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PM440 - Intranet - Flexible_Communication Use Case

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Project Topic #11
Intranet portals and enterprise/departmental collaboration systems including email and integrated document sharing
Flexible Customization / Communication Types
Channel all CRM Team communications through the company’s intranet.
Business Problem 
WebBooks Inc, is an online retailer based out of San Diego, that specializes in selling books at discount prices. The company has been in business for over 10 years with an increase in profits every year. WebBooks has been very successful in selling fiction and non fiction books in addition to reference books and magazine subscriptions. However, textbook and educational book sales have lacked over the past two years. In an effort to increase sales in these categories, Steve Belmont the CEO has decided to institute a CRM system to manage sales leads and accounts. The company will be targeting schools K-12 and universities to become their exclusive online book vendor. Steve believes that a CRM system will help in tracking the lifecycle of the sales. Ken Bates, IT Application Manager, was appointed as the project manager and is responsible for making sure the CRM Project is completed on time.   Ken has completed the initial analysis and has created a team composed of 6 internal employees and 5 consultants.
Currently WebBook’s intranet serves a very basic purpose; it is primarily used by IT and Human Resources. Typically staff members use the portal to view paid holidays, submit time off requests, change addresses, report issues through the ticket system as well as other general administrative tasks.   Thus far, the existing intranet has not been used as the primary source for managing short or long term projects. The time line for the CRM project is 8 months, some of the needs described by members of the CRM team are: post minutes, enter weekly and monthly status report, track tasks, log issues, initiate conversion with other team members via chat and/or forums.  In addition, the CRM team members will need the ability to create pages or workspaces from existing templates and have the ability to edit the presentation of their site.  Currently the company has very strict policies regarding company email, which will prevent the 5 consultants from receiving email accounts. In the beginning only members of the team need permissions to the CRM Team portal, how ever the ability to assign permission to other staff members is required.   New members will be added as guests or participants. Ken has submitted a request to Kathy Jones, systems manager in charge of managing the company intranet.   The portal will essentially serve as the primary source for communicating all aspects of the project; it will also enable the team to collaborate through a secure channel and personalized certain portions on a need basis.   This solution gives the CRM Team Portal, a semi-flexible yet secure intranet; that allows a medium level of collaboration and many ways to communicate.
Home – project dashboard and announcements
Calendar – post time off, holidays and other black out dates. Also within the calendar the team must be able to summarize minutes, brainstorms, weekly and monthly status reports.
Documents – Upload project documents such as statement of work, specs and other.
Tasks – ability to track progress of tasks, update status and re-assign others as needed.
Issues – to report technical and business related issues that arise through the project.
Alerts – set up to notify team members or management of critical tasks and issues, via the home page.
Instant messaging – give members the ability to initialize chat sessions with others.
Forums – place for QA and FAQ’s regarding the project and information sharing.
Security – initial set up will required all team members and stakeholders to have access to the portal. Administrator access will be need for Ken to add additional users on a need basis


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