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PM440 Ideation Group

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Collaborative Ideation





The Ideation Nation repository contains an overview of what collaborative ideation is, a high level analysis of some of the common tools available today, and detailed analysis into the scenarios where these tools may be utilized. 


Ideation, commonly referred to as idea generation, is defined as the process for creating new ideas and is considered to be interchangeable with brainstorming.  Software options, run locally or web-based, have entered into the market to facilitate the collaboration that is vital for a successful ideation process within an organization.  Currently there are a variety of solutions that can be categorized by the type of ideation process (mind mapping, facilitation, or hybrid) and the type of end users (corporate, academia, or personal/consumer).


The area for software focused on brainstorming is just beginning to be documented within Wikipedia; as a group we contributed the following:


Ideation Processes can be categorized into three main areas:

  • Mind Mapping: software focused on creating a brainstorming web, documenting ideas and supporting ideas offered by contributors.
  • Facilitation: software designed to faciliate the process of brainstorming which includes controlled brainstorming methods, providing time limits, swapping ideas, ranking and scoring ideas, and decision making logic engines.
  • Hybrid: a tool that is broad enough to capture both faciliation tools, and tools necessary to create a mind map.


Collaborative Ideation Software


Ideation Solutions and Resources



Ideation Solutions Analysis


Evaluation Criteria Matrix

The Ideation Solution Analysis Matrix provides a side-by-side comparison of the solutions by common criteria used to evaluate fit of the solution for an organization.  Criteria covers the areas of organizational, business use, and technical fit.


To review the Ideation Solution Analysis Matrix click here.


Uses Case Descriptions


Use cases have been developed to allow for a high level understanding of three scenarios that commonly utilize Ideation solutions.  The scenarios cover team interactions for making a new product plan, process improvement development, and generating new ideas.


To view the use cases click here.


To view the use case analysis and evaluation matrix click here.



Working Together


Team Roles:

Role Description
Project Manager Will own schedule, communicate, and facilitate meetings along with define any subtasks or activities for the project
Research Analyst Will own the process for researching the software options to define the information necessary to evaluate against at minimum the defined criteria
Business Analyst Will own the definition and comparison of use cases
Technical Analyst WIll own the definition and comparison of technical criteria
Copy Editor/ Wiki Admin Will own the development and publishing of the wiki and final deliverables, will be the administrator for the collaboration spaces such as group site and online documents






Sara Farnsworth tsfarns@aol.com  Research Analyst member-In class
Sakda Katekaew ichicago@hotmail.com  Business Analyst member-In class
Saumin Patel saumien@gmail.com  Technical Analyst member - In Class
Lita Scott lita_scott@hotmail.com  Project Manager member-In class
Tara V

 Copy Editor/ Wiki Admin member- In class


Tools Utilized

Team Collaboration Space: Google Group



Google Documents

Google Talk



Team Availability


When should we meet?

Who When I can meet
Lita  T-F after 6pm, Saturday  after 2:00pm and Sunday anytime
Sakda  M-S 8am-5pm; Wed anytime
Saumin  M-F after 5 or saturday anytime

M-F after 6pm, Saturday and Sunday generally anytime

Tara Saturday mid-day or Sunday anytime; not available during business hours (M-F 8am-6pm)







Team Meeting Minutes






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