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Intranet Portal Tools List

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Tool Name


Vendor URL



Jira Studio Atlassian Software Systems www.atlaassian.com $600 - $4800 Custom workflows, Real-time reporting, Shareable, Subscribeable filters
Central Desktop Central Desktop www.centraldesktop.com Free - $249/month Group calendars, wiki intranets, project collaboration, task management, web conferencing, audio conferencing, extranets, project management, forums, group discussions, salesforce.com, search, online spreadsheets, iCal enabled
EMC Documentum EMC  www.documentum.com  Contact Vendor  Content and storage management software.
(Could have been recently purchased by http://www.emc.com.)
Tribute Knexa Solutions  www.knexa.com  Contact Vendor  Q&A Exchange, Reward system for knowledge sharing, Multiple File Type Uploads, Doc Base Module, User Profiles, Document Rating, Categories, Message Module, User Account Management, News Module, Browser Based Client Access, Email Subscription, Structured Data Support, Versioning, Extensive pop-up context-sensitive help, Reports, Knowledge Alert Icons, Teams Module, Editor(s) and Knowledge Manager roles
Share Methods ShareMethods  www.sharemethods.com  Contact Vendor (pricing per user)

Platform for all sales, marketing, document management, and workflow tools.  On-Demand document creation and management system.
Version Control: Keeps shared documents up to date in ONE location
Single-Point of Access: Makes sales and marketing documents (like pricing, sales sheets, etc.), easier to find and share broadly
Ease of Use: Users can use full text search or simple navigation to easily find what they need
Managing Input/Feedback: Provides control of entire review and approval process
Distribution: Share large files without clogging up e-mail Delivery: Efficiently distribute sales training materials
Polling: Quickly obtain team members’ opinions on materials

ShareMethods, ShareNow, ShareOffice, ShareMethods for Oracle CRM On Demand, ShareWiki, ShareDrive.

WorkZone Trichys  www.teamworkzone.com  Contact Vendor  COLLABORATION SITE (web-based)
WorkZone is an easy-to-use, web-based tool for collaboration and project management.
External Communication:  WorkZone provides instant and up to date communication for clients, as well as facilitating approvals, and creating a permanent record of each interaction.
Security:  Fully secure (and HIPAA compliant), WorkZone facilitates sharing of proprietary information.
SharePoint Microsoft  www.microsoft.com/Sharepoint/default.mspx  SharePoint Server: $/CAL Client Access License (many different packages, select as appropriate to needs.  Can include SharePoint Services & SharePoint Online)
Desginer: $299.95

SharePoint Tools:
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
Integrated suite of server capabilities.
  - Collaboration and Social Computing
  - Portals
  - Enterprise Search
  - Enterprise Content Management
  - Business Process and Forms
  - Business Intelligence
  - Hosted Solution
  - Developer Platform

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services
Foundation to create new, efficient, Web-based tools and services specific to the organization, department, business process, or industry vertical.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer
Customize and create powerful solution applications/automation on the SharePoint platform.

Microsoft SharePoint Online
Microsoft hosted solution, handling setup, provisioning, ongoing maintenance and upgrades of your SharePoint Server Infrastructure.

Instant Intranet Builder Engineered Business Solutions  www.engbsolutions.com/portal.htm  Pricing:
< 30 emp = $1,500
< 100 emp = $3,900
> 100 emp = $4,900
embedded MS SQL Server = $7,200
Use templates to create Portal / Intranet home page or for department.
Document Publishing
Document Management
Exchange Integration
Form Builder
Forms Database
Project Collaboration
Project Management
Help Desk
News Flash
Chat Module
Discussion Board
Application Launch
Web Security Module
News & Local Weather
Job Posting
Intranet Manager Claromentis www.claromentis.com/products/intranet-manager/ Contact Vendor

The product focus is to manage an information layer of online content, application files and other data stores in order to provide a hub for business processes and to distribute accurate and relevant knowledge to various stakeholders through a very robust and scalable permission engine. Significant applications included within this product are Publish, Documents, News, People, Forum, Surveys, Polls, Course planner, Compliance, Workflow, Room booking, Holiday planner, Calendar and Image Gallery.

    -  Document Management Software
    - Enterprise Content Management
    - Intranet Management Software
    - Online Document Management
    - Online Project Management
    - Process Management Software
    - Project Management Software
    - Quality Management Software
    - Sales Software
    - Web Project Management
    - Workflow Software

ChatSpace Community Server  Akiva www.akiva.com   Contact Vendor Enterprise Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Idea Management, Virtual Classrooms, Virtual Offices, and more with the WebBoard Collaborate family of products.
Create Online Communities for live events,
knowledge base and product or brand
communities with the WebBoard Community
family of products.  
Britix Intranet Portal Britix  www.bitrixsoft.com/products/intranet/?r1=mtrx&r2=intranet  $1,299 Company Information, Company Staff Information, Enterprise Content Management, Powerful Search, Instant Messaging and Communication, Staff Training, Platforms and Integration, Collaboration and Task Management, Document Management, Training and Support, Structure and Organization
DynaPortal  DynaPortal Software Company www.dynaportal.com/index.cfm

Application Service Provider (ASP) Fees
DynaPortal Publisher
$250  monthly fee
$500 to $750 monthly implementation fee

DynaPortal Enterprise
$500  monthly fee
$750 to $1,250 monthly implementation fee

Purchased Fees
DynaPortal Publisher
$5, 000 – base price

DynaPortal Enterprise
$10, 000 – base price

Personalization, Ad Hoc Pages, Announcements & News, Blogs, Forum & Message, Boards, Answer/FAQ’s, Calendars, Reminders & Messages, User/Membership, Management, Contact Management, Document Management
WebCenter Suite  Oracle www.oracle.com/products/middleware/user-interaction/webcenter-suite.html Contact Vendor  Formerly BEA AquaLogic User Interaction                                             Customized Portals, Out-of-the-box,Wikis, Discussion Forums, RSS Feeds, Enterprise Search, Team collaboration on documents, task and events, Mobile Support, Content repository, Metrics and Analytics, Web 2.0, Real time communication through text, voice and video. 
IntelliEnterprise  Adenin www.adenin.com/campaigns/IntranetSuite9.aspx?kw=intranet%20portal&gclid=CODesd6X4JgCFRENDQod4nZiZw $9,900.00 – perpetual license, based on 100 named users
$2,376.00 -  Support
My Pages ( Personalization ) ,  RSS portlet, Outlook Web Access, Remote Desktop Portlet, Wikis, Blog, Video (Corporate You Tube), Discussions, Role member portlet, Document management, Version control, metadata, approval workflow, search, SQL Data sources, dashboards.
Portal Frameworks  Passageways www.passageways.com/portal.php Contact Vendor  In-house and hosted solutions, Quick access to common tasks, announcements and events, user workgroups, dynamic workgroup pages, role based access, messaging, document publishing, search engine, help desk, knowledge management, assigned tasks, board builder, and enterprise instant messenger. 

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