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IntraCor Deliverable

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IntraCor Deliverable-(Intranet Portals Team)

Quick Links: IntraCor Homepage, IntraCor Meeting Page, Intranet Portal Wikipedia



IntraCor Deliverable One - Topic: The 1st Team Meeting

Quick Link: IntraCor Meeting One


Team Name & membership:


Team Logo


Tools used for team meetings

  • Main tool: OfficeZilla Assistants:
    Skype Email Phone Mind Meister


Individual role in the team

  • Project Manager: Mustapha Oluwa
  • Research Analysts: Rob Jawor & Peter Zucker
  • Web Master: Yase Ge


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IntraCor Deliverable Two - Topic: A Short Meeting for Definition of Dimensions

Quick Link: IntraCor Meeting Two, IntraCor Meeting Three, IntraCor Meeting Four


The Excel form for the Dimensions Matrix and radar screen picture:  IntraCor Dimensions


Dimensions Matrix


Activities → Tools & Resources Associate Services Business Operations Company Calendar Access Point for Employees


Area for employees to link to or download necessary applications to perform work functions. Information also provided to find internal and external resources. Area for employees to view all the services provided by the company for employees. These links are general to the entire population and not specific to one department. To give users access to important business policies and manuals. To give user access to important company event dates and times. Location for employees default main company webpage to obtain all information regarding the company.
Customization X     X  
Ability for users to customize tools and resources they use most often.
Applications X        
Links to applications for associates to perform duties.
Security X X X   X
Ability to secure information to only allowed individuals.
User Friendly   X   X X
Application must be easy to use and understand due to a wide range of technical abilities.
Remote Access   X X X  
Ability for users to access content away from the office.
Communication Tool   X     X
Used as a method to put forth information to employees, customers, or business partners.
Document Repository   X X   X
Ability to store and retrieve document information while maintaining regular backups to prevent data loss.
Blog     X    
Used a method to provide more timely information to employees, customers, and business partners.
Range - Low Static tools and resources provided with no customization available for different department. Page content determined by company not individual. Log in. Security log in Static page with no customization from employees. Just general company information dates. Click & drag, color scheme, preview boxes. Ability to add in content relevant to the user
Range - Middle Ability to place multiple internal company approved applications and resource pages to the Intranet Portal. Searchable, User must use regular ID and Password to obtain access. Search download Ability to place additional calendar information per department to make calendar more relevant to the user. Ability to view multiple department calendars and customize calendar views.
Range - High Can add multiple sources of internal and external content. Also, ability to code new application tools and add external resources. Forces users to obtain username / password for access with special characters for enhanced security. Provides file-level encryption. Only admin accounts have permission to add, delete, modify content. Access permission Ability to view multiple department calendars and customize calendar views. Can add multiple sources of internal and external content. Also, ability to code new applications.


The radar screen picture of the Dimensions and Activities



  • In this picture, when a Activity requires a Dimension, this Dimension will go outside for one step. Thus, we can see:

    The most important Dimensions is Security;

    2nd group is User Friendly, Remote Access, Document Repository;

    3rd group is Communication Tool and Customization;

    Then is the Blog.


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IntraCor Deliverable Three - Topic: 4 Top Use Cases

Quick Link: IntraCor Meeting Five, IntraCor Meeting Six


The Word form for the 4 Use Cases:  IntraCor Cases


4 Top Activities: Tools & Resources, Associate Services, Business Operations and Company Calendar


Use Case One - Tools & Resources


Kevin Baker – IT Manager


  • Company Name: eFly Travel Group Company

  • Location: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles

  • Company Size: 125 employees

  • Job: IT Manager

  • Age: 41



Find an intranet solution to allow employees the ability to customize the necessary tools and resources to perform work functions more efficiently. In addition, the solution needs to provide a link to applications for associates to perform their duties and implement security to classify various user privileges and access levels.



Kevin Baker is an IT Manager for the eFly Travel Group with headquarters in Chicago and he wants to implement an intranet portal in order to allow employees to connect directly with other branches. Prior to asking the CO for approval, Kevin did a survey at all three locations. Most employees argued that it was difficult to find the right tool for job duties quickly because they are hidden within a large folder hierarchy. In addition, employees also have a hard time trying to locate applications and files when needed. After evaluating the survey, Kevin schedules a meeting with the CO and asks for permission to launch an intranet portal that allows employees to customize integrated tools and resources based on usage and need. This solution should also enable employees to directly link to applications in order to perform duties more efficiently. In addition, Kevin also wants an integrated search engine that combines full-text search and relational query capabilities to present specific search results relating to local teams, tasks, products, and services. In order to maintain privacy, Kevin wants a security application that gives various user privileges and access levels, personalized content distribution, and data encryption.


