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Roadrunner 1st meeting

Page history last edited by Jay Chetawat 11 years, 6 months ago

Meeting Topic: 1st Deliverable, Due Date Sunday 4/19






1 PM, April, 2009, Skype conference




  • 5 minutes: What's going well
  • 10 minutes: Team Name and Logo 
  • 10 minutes: Assign Roles and Responsibilities
  • 10 minutes: Discussion of Team's Goal
  • 10 minutes: Decide Communication Tools and Schedule Next Meeting
  • 5 minutes: Wrap-up




Objective of this meeting:

  • Aims to formulate a first group virtual meeting using skype as a primary communication tool
  • Discussion on material in the first deliverable such as team name, logo, roles, agenda, goal and communication methods



Action Items


[1:00:14 PM] Chetawat: Irwin doesnt show up yet

[1:00:45 PM] Chetawat: I dont know he received my message or not

[1:02:26 PM] Chetawat: I think let's start the meeting without him frist

[1:04:23 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:05:03 PM] Georgina: Did think about a team name

[1:05:29 PM] Georgina: sorry did you think about a team name?

[1:06:01 PM] Chetawat: a couple

[1:06:20 PM] Chetawat: but I think roadrunner is fine

[1:06:32 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:07:00 PM] Georgina: Do you know what role you want to take ?

[1:07:32 PM] Chetawat: mine are MBO, FurtureConnect

[1:07:40 PM] Chetawat: some think like that

[1:08:13 PM] Georgina: ok

[1:08:40 PM] Georgina: i was thinking about web master

[1:08:46 PM] Chetawat: The role should have 1. Project Manager (Task leader) 2. Webmaster/ Facilitator

[1:08:58 PM] Chetawat: 3. research analyst

[1:09:29 PM] Georgina: well that's funny with only 3 people

[1:09:31 PM] Chetawat: I dont mine I can be any role

[1:09:45 PM] Chetawat: yeah I think so

[1:10:20 PM] Chetawat: may be each one of us should do many roles

[1:10:56 PM] Georgina: yea  that would better

[1:11:22 PM] Chetawat: I have done a logo, wanna see

[1:11:39 PM] Georgina: yes coll

[1:11:41 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:12:24 PM] Georgina: i  like it

[1:12:41 PM] Chetawat: great

[1:12:57 PM] Georgina: they have a picture of a roadrunner too

[1:13:01 PM] Georgina: lol

[1:13:12 PM] Chetawat: haha

[1:13:37 PM] Chetawat: I know, at first I gonna use that

[1:13:54 PM] Chetawat: but I found a logo design program

[1:14:13 PM] Chetawat: so I think it's look more professional

[1:14:23 PM] Georgina: yes it does

[1:14:57 PM] Chetawat: ok, then we should decide the role for Irwin

[1:15:33 PM] Georgina: well we can pick one for him

[1:16:04 PM] Georgina: it's becuase  he ever replay back to email on time

[1:16:21 PM] Chetawat: yeah

[1:16:44 PM] Georgina: he is on line now

[1:16:57 PM] Chetawat: yeah

[1:17:32 PM] Chetawat: let's bring he's in

[1:17:47 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:18:35 PM] *** Chetawat added irwin418 ***

[1:18:45 PM] Georgina: hi guys

[1:18:48 PM] Chetawat: Are we all here?

[1:19:03 PM] Georgina: yes

[1:19:10 PM] irwin418: Hi

[1:19:18 PM] irwin418: Looks like it.

[1:19:30 PM] Georgina: I dont see Irwin

[1:19:32 PM] Chetawat: great

[1:20:02 PM] Chetawat: Gina can you see Irwin's coversation?

[1:20:11 PM] Georgina: no

[1:20:15 PM] Georgina: now i can

[1:20:18 PM] irwin418: I see both of you.

[1:20:19 PM] Chetawat: ok

[1:20:22 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:20:22 PM] Chetawat: great

[1:20:49 PM] irwin418: SO should we start with a team name?

[1:21:17 PM] Chetawat: yeah Gina came up with "roadrunner"name

[1:21:31 PM] Chetawat: I have done a logo

[1:21:58 PM] Chetawat: here is the logo

[1:22:21 PM] Georgina: i like the Logo

[1:22:32 PM] Georgina: Jay did a great job

[1:23:34 PM] irwin418: I like it alot.

