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Project Management Software Solution 1

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The software selected for the Project Management System was Project.net. Project.net is open source software that meets all of the requirements and dimensions put forth by the Dan Jensen the project manager. Project.net offer a full service Project Management System that is web based, compatible with Linux and supports being spread over sever servers as part of a server farm.





About Project.net


Project.net is designed to help large companies improve the productivity of their employees and lowering the time it takes to get product to the market and ability to reduce the cost. Project.net is capable of being run on a single server machine or deployed across a large, multi-tiered server farm. Web servers, application servers and databases can be deployed on separate hardware.







  • Improved Communication through file sharing, document management.


  • More efficient use of resources.


  • The means to manage projects in a portfolio so that they are aligned with the business objectives.


  • The ability to integrate current systems


  • Have the ability to track projects.


  • Project.net is free.


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