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Basis for selection and reasoning:



After careful analysis of the six Wikis that were chosen for this project one became a clear leader in terms of functionality and meeting the requirements of the I.T. Help Desk Use Case. Clearspace presented the best level of functionality with respect to the needs presented in the use case scenario. The only downsides to selecting this wiki over the others were the inability to host the site internally and in the $29/user charge. Both were weighted accordingly and ruled out as deal breakers. Several additional factors that stood out during the evaluation of Clearspace were its integration with LDAP and Active Directory for security as well as customized access control lists. Security is a concern to the organization and having integration with their existing systems is a major plus. The I.T. Help Desk also gain additional features that will be useful in their scenario such as project management capabilities, calendaring, and group directories. The editing and authoring tools provided in Clearspace are a cut above the other Wikis analyzed. Searching and retrieval of technical notes is critical in the role this Wiki will serve and Clearspace stands out by instantly displaying search results “as you type”. The Help Desk staff will also be alleviated from the concern of having to backup and restore the Wiki because it is hosted by Jivesoftware. Technical support is also available in the event any of the staff should have issues during the setup and ongoing usage of the site.



Analysis of other Wikis considered for this scenario:





DocuWiki came in second place scoring a total of 146 points on the scorecard. It offered a great set of features and provided a decent user experience. This Wiki focuses more on development teams and workgroups. It incorporates a less powerful page editor in relation to Clearspace. Instead of an integrated hosted database solution like Clearspace, DocuWiki stores all of its content in plain text files.




MediaWiki is very similar in comparison to DokuWiki and also scored fairly well in our analysis. MediaWiki has been around for several years and is known to be a powerful and versatile Wiki. It provides a good set of features but lacked some of the new bells and whistles that stood Clearspace apart. MediaWiki was also significantly more difficult to setup initially and requires backup procedures for the web and the MySQL database. In addition, it lacked some access control and statistical analysis that the other Wikis like Clearspace offered.




Twiki scored third place in our analysis. It offered a great set of features and capabilities that are being developed and improved upon constantly. Good core abilities include: the frequently asked questions section, table of contents, change summary, and recent pages. It offered a decent page editor, but lacking in comparison to Clearspace.




Wiked was probably the least comprehensive and capable Wiki in our evaluation. In comparison to the other Wikis it is still extremely new and lacks some criteria that should be common amongst all Wikis like html tags, adding comments, and spell checking. The editor Wiked uses also lacks the capabilities of the other Wikis. Because of its new place on the market, there are currently not a large selection of plug-ins and enhancements available.


Zoho Wiki


Zoho Wiki was less like the more traditional Wikis. It is a hosted solution that incorporates other features into the mix such as a word processor, planning tools, web conferencing, project management, invoicing, spreadsheets, chat, etc. Although it offers a great set of tools, it lacks features common to the other Wikis and as a result did not meet the needs of this use case. Zoho is geared more towards entry level users that need a collaboration tool that is easy to use with numerous features.




IT Help Desk Wiki Scorecard.xls 


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