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4th Deliverable – Software List:


  Name & URL:
Price: Description:
1. Glance

Personal Plan:
$49.95 per month or $499 per year
Corporate Plan:
$249 per month or $2499 per year

"Desktop sharing with one click"
With one click, guests anywhere see your screen from their browser. Or you can see and control their screens. A simple idea that lets everyone see what you're talking about. No confusing downloads, no waiting to connect. It can help the company/person share their ideas, review the documents with anyone anywhere or plan your agenda. 
2. Netviewer Present $39.90

"Online events, conventions, and Webinars"
Allows to directly present from someone's website. It integrates videos, images, PDF files, and PowerPoint slides into the presentation. It works well with slower internet connections such as DSL. It allows the participant's to give a direct feedback. It also has a chat capabilites.

3. SideRocket

Price depending on the coverage:

Business Solution: From $20/user/month
Individual Solution: From $10/user/month

Free: $0/month

"The Leader in Online Presentations"
SlideRocket allows you to create presentations, manage them, share them securely and then measure the results. It includes an online marketplace where you can find all the content and services you might need to make your presentations great. The software goes beyond traditional presentation tools by harnessing the power of the Internet and making everything available to you in an integrated and intuitive online interface.
4. SmileTiger Not free. Contact vendor. "Web Conferencing"
Industry-leading application that allows to create web conferencing, video conferencing, and virtual classroom. The product help you save millions of dollars on travel and telecom expense.
5. Mikogo Free

"Free screen sharing for people and business"
Mikogo can be employed for a range of professional, academic, or personal uses, including: online meetings, web conferences, product demonstrations, web presentations, remote support, webinars and more!

6. HyperMeeting

15 attendees: $49.99/month or $479.90/year

1000 attendees: $129.99/month or $1247.90/year

"Affordable, real-time online meetings & audio conferencing"
HyperMeeting brings the power of online meetings to small and mid-sized businesses with easy-to-use web and audio conferencing solutions. It allows to conduct online meetings and collaborate with large audiences spread across locations with a few mouse clicks. It offers a feature-rich and easy-to-use online conferencing solution with integrated audio for companies with constrained budgets. Its audio conferencing is a teleconferencing solution with high-quality audio and rich features. It supports many other features such as record & play back online meetings, hassle-free desktop sharing, application sharing and many other features!
7. Huddle Free: 1 workspace, 1 GB storage
$15/m: 5 workspace, 2.5GB storage
$38/m: 10 workspace, 10GB storage
$75/m: 20 workspace, 20 GB storage
$200/m: Enterprise
Huddle gives you simple, secure online work spaces containing powerful project and collaboration tools. Huddle is hosted, there’s no software to download and it’s free to get started. It allows to create, store and manage documents, discussions, project alerts, security, and web conferencing.
8. MegaMeeting

Enterprise: $16,995

Professional: $45/month for 3 seats

Personal: $49/month for 5 users

"Video & Web Conferencing For All of Us"
MegaMeeting solution is operating system agnostic, meaning that anyone using a Windows, Mac or Linux based machine may participate in a Web Conference. With multipoint online Conferencing, up to 16 individuals can be seen at the same time, and an unlimited number of additional secure Video Conferencing attendees can see those 16. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) means that Video Web Conferencing participants can talk and hear one another by using standard microphones and headsets. Features include: Video conferencing w/True VOIP audio & text chat, secure conferencing, see up to 16 people at the same time, Desktop sharing, and many other.
9. Cisco WebEx Not free. Contact the Vendor for customized solution. The software allows to communicate as if you are "face-to-face" with people across town, or across the world. It allows to share documents, make presentations, demonstrate products and services, and collaborate. It offers a secure web meeting from the comfort of your desctop instantly, with just a click of the mouse.
10 SlideLive

Basic User Account: Free - ability to upload 1 presentation and invite up to three attendees. 

