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Sharing of Data and Files Use Case

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     Company:  Ventura Industries


Company Location:  Norfolk, Virginia (North American Headquarters)



Name/Age / Job Title:  Edward Johnson, 42, Vice President of North American Operations





Implement a program that would allow the North American operations, to instantly share data/files with their colleagues located at their corporate Headquarters in Manchester, England.





Ventura Industries is manufacturing company that produces aftermarket parts for farming equipment.  They first opened in Manchester, England in 1964, and have traditionally sold their products in Western Europe.  In 1999, the board of directors decided to expand their market share, and open another manufacturing facility in North America. 


They figured Virginia would be a prime location, as they could communicate daily with the North American office, as they would only be five hours behind.  The board of directors believed that communicating with their colleagues in Norfolk, would be critical to their success.


Since the company was engineering and production focused, they depended on sharing data between offices.  However, the files they are sharing are typically AutoCAD drawings, which were very large files.  They found that sharing these files over the internet was not easy, as they usually took very long to transfer, and continually would cause errors.


Edward Johnson, who was in charge of the North American office, was aware of these file transfer problems.   He continually found faxes of AutoCAD drawings on the fax machine in the morning.  He approached his senior engineer, and discovered that their colleagues in England had been faxing drawings overnight.  This posed a problem, because any corrections that need to be made had to be done manually on “either side of the pond”.  This was certainly not efficient, and had to be corrected.  The engineering staff needs to be able to look at and modify drawings in the same virtual setting.


Before coming to Ventura Industries, Edward Johnson worked in the IT department for a large competitor of Ventura Industries, and believes he can solve their file sharing problems.  He needs a solution as soon as possible, and that will not gouge his IT budget.





·        Mr. Johnson needs a fast and reliable source to share files, with employees located in any given area.

·        The ability to modify AutoCAD drawings simultaneously with employees.

·        This solution has to be affordable, and well within the companies $50K IT budget.

·        The need for training for all potential users of this virtual file sharing solution.


Primary Users: 


·        Design engineers.

     ·        Production engineers.

     ·        Sales engineers.

     ·        Other key managers.


Potential Hurdles:


·        Mr. Johnson needs to sell this virtual concept to his senior leadership, who are not very technically savvy.

·        Training employees in Norfolk, Virginia and Manchester, England, might pose a logistical problem.

·        There might be some resistance from employees who are not willing to adapt to new technology.


Usage Frequency: 


·        This solution will be used daily for the offices to communicate and to share files.




·        The inability to share AutoCAD files in realtime. 




·        All users will need AutoCAD

·        Other key managers will most likely use this solution when needed, i.e. important  decision, or to collaborate with engineers regarding certain designs.


Added bonus: 


     ·        This solution can be used more for then just sharing AutoCAD files.  This   program could be used for all company communications.





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