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Jared Dryer - Systems Development Manager

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Jared Dryer



Systems Development Manager

Equity Financial Exchange

Company Size: 400

Company Location:  St. Louis, Missouri


Goals:  Jared Dryer is the head of a systems development team at the Equity Financial Exchange.  He’s worked at the exchange for 15 years.  The organization is in the process of upgrading its trading engine.  Bills’ task is to upgrade the project management process flow.


Scenario:  Jared works in the regulatory division.  He must manage the development of, and support the systems that monitor trading activity on the exchange to ensure that users are complying with SEC rules and regulations as well as Equity Exchange rules and regulations.  Jared needs to be able to manage and track multiple projects with different times to completion as well as different levels of priority.  Project costs must also be managed.  In addition to developing new surveillance tools, Jared must also monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of current tools and implement smaller scale projects that enhance current surveillances. 


Because some surveillance’s will run real-time, parallel to the electronic trading activity, he will have to collaborate with the business units development teams to ensure that there aren’t any latency issues caused by the regulatory surveillance process that would affect the exchanges trading engine. He will need to be able to collaborate with his development team and allow for free flow of access for team members to share files and ideas during the development process.   Because it is essential that work product remain confidential, access control is also a priority.  Because of this it is preferred to have a client server type application.  This application would also have to interoperable with MS office.




Must have(s):


  • Project Tracking
  • Resource Management
  • Access Control
  • Server/Client or Web Based
  • File/Document Sharing



Nice to have(s):


  • Evaluation Tools
  • Document Repository

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