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Primary Key: Online encyclopedias Use Case

Page history last edited by Oli Shields 11 years, 1 month ago

Online Encyclopedias Use Case 


Company/Institution/Group (Fictitious or actual company/institution/group involved in scenario)

Universe Software Encyclopedia (USE) is a retail software company that based on the website selling.  The company's mission is to serve individual's need of software information.


Scenario/Story/Scope (Description of use case and sources for requirements)


Jack Sparrow is the Marketing team of USE.


Universe Software Encyclopedia (USE) focuses on being the well-known first website for everybody to start searching any kind of software with any reason: to get basic software information, to review software, or to look for place to buy the software.  The website should be as a one stop service for the software that a person can look for a software product detail and comment, how to use/install it, and can purchase interested product.  Also USE want to be the middle man for people to share there thought about software.

Given the tough economy, the company doesn't want to hire many administrator to keep the information update.



Goals (Goals to be achieved by the scenario)

·          The website provide/share software information

·          Ensure that all information and specific details are correct

·          Able to match the requirment to an appropriate software

·          Create a community/group



Primary Actor(s) (Who are the users & systems involved)

·         Software vendor (provide software specific details and information)

·         Member/ writer

·         individual/ company


Assumptions (Conditions that must be true for use case to terminate successfully) 

·         Access via the internet

·         Well manage data source and matching tools


Frequency of Activity (Is this a one-time vs. recurring activity)

·          Individual will access depend on needs.



Trigger(s)  (What action/activity instigates this use case)

·          A need to gather a new/unknown software information(specify/detail/cost/license/how user) push a new user to this community. A member will help to determind the appropriate software and give them an advise. 



Requirements (Application must have's to accomplish goals)

·          Response time (advanced) : users must experience an immediate response

·          Compatibility (advanced) : it is easy to download as word/ pdf format; also able to compare with the list of the same group of product.

·          Access control (advance) : member can use specific function (add/edit); general user can view page/page history and comment a product.

·          User Interface(basic) : easy to write/ edit/ comment as general blog 

·          Multi Language(basic): english only

·          Security : secure from virus

·          An article/ a document/a blog needs to be checked out before edit, and only one person can do it at the time.

·          storage space required(advance) : able to attach text or media file.


Added Bonuses (Application nice to have's if found in solution)

·          Email notification of changes

·          Manage content

·          Free membership

·          Webboard function/Voting


Winning Application

  • Oracle was assessed as the winning application. For details, please see the scorecard.




Comments (1)

Danny Mittleman said

at 2:24 pm on May 7, 2009

Mostly well done, but triggers are too brief. It is an event with an object that triggers - not the object itself.

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