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VP of  Marketing

Name: Sara Smally
Employer: Bank of America
Geography: Chicago, IL

Sara is the VP of Marketing for Bank of America.  She manages a very diverse team around the country.  They are working on national marketing projects on many fronts and she is a very hands on manager, requiring a lot of interaction with her team.  This causes a lot of files sent back and forth, and makes it hard to track the emails.  Additionally, when someone leaves the team, they take a lot of personal contacts with them and may have files on their workstation which Sara may never get back.  She flies her team around the US to meetings to help efficiency and promote meeting schedules

Sara has the following needs to meet:
1 - She needs a way to communicate with her remote staff as easily as the ones she has in the same office - real time.
2 - She needs a method for keeping one active document alive and in one place - so the changes are done only to the best copy and email isn't overloaded
3 - Her communication and files needs to be stored securly, but also accessible in remote spots. 
4 - She needs to know who is accessing what when.
5 - She would like to find a way to cut down on travel.

6 - She would like a theme set up for each of her teams in their rooms/space- her teams are individualist and want to express themselves


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