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[if this list is not current, jump in and update it yourself]


Virtual Collaboration in the Workplace

External Linkhttp://ihop.typepad.com/virtual 

Bloggers: Daniel Mittleman

[others may join by requesting an invitation]

Commenting on my blog counts toward your participation.


Building a Business Case

External Linkhttp://ihop.typepad.com/case


Betsy Dugas

Mansoo Syed

Nils Hanson

Osama Mujallid

Yashinna Asper

Fayez Almalki (not yet responded to invitation)


Collaborative Learning Environments

External Linkhttp://ihop.typepad.com/learning


Cassandra Jackson

Cleothers Ward

Reginald Webb

Samaa Abed (not yet responded to invitation)

Majdy Al Tarouti (not yet responded to invitation)


Management of Virtual Projects

External Linkhttp://ihop.typepad.com/virtualpm


Clark Craig

Doug Dunmore

Jacquet Jordan

Janie Cisneros

Kathy Meus

Marial Morales

Tiera Williams (not yet responded to invitation)

Brandon Stein (not yet responded to invitation)


Multi-National Multi-Cultural Collaboration

External Linkhttp://ihop.typepad.com/multi


Alan Christensen

Mina Nandi

Neema Ndosi

Neha Shah

Ying Yan

Manuel Bucio

Eric M.


Social Networks, Blogs, and Wikis in Business

External Linkhttp://ihop.typepad.com/social/


Jennifer Holmes

Katherine Newman

Mughiz Ghori

Ryan Harper


Virtual Meeting Management and Facilitation

External Linkhttp://ihop.typepad.com/virtualmeeting/


Brendan O'Connor

Josh Westerlund

Mandy Brennan

Marsha Luckett

Nichael Niebling (not yet responded to invitation)

Saleem Suboh (not yet responded to invitation)

Aaron Rogers (not yet responded to invitation)

Himansu Mayani

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