[1:23:41 PM] Chetawat: Ok let's go for that

[1:23:48 PM] irwin418: That is great and I like the name too.

[1:23:55 PM] irwin418: Good job both of you.

[1:24:21 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:24:47 PM] Georgina: So what role do you want to Irwin?

[1:25:11 PM] Chetawat: we have come up with a couple of roles

[1:25:25 PM] Chetawat: 1.Project leader/ Task Manager

[1:25:42 PM] Chetawat: 2. Webmaster/ Facilitator

[1:26:13 PM] Chetawat: 3. Research analyst

[1:26:56 PM] Chetawat: Perhaps each person can be in many roles

[1:27:09 PM] Georgina: that will be cool

[1:27:15 PM] Chetawat: I'm thinking we should also have a4 communicator

[1:27:50 PM] Georgina: yep

[1:27:51 PM] irwin418: I think it would be good for everyone to have a set role.  We can have it that everyone does some of each, but then we need to make sure it is clear so nothing falls through.

[1:28:28 PM] Chetawat: I agree

[1:28:37 PM] Georgina: me too

[1:29:04 PM] Georgina: I am DL student are you guys in class

[1:29:17 PM] irwin418: I am in the Monday night class.

[1:29:32 PM] Chetawat: I'm in saturday Daniel's class

[1:29:54 PM] irwin418: I am open to any of those thing's.  They all sound good.

[1:29:56 PM] Georgina: oh ok cool

[1:30:06 PM] irwin418: Does anyone have any prefrence?

[1:30:27 PM] Chetawat: I think can be in any roles

[1:31:50 PM] Georgina: Project leader if you guys dont care

[1:32:41 PM] irwin418: You can be project leader if you want.  That is fine by me.

[1:32:49 PM] Chetawat: that's fine too

[1:33:07 PM] Georgina: ok

[1:33:23 PM] Chetawat: I think then I ll be webmast/facilitator

[1:33:30 PM] Chetawat: webmaster

[1:33:48 PM] irwin418: Instead of Webmaster/Facilliator I think it should be in charge of the Wiki

[1:33:56 PM] Chetawat: ok

[1:34:04 PM] irwin418: The project leader I think should lead the meeting's and cordinate that

[1:34:14 PM] Georgina: ok cool

[1:34:27 PM] irwin418: Jay, do you still want to do that?

[1:34:44 PM] Chetawat: yeah sure I can

[1:34:49 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:35:04 PM] irwin418: Okay.  Then I guess that leaves me as researching our topic

[1:35:24 PM] Chetawat: ik

[1:35:25 PM] Chetawat: ok

[1:35:31 PM] Georgina: ok

[1:35:39 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:36:16 PM] irwin418: What does it mean by our goal of Membership pages?

[1:36:35 PM] Chetawat: so Gina= Project leader

     Jay= Wikis and coordinator

     Irwin= research analyst

[1:36:51 PM] Chetawat: right?

[1:36:56 PM] irwin418: Yeah

[1:37:28 PM] Georgina: yeah

[1:37:34 PM] Chetawat: I guess it means the team's goal

[1:37:49 PM] Chetawat: is it?

[1:38:06 PM] Georgina: i think so

[1:39:02 PM] Georgina: I think it mean what goal we want to set for the project

[1:39:11 PM] Georgina: what do you think

[1:39:11 PM] Chetawat: yeah

[1:39:48 PM] irwin418: okay.

[1:40:59 PM] Chetawat: our goal should be To research on Micro blogginng usage in organization

[1:41:48 PM] Georgina: that's great

[1:42:21 PM] Chetawat: perhaps how do they apply with the organization

[1:42:35 PM] irwin418: Yeah.  We should try to find any examples of Organzaiton's that use it and types

[1:42:49 PM] Georgina: yea that will be good

[1:43:14 PM] irwin418: See if there are any programs out that specialize in this.

[1:43:29 PM] Georgina: I really dont know any organzaiton's

[1:43:30 PM] Chetawat: right

[1:43:39 PM] irwin418: I haven't done any research yet and don't know anything so we will find out.