For the last few years, Kevin had to connect employees from the three offices through a secure and static web page. As this model worked well for customers, it did not work well for employees. Kevin researched products that fit employee’s needs according to the surveys conducted. He wants to implement an intranet portal that gives employees the freedom of customizing tools and resources, links applications as needed, and offers security features to define user privileges and access levels.



Must Have
  • Customizable Tools and Resources:
    To allow employees to tailor available tools and resources as needed for daily use.
  • Linkable Applications:
    To allow users to build and customize links to any application available on the intranet.
  • Search Capability(unique teams, tasks, products, and services: Define Metadata vocabularies):
    The search box should have predefined search groups (files, tools, help, etc.) that allow the user to find relevant content within the intranet portal more quickly.
  • Cross-Browser Support:
    To comply with the most popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.
Nice To Haves
  • Digital Data Management:
    This option should enhance digital media storage and distribution, file administration, and data repositories.
  • Collaboration and Communication:
    This option should include newsletter, message board, calendar, blog, VoIP, chat, and other similar tools.
  • Help Desk (including: user manual, FAQ):
    This option should provide employees with direct access to user manuals, FAQ, training videos, and (if necessary) to technical help via internet or telephone to the vendor.
  • E-mail Integration:
    This option should provide users with an implemented email function that includes customizable email templates, address book, media center, multi messenger, text message, fax, mail domain, and mobile mail.
  • Remote Access:
    This option should allow employees to access the intranet at anytime from anywhere with a valid user id and password. For security reasons, there should be a predefined user authorization, data encryption, and an access log.

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Use Case Two - Associate Services


Rowaj Trebor - Director of Associate Services


  • Company Size: 6,000 employees

  • Company location: Tulsa, OK

  • Job: Director of Associate Services

  • Age: 32



Create an easy to use portal page for employees as a first stop for any human resource question related to associates services. Such a system will increase worker productivity and satisfaction as many tedious tasks will be handled by the new Portal. In addition, this new solution will result in quicker information distribution to employees. This solution will reduce costs as only one location is needed to update information.



Rowaj Trebor is a Director of Associate Services at Cell-Tech, Inc. a regional wireless communication provider. His responsibilities include insuring communications between upper management and associates occur in a timely fashion throughout all regions. Rowaj finds himself catering to multiple department needs when distributing important company information.


This organization has been around for over 25 years and the majority of employees have over five years of experience with the company. As a result, the associates deal with each other on a very personal level and are often reluctant to change. When new information needs to be distributed to employees, it is filtered down per department and often this information is not passed along to all associates. Rowaj wants to increase the efficiency of knowledge distribution while keeping the high level of company morale currently being enjoyed even in these tough economic times.


With such a large company, the level of computer skill ranges from high to almost non-existent. The company employs many engineers with high computer skills while the 88-year-old founder lacks a deep knowledge of computers but will be using this new solution.


Rowaj determined that some of his HR employees spend up to 50% of their time answering and distributing information to employees. With this new solution, these employees will be free to work on other more desirable tasks.



Must Have

  • Ease of Use:
    Software solution must be simple enough for inexperienced users to quickly learn the application.
  • Associate Phone Directory:
    Tool must allow for central associate phone list for entire global enterprise
  • Audio Conferencing Information:
    Tool must allow for storage of all related documentation.
  • Information Security Policies: 
    Solution must allow for documentation of security policies which are updated on a regular basis.
  • Internal Career Center:
    Ability for managers to post open job requisitions to a central site for employee viewing.
  • Human Resources Forms & Info:
    Ability to post all HR forms and info for employees to pull information when needed.
  • Office Supply Information:
    Area for employees to find out location of supplies and links to order supplies.
  • Referral Program:
    Ability for users to refer candidates for open positions posted to external websites.
  • Travel Services Center:
    Ability for associates to find travel links and book travel accommodations for business purposes.
  • Trouble Ticket Submission:
    Ability for users to submit issue tickets to a central location to streamline resolution process.

Nice To Haves

  • Project Document Storage:
    Ability to store all documents for all projects in one location.
  • Community Involvement Information:
    Ability to post information regarding company charities, blog interface.
  • Copy Center FAQ’s:
    Frequently Asked Questions section with ability to be edited via basic web tools.
  • Wireless Modem & BlackBerry® Forms:
    Ability to post forms which are updated on a regular basis.
  • Leaders of the Future Documentation:
    Ability for lower skilled associates to post information and documentation.
  • Vendor Management Information:
    Allow access from external vendors to change their company information on an internal website.

