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Intranet Softwares

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 Intranet Softwares

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1. Banc Intranets

Banc Intranets provides Intranet solutions that help financial institutions improve their overall productivity. The main product, BancWorks, is an out-of-the-box Intranet Solution that includes portal, document management, content management and collaboration modules. BancWorks is designed by professionals familiar with the financial industry. The software is fully customizable which allows financial institutions to control the content that is delivered to each user as well as match it to their business culture.

2. Blogtronix

A blogger's dream come true. This platform is great for any organization leaning towards blogging type collaboration. The platform does not provide "true centralized collaboration" and treats each users as an island where others come to the user's blog for information.

3. Central Desktop

Central Desktop is a collaboration platform that enables Salesforce users to create personalized Customer Extranets and Partner Portals. It brings wiki technology to Salesforces users in a structured, permission-based environment.

4. Claromentis

An excellent intranet and collaboration platform based on the .NET platform. Claromentis comes with nearly every feature that a standard platform should have, such as, calendar, announcements, document management, workflow, notifications, etc. Great for large and small corporations. Primary short-coming is that this is a custom solution and developing on top of this tool is not very feasiable.

5. Collab24.com

Collab24.com is a hosted, web-based on-demand collaboration solution based on Vignette Business Collaboration Server software. Collab24 is tailored for SMBs that do not have their own resources for this type of platform, and also for larger companies that only need the platform for teamwork in certain departments or projects.

6. Collanos

Collanos is a global startup that focuses on the collaboration needs of teams who demand a secure, cross-platform, on- and off-line and server-less solution. By leveraging open-source technologies, open standards, and a global development model, Collanos provides home and business users with a strong team-based solution that combines the benefits of classic client/server, web, and peer-to-peer architectures.

7. CreativeProOffice

CreativePro Office is an online office management tools that allow you to manage your team, clients, projects, invoives from one web-based application.

8. Google

Google provides lots of Office applications online, such as, spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation. In addition, Google provides google-sites, an intranet tool that allows for publishing and centralized content sharing. The Google suite is enhanced by providing communication tools such, Google-Talk & GMail. Google Search provides for a quick way to access relevant information quickly. A major shorting coming is workflow notifcation or approval workflows are not inherent in the tool.

 9. Grou.ps

           Great collaboration software, it provides a "facebook style" website where users can create their own profile and have a list of friends. Nice customization cappabilities and strong multichannel collaboration. lacks strong document management cappabilities.

10. Groove

           Client based tool, provides collaboration and document management easily integrating with sharepoint.

11. Huddle

Huddle provides simple, secure online workspaces containing powerful project and collaboration tools. Some of the capabilities include: managing projects, sharing and storing documents online, editing the documents online, group discussion forums, unlimited users. Huddle provides customized solutions based on the business need. The solutions include: Huddle for Free, Huddle for Small Business, Huddle for Teams, Huddle for Government, Huddle for Charities.

12. Hyper Office

HyperOffice is an intranet application service provider, commonly know as an "ASP intranet" or "hosted intranet.

13. IBM/Domino

   http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/products/quickr/connectors.html - Quickr - team room and document share

   http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/sametime/ - Sametime (IM Chat)

   http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/products/connections/ (Portal application for teams, blogs, etc)

         Lotus Domino Quickr, Sametime, and Connections are a great enterprise level suite of applications which intregrate with Lotus Notes Email.  It is very secure and robust, but   is not Microsoft-user intuitive. 

14. IntelliEnterprise

         An enterprise portal application which has strong document workflow, individualized portal pages, and integration to a number of communication tools.

15. Instant Intranet Builder

          An out of box solution which is based on .net and SQL and can perform a number of well balenced functions.

16. Intranet Connections

          Intranet Connetions is an easy integration of plug-ins that can be selected from the large inventory of Adobe ColdFusion developed web applications.

17. Intranet Dashboard

Intranet Dashboard come with over 40 tools that create and manage information and business process.

18. Joyent

Joyent provide a hardware platform for cloud computing. Joyent provides an out-of-box application that can be extended by anyone. This is the advantage of Joyent where base code and hardware is provided and can grow extremely fast. The platform is open source and great for custom application development organizations.

19. KonoLive

KonoLive requires each users to download a client. This client application allows for each users to create task, contacts, and share documents. The tool forces each user to be tied to their desktop. While the application looks great, it does not provide other traditional functionality, such as, calendar, notifications, and workflow.

20. MindQuarry

Mindquarry is an Open Source collaborative software platform for file sharing (documents, images, media files, etc.), task and project management, team collaboration and Wiki editing that meshes simplicity and functionality.

21. MindTouch

22. OfficeZilla 

          Good for sharing content by group. Different admins for content in the website. has email capability. No real time collaboration.

23. SharePoint

SharePoint comes with lots of out-of-box intranet and collaboration funcationaly. To extend some of the functionality, such as, chat, additional add-ons are needed. This works well with the Microsoft platform and is extendable via development tools.

24. SilkRoad

          An HR-based application which has some team room and wiki style capibilities

25. Small World Labs

          A company which designs customized solutions for businesses, communities, etc.   

26. TeamSite

TeamSite allow enterprises to manage content across a wide range of Web based enterprise business applications from within a single infrastructure.

27. Vistalogix

          Good for project management purposes. Allows creation of projects, tasks, portfolio views and metrics. Discussion forum exists although it's not good for collaboration in real           time.

28. Weboffice

Ability to create meetings in real time, no chat function, powerful for professional web-based business applications.

29. Wimba

Wimba is a leading provider of collaborative learning software applications and services to the education industry. Wimba's solutions enable educators and students to teach and learn live online, engage in live chat and instant message exchanges, benefit from oral content being added to text-based course content, and more. Instructors can also use Wimba solutions to easily convert Microsoft Word documents into online course content and to create and administer tests, quizzes, and exams.

30. Zoho

          Great for writing documents, creating spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. Collaboration in real time is done through meetings, content managemenet is well               structures, but no version control of documents or check in check out functions are available.


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