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Magazine Editor Use Case

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The purpose of this Use Case is to examine whiteboard technologies in a real world screnario.


Description :


Jack is the head editor for a prestigious world wide magazine company.  He is located in Chicago, but has a worldwide team of journalists and designers coming up with the layout and content the magazine.  Today, the lead designer, located in LA, and the lead copy writer, located in New York, are to meet with Jack to finalize the cover of this month's magazine.


Jack wants an application where he will be the leader of the meeting with his 2 workers.  He wants something that the designer can put the current version of the cover onto a virtual desktop for Jack to see.  He wants to have the ability to mark up the cover for changes that he feels should be done.  These changes could be visual or wording.  Jack likes his meetings to have a casual air and likes it when the other members offer new ideas or solutions so they need to be able to mark up the cover as well.


Jack likes to be a people person and would prefer to talk with the other member.  He feels that text with them is essential.


The meeting has been set up for a week and the copy writer has an emergency and will not be able to be on time when the meeting starts.  They will be running 5 minutes late, but when they do join the meeting already in progress it should be easy and hopefully they will not have missed out on the work that had been done in their absense.


Once the meeting ends everyone needs to be able to get a copy of the cover with the changes.  Also, Ms. Big, the owner of the company will want to see what the team has decided after her important round of golf.  She would like to view the work done on her own time and make any more changes that she thinks needs done and resubmit it to Jack.  If this is not possible Big will want to meet with Jack afterwards to discuss what she thinks needs done.  Either way Big's changes will need to get back to the designer and the writer even though they are no longer there.  Big really would prefer to be able to view and modify the document on his own time.


Once Big's opinion is recieved the writer and designer are to rework the cover, and the meeting process will repeat. 




Magazine Editor (Meeting Leader): Jay L

Graphic Designer (Meeting Participant): Rami R

Copy writer (Late Meeting Participant): Abby J

Magazine Owner(Asynchronous Participant): Nimmy K


Features and Specifications:

  • Desired voice chat.  Text is mandatory.
  • Ability to upload/share images for markup and discussion.
  • Must be able to differentiate between different participants markups.
  • Ability to add notes would be optimal.
  • Must be able to save the workspace both online, and as a download to meeting participants.
  • Asynchronous member should be able to see the projects after the meeting occurs and submit their ideas or changes independant of the others being there.


Features set comparison results:


  Vyew Skrbl  Twiddla
Free account  
Anyone can upload image    
Integerated  Online Chat      
Integrated Voice Chat       (not very clear)
 Asynch Editing      
Synch  Editing      
Multiple Pages      
Late arrival support      
Maintain chat history      







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