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Meeting 4, 28 Apr 2009

Page history last edited by Susan Nguyen 11 years, 4 months ago

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.     Last Meeting:

a.     Process management discussion

b.     Specific solutions:

i.     Open Source: Drupal, Joomla, Alfresco

ii.     Enterprise: Oracle Portal, Microsoft CMS, Autonomy-Interwoven

c.     Deliverable Two:

i.     The deliverable has changed since this meeting and this will be given a new heading.

d.     Mindmeister:

i.     Went through the brainstorm and added to it

2.     Updated Deliverable two: Dimensions

a.     Per Dr. T – Mindmap is too general and dimensions are too specific.  Need to blend the two together.  Find how the examples from the mindmap relate to the dimensions. 

b.     Need a total of four activities that will be posted to Wiki

c.     These four activities will relate directly to the Use Cases deliverable

i.     According to Mittleman this should be 5-6 activities that are defined to give the final “dimension”

3.     Deliverable three: Use Cases

a.     Talk through initial requirements for Use cases

b.     Use cases due Sunday May 3rd

4.     Goals:

a.     Finish Deliverable two

b.     Give member assignments for producing the Use Cases

c.     Schedule next meeting

i.     Target: Thursday April 30th




Minutes: 35 min.

The group agreed the deliverable two will have four activities that will be used to work on the cases (3rd. Deliverable).

The team finished the second deliverable and uploaded it in the Wiki.

Use cases were assigned to each member of the group. Each member has to suggest a case to be discussed on the net meeting. The topics were assigned as follows:

          WCMS                              Jarmila

          Project Management          Susan

          Ecommerce                       Zackary

          Knowledge Base                Paul

Next meeting date was assigned for Thursday April 30.

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