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PM440 - Intranet - Customization_Collaboration Use Case

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Project Team #11
Intranet portals and enterprise/departmental collaboration systems including email and integrated document sharing
Dimensions: Flexible Customization and Collaboration
Provide a customizable interface with document repository and real time reporting.
Business Problem:
Dan is a Sales Manager for a networking company who is managing a team of 25 sales representatives and handling accounts for multiple clients in 8 US states. Dan uses multiple channels of interaction with his team members through emails and phone calls to share sales data and any new clients. So there isn’t a way for Dan and his team to leverage their knowledge and manage their content. Dan is not satisfied with this as it leads to problems such as missing details and redundant information.
In addition, Dan is responsible for gathering real time sales data and creating metrics manually. Those metrics are used to monitor the team’s performance based on the sales reports received from his team. Dan has to also collect information about his clients and their demands. But such information is not easily found and Dan has a hard time keeping track of all the contracts he is receiving from his team and sometimes finding himself unable to respond to clients requests or inquiries. There isn’t a way for him to see a complete view of the performance of the whole team or filter the information he is looking for.
Dan needs a repository for his team to store clients information and sales documents so he can easily view and search for information. He also wants his team to be able to store information they have gained through experience to be able to track their own performances and also compare it to their fellow employees. Dan wants to be able to share sales information with other teams and also allow his clients to view orders statuses, and sales documents related to them. He is looking for an interface that provides flexible interaction and that can be customized so information is displayed the way he wants. This would allow him to change information and manage the content.
- Centralized documents sharing repository for the team to post documents, add & manage contents, view tasks and provide status updates
- Personalized page that allows setting preferences, filtering content, and arranging homepage look
- Real-time reporting capabilities
- Search functionality to query for content


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