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Meeting Notes for January 17, 2009

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 5 months ago
Good meeting to kick things off!  The assignments due for Monday, January 26 are:
  1. Initial Team PBWiki page, team name, logo, team roles (leader, webmaster, quality/consistency control office, modeler, presentation leader, etc.)
  2. Project dimensions matrix for our topic area (Collaborative Ideation) posted to our PBWiki page. 
As of right now, I believe our deliverables as well as futures ones are due every week on Sunday night at midnight.  I will check with the professor to confirm the deadlines.  Here are a few things that were discussed and covered in today's meeting:
  • we posted our team PBWiki page
  • our team name - The Ideators
  • posted our team logo (1980's American Gladiators spinoff); this will be edited and modified accordingly by Jen's design group at her office
  • team roles - as of right now we all have equal contributions, but these may divide into individual and unique assignments in the future
  • posted our project dimensions matrix - I advise everyone when they have time (either today or tomorrow) to do status checks on the PBWiki page to see how other groups are designing theirs.  If you feel that ours should be modified, email everyone so we can discuss.


Areej, make sure you check our PBWiki page to see if there's anything else you feel needs to be added.  Also you will have to login for the first time to make edits to our page.  The course syllabus shows you how to do this.  We have tentatively scheduled weekly online meetings (tools TBD via email) on every Sunday afternoon, but we will have to check with everyone and confirm a solid weekly time/day.  We are leaning towards using Skype as a primary collaboration tool.  Please send your input.  Let me know if I left anything out guys.

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