[1:43:46 PM] Georgina: but i know i should be able to find some

[1:44:01 PM] irwin418: You think there has to be some who tried it or who does use it.

[1:44:37 PM] Georgina: yea i am sure

[1:45:05 PM] Chetawat: I think there is a chance that most of them are in the entertainment sector

[1:45:44 PM] Chetawat: i mean like the entertainment organizor or something

[1:45:56 PM] Chetawat: but we ll figure it out

[1:45:59 PM] Georgina: Hmm ok

[1:46:02 PM] Chetawat: after the research

[1:46:13 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:46:49 PM] Chetawat: ok so we have our goal now

[1:47:15 PM] irwin418: I think it is a good one.

[1:48:11 PM] Chetawat: For the communication tools, we use skype and e-mail as primary

[1:48:28 PM] Chetawat: what else can we use to contact each other?

[1:48:56 PM] Georgina: Phone number?

[1:49:41 PM] Georgina: what do you guys think?

[1:49:55 PM] Chetawat: fine

[1:49:56 PM] irwin418: That sounds fine.

[1:50:31 PM] Georgina: cool

[1:50:31 PM] Chetawat: so our secondary communication tool will be phone contact

[1:51:24 PM] irwin418: yeah

[1:51:29 PM] Chetawat: great

[1:51:59 PM] irwin418: SO now we need a schedule to meet

[1:52:07 PM] Chetawat: I guess we had covered all of the first deliverables

[1:52:17 PM] Chetawat: oh yeah next meeting

[1:52:30 PM] irwin418: What works best for everyone?

[1:53:42 PM] Chetawat: I'm free everyday except this tuesday and wednesday

[1:54:50 PM] irwin418: Okay.  I am pretty flexible with time open parts of each day.

[1:55:07 PM] Georgina: sorry

[1:55:15 PM] irwin418: What day should we meet next?  Wednesday or Thursday?

[1:55:57 PM] Georgina: We can do wednesday like 8:00pm

[1:56:00 PM] Georgina: is that cool

[1:56:37 PM] Chetawat: I think I might be away on that day

[1:57:02 PM] Chetawat: I'm out of town on tuesday and wednesday

[1:57:41 PM] Georgina: Is thur good for you?

[1:57:54 PM] Chetawat: Thurs is fine for me

[1:58:09 PM] Chetawat: that's will work

[1:58:23 PM] Georgina: cool 8:00pm

[1:58:25 PM] Georgina: is the time

[1:58:43 PM] Georgina: Thurday april 23

[1:59:21 PM] Chetawat: sure

[1:59:35 PM] irwin418: That should be fine for me.

[1:59:37 PM] irwin418: So Jay your going to post this all on the blog and thats how we submitt it?

[2:01:28 PM] Chetawat: I ll conduct and update our Pbwiki page using our info based on we had in this conversation

[2:02:22 PM] Chetawat: I 'll might attach this conversation link under ourfirst  meeting link

[2:02:48 PM] Georgina: cool

[2:03:37 PM] Chetawat: I'll get the page done before this evening then I'll e-mail to inform you guys to comment on the page.

[2:03:52 PM] Georgina: cool

[2:04:03 PM] Georgina: Thanks jay

[2:04:24 PM] Chetawat: you're welcome

[2:06:21 PM] Georgina: I dont think there is anything else we need to go over right

[2:06:55 PM] irwin418: I think we covered everything

[2:06:59 PM] Chetawat: yeah we covered all first deliverable

[2:07:23 PM] Georgina: ok cool

[2:08:00 PM] Georgina: so i will talk to you  guys on Thurday 8:00pm

[2:08:20 PM] Georgina: i will send information about the meeting  before thurday

[2:08:22 PM] Georgina: cool

[2:08:47 PM] Chetawat: great

[2:08:51 PM] irwin418: Sounds good.

[2:08:58 PM] irwin418: Have a great day.

[2:09:07 PM] Georgina: you to thanks

[2:09:13 PM] Chetawat: Have a nice day everyone

[2:09:20 PM] Chetawat: thanks

[2:09:30 PM] Georgina: bye

[2:09:48 PM] Chetawat: cheers

[2:10:48 PM] Chetawat: bye everyone

[2:11:05 PM] Georgina: bye

[2:11:15 PM] irwin418: bye

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