Premium User Account: Not Free, ask vendor for price - unlimited presentations and attendees + Premium Support

Premium Group Account:Not Free, ask vendor for price - more than one user account, Administrator Console + Premium Support

"Present Yourself. Online"
The software allows to upload your entire PowerPoint library and start a Cloud Meeting Presentation. Anyone with a browser can watch as you present your PowerPoint over the web. It allows you to create a virtual classroom for students to attend live presentations and securely share your content.
11. Zoho Show 2.0 (Beta) Free A user friendly application that allows access, import, edit and share presentations from anywhere and anytime. You can share the presentations with your friends/colleagues and the shared presentations can be viewed/edited with just a browser. It allows making your presentation public by embedding them in your blog or website for easy viewing of your readers.
12. GoToMeeting Not Free. Contact the Vendor. "Online meetings made easy"
Citrix Online’s Web conferencing product line was created to meet a variety of business needs, from those of the individual meeting or Webinar organizer to the company with multiple users. All products come with unlimited use, integrated phone and VoIP conferencing, free upgrades and 24/7 support. You can support online meetings with up to 15 attendees. It is a great tool for sales demos, and collaboration.
13. GoToWebinar Not Free. Contact the Vendor. GoToWebinar supports features such as integrated phone, VOIP conferencing, free upgrades, 24/7 call center and email support. It is great tool for marketing events and training. Supports tools and analysis such as One-Click Webinars, Full-Service registration, Automated Email Templates, Polling and Survey, Q&A and Hand Raising, webinar reports with interest rating and supports up to 1,000 attendees.
14. GoToMeetingCorporate Not Free. Contact the Vendor. Use GoToMeeting to present, demonstrate and meet all you want – for one low flat fee. It includes features such as integrated phone, VOIP conferencing, free upgrades, 24/7 call center and email support. It is great tool for marketing events and training. Supports online meeting with up to 25 attendees, multiple meeting hosts and central administration: secure administration center, group managment, detailed usage reports, recorded webinar storage, and webinar reply tracking.
15. ShowMyPC Free to $49/month The software can be branded with client's logo and integrated with their website. It offers chat and collaborative white boarding, desktop sharing and audio recording with a conference call number. Also available are file sharing, the ability to have concurrent meetings with unlimited attendants.
16. TeamViewer One time purchase from $699-$2,590

TeamViewer supports virtual collaboration, leading online presentations and training. It also facilitates the support of unattended PCs and servers, including the ability of remote reboot and reconnect. It can be used behind firewalls and routers. It supports file transfer, chat and a real VPN channel.

17. Hyper Office

100 seat $6,2390/year

250 Seats $14,399.90/year

A collaboration tool that includes audio, video and content display as well as document management. It offers secure online file storage, that allows you to store and organize documents online and access them from anywhere. You can share documents online and collaborate on them with your colleagues. 

18. Net Connect $15.00 monthly/per user "Online collaboration, doucment sharing and conferencing"
NetConnect supports online collaboration, document sharing and conferencing. It supports features such as online meetings, team managment tools, project management tools and SharePoint integration. Conference interface provides the meeting organizer with a tool for managing and organizing meetings. It also supports online document and file sharing with document check-in and check-out for efficient document collaboration.
19. Wimba Classroom Not Free. Contact the Vendor. A robust, virtual learning environment that includes audio, video, application sharing and content display. Offers advanced features such as polling, whiteboarding, presenter on-the-fly, resizable chat areas and participant lists, usage analytics tools, and MP3 or MP4 downloads enable further dynamic interaction between students and educators.
20. Lotus Sametime Advanced Not Free. Contact the Vendor. IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced software includes the capabilities of Lotus Sametime Standard software (enterprise instant messaging, VoIP, video chats, and Web conferencing), and expands them with advanced personal, team and community collaboration capabilities.
21. Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Professional User: $15.42/5users/month

Standard User: $4.58/5users/month

An online meeting space that your organization subscribes to or that your organization hosts internally. You can meet with your colleagues online, which allows you to collaborate in real-time, even over long distances.
22. Fuze Meeting

Free for 3 web attendees

$29/month for 15 web attendees

$279/year for 15 web attendees

Offers collaboration with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It is a web-based tool so there  is no need to dowload anything.  Simply log-in, upload content and start a meeting. Features include:  HD content (video/visual in high resolution).
23. BeamYourScreen

