to 10MB of file storage. Paid membership ($10/month) are intended for teams and allows multiple users and advanced security features. More account detail can be found here.

* Document editing

* Co-browsing

* Shared task lists

* Video conferencing

* Enhanced whiteboard. Supports rich text .

* Provides a 'skrbl Now' widget which can be added to any web page .Allows to create a new skrbl whiteboard on the click of a button. No registration required for this.

* Skrbl Graffiti - graffiti is interactive, others see your work as it happens.\


 * Currently supported browsers IE 6, 7 and Firefox 2.0



* No installation required. Just click and you are ready to start skrb-ling 

* Easy to use and nicely designed UI.




* Need to come up with a unique name across the entire site  each time you decide to publish a drawing. This could be a problem with high number of users.

* Takes a while to get used to the "delete" functionality.


Use Case



* Fun and easy to use. 

* Started skrbling in 2 clicks.

* My first skrbl http://mypage.skrbl.com/test_4401.html


Initial Test results (11/06/08)


Collaborative drawing is kind of fun

Would be useful for reviewing and commenting on images


No chat capabilities

Must use other product to communicate with each other.  Using only this product could be quite confusing alone. 

Drawing tools could be more sophisticated (they're difficult to manipulate, limited shapes)

Can't tell who added which drawings to the whiteboard

Invite only through email.

Possible platform issues: images cannot be uploaded using a Mac. Image had to be sent to a team member with a PC in order to get it uploaded to Skrbl.


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