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Public Computing

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Better service to do computing

Company size: 1,000 employees


Company location: Los Angeles


Name: Glen Anderson


Job: vice-president


Age: 37


Goals: Find a public computing service to cut down the cost of IT department




     Glen is a vice-president of an Internet marketing and media content delivery services company. He is mainly in charge of marketing and IT management. Every year the company spends a lot of money maintaining their IT infrastructure and services. Due to the economic downturn, Glen wanted to find a better service that could help the organization adopt conservation spending approach, as well as limit the adoption of new technologies to save money.


     For the IT department, hardware is a significant upfront cost when introducing a new application. Glen would like that service can help IT department get the resources while they only need to pay the provider some rental fee while not spending on hardware up front. Also, he hopes to quickly deploy applications into production and scale them “in hours without changing code”, rather than waiting the usual timeframe of several months to launch the application into production. Due to the recession, Glen doesn’t want to spend a huge amount on capital or operational expenses. It’s better to figure out a way to avoid over provisioning. Glen also dreamed that a solution could help setup business continuity, redundant instances of applications, even provide equipment for power backup and cooling. “Besides, if the service providers can give us some additional services like security measures, redundancy, bandwidth, etc, which can save our energy and make me feel relieved, that will be great.” Glen said.



Must Haves                                            Nice To Haves:

 - Cut up-front costs                                - Decreased downtime and costly delays.

 - Quicker to market                                - Added Security measures 

 - Less capital expense                        - Added redundancy 

 - Less operational expense                -Added bandwidth   

 - Lower financial risk




Comments (1)

Dr. Ruth Ter Bush said

at 3:17 pm on May 11, 2009

It would be good to have more about how they will use the service -- the kind of applications they are looking to display and the relation to the business. There is not enough detail here to make comparisons between candidate solutions.

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