Single User License:
(1:1) USD 660.00 one-time
(1:10) USD 770.00 one-time
(1:25) USD 880.00 one-time

Shared User License:
(1:1) USD 1980.00 one-time
(1:10) USD 2310.00 one-time
(1:25) USD 2640.00 one-time

BeamYourScreen allows you to show your computer screen live over the Internet to one or several participants. Use BeamYourScreen to collaborate over the Internet with customers, business partners and coworkers alike. Allow you to hold meetings, give presentations and conduct trainings without even leaving your office. It includes features such as desktop sharing, change presenters, record and playback.
24. Yuuguu

Free for 5 participants

$15/month for 30 participants

Call for Corporate pricing

Yuuguu uses an instant messenger style interface so you can instantly start a screen sharing session in just one click. There are no downloads or installs required for your participants - they can view your screen through a standard web browser. It includes features such as real-time collabroation, audio conferencing and skype integration.
25. LogMeIn Pro $69.95/year for 1 PC LogMeIn Pro allows users conveniently work with remote computers from virtually any Internet-connected web browser. The feautures include remote control, file transfer, file share, eemote to local printing, desktop sharing and remote to local audio.
26. ScreenStream Free ScreenStream allows you to broadcast your screen for presentations and training sessions. It includes features such as screen sharing, audio streaming and unlimited viewers (almost).
27. Oneeko

$8/month subscription

$48/year subscription

Oneeko allows you to extend visual content to any telephone conversation in just a few seconds without imposing any downloads on your guests. The features include screen sharing, intergration with Skype, web cam support, file transfer and whiteboard.
28. Octopz $99/month subscription Octopz supports features such as custom branding, document storage, virtual meeting room, whiteboard, text messaging, VOIP, webcams, archiving and cross platform capability.
29. Microsoft SharedView Not Free. Contact the Vendor. Microsoft SharedView is a fast, easy way to share documents and screen views with small groups of friends or coworkers; anytime, anywhere. Use SharedView to put your heads together and collaborate - create, convey, and communicate…across physical boundaries, through firewalls, and down to the smallest details.
30. Yugma

Free up to 20 attendees

$14.95/month for Yugma Pro 20 attendees

Yugma free web conferencing allows anyone, anywhere to instantly share their desktop and ideas online with others. Your Yugma Free web conferencing account allows you to invite up to 20 attendees. It includes features such as desktop sharing, teleconferencing, public/private chat, change presenter, schedule meeting, file sharing, webniar, meeting record and playback.
31. Teliris Not Free. Contact the Vendor. Teliris has the most extensive suite of immersive collaboration products.  Telepresence experience tools to enable human interaction beyond the video and audio domains.  Telliris recognizes that truly immerse meeting offers access to all information whether physical documents or presentations.  You can seamlessy create, share and edit presentations, documents and video to help you collaborate more effectively over distance.
32. CollaboraSpace Not Free. Contact the Vendor. CollabraSuite Premium Edition includes a powerful set of features which include: document management, audio and video conferencing, desktop sharing, whiteboarding, text chat/instant messaging and presence awareness.
33. Creately Shareware, free or pay what you want. Collaborate while drawing diagrams while chatting. Includes revision history on all charts and diagrams to see who has changed what.
34. InMotion Not Free. Contact the Vendor. Workflow management and presentation tool that includes the ability to annotate frames of video or Flash animation in a collaborative online environment. Includes a full suite of productivity reporting tools.
35. Cozimo Free for personal use, to $249/month Cozimo is an easy, cost-effective way for creative teams to get feedback and collaborate on visual media. It allows you to review and markup images, videos, PDFs and documents from any web browser, anytime, anywhere. It supports live interactive meetings, review and collaboration sessions.
36. Mind42 Not Free. Contact the Vendor. Mind42 is an easy to use mind mapping tool that supports online shared whiteboard and diagram drawing on the website. Mind maps and diagrams can be edited simultaneously and published to blogs and other websites.

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