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Use Case Three - Business Operations


Jimmy White - Dynamic Business Operations System


  • Company Size: 500 employees

  • Company location: Long Island

  • Job: CIO (Chief Investment Officer)

  • Age: 42



Find a software backbone solution to adapt quickly and to reduce costs to constantly changing business, securities market and industry requirements.



Jimmy White is a CIO (Chief Investment Officer) and a Director of the Investment Department of a Securities Company. Jimmy is responsible for managing and monitoring the company's investment portfolio. Responsibilities include managing the investment portfolio and pension funds, investing surplus assets, working as a liaison with the investment community, and counseling financial analysts.


For the last 3 years Jimmy has been maintaining the Investment Department at the office in Long Island via telephone, email and meetings. Jimmy has found these tasks are taking up a large portion of his time and is having difficulty keeping track of tasks. His biggest challenge occurred when the company tried to access the European market and set up an Investment Office in London last year.


Jimmy needs to manage the Long Island office when he travels to London and develops the business in Europe. Also, he needs to monitor the European progress, when he works at the Long Island office. The telephone and email are insufficient for him to ensure the business on both sides is completed properly. He needs a system to manage and coordinate all the resources, information, functions and share data stores in two offices. The Long Island system needs to handle the daily business data as usual and the London system needs to have the ability to add or reconfigure because the business scale has not yet been determined.



Must Have

  • Financial and Management Accounting:
    Ability to record and manage all aspects of accounting and financial needs of the corporation.
  • Financial Supply Chain Management:
    Ability of application to manage all supply chain management functions currently being managed by the company.
  • Treasury Applications:
    Must seamlessly intregrate with all standard treasury applications.
  • Corporate Governance:
    Application must meet or exceed all current government SOX regulations and guidelines.
  • Records Management:
    Application must allow for archiving and retrieval of relevant records.
  • Easy to Setup:
    Application must be able to be setup with 6 hours from start to finish.
  • Easy to Navigate:
    Site functionality must be as simple to use as a common web browser.
  • Easy to Learn:
    The time per user to get up and running with the basics of the application should not exceed 2 hours.

Nice To Haves

  • Data Auto Sharing:
    Ability to allow for documents to be automatically sent to specified individuals or groups.
  • Workflow/Business Process Management:
    Ability to allow holistic management approach focused on aligning organizations with the wants and needs of clients.
  • Business Intelligence Roadmap:
    Application would allow for method to account for long-range goals over several years.
  • New Business/Client Intake:
    Incorporate client and new account needs into the process while not hindering progress.
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP):
    Allow for ability to continue partially or completely interrupted critical (urgent) functions immediately after a disaster or extended.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP):
    Allow for ability to recover any portion of the enterprise within one hour of an incident.
  • Project Management Service:
    Repository for Project Managers to gain access to information needed for any project.
  • CIO Services: 
    Area for CIO to customize page to meet his/her high level needs.

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Use Case Four - Company Calendar


Williams Smith - Newly Hired Employee


  • Employment status: Full Time

  • Company: Procter and Gamble (P&G)

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Age: 27



Find a way to arrange and schedule important events and meetings for the company. Employees should be able to navigate through the calendar easily when looking for a past meeting date or a forthcoming event. There must be an event reminder or a way to notify employees about any upcoming activity.



Smith is a newly hired employee and has been given the responsibility of planning the company’s events. Before the company hired Smith, the company had been facing a lot of problems concerning scheduling of meetings and hitting project deadlines.


Smith, a recent graduate of DePaul University, has gained experience through his internship with Johnson & Johnson. Smith's first step in fixing this problem was to talk to some serious minded employees at Procter and Gamble. From his research, he realized that the company has been scheduling meetings without proper tracking of individual's availability. In addition, some projects were scheduled to finish within an unrealistic timeframe.


After conducting his research, Smith worked with the IT Intranet Portal development team to include a page (section) for a company-wide calendar. The calendar will be set up in a way to warn meeting coordinators of any departmental meeting that overlaps with the same people involved in a previously scheduled meeting.  Also, there will always be a customizable pop-up a reminder set as the event's day or project deadline gets closer.  This page will also be used in retrieving past data or planning future occurrences.



Must Have

  • Standard Calendar Template:
    Allows users to view and schedule meeting according to available date and time.
  • User Right / Permission:
    Allow users to view pages of the calendar that they are given access to through their password.
  • Intranet Portal:
    This is where all information will be stored and processed.
  • Events Announcement / Date:
    This will serve as a reminder for all scheduled events and projects that are approaching due dates once anyone logs into a department webpage.
  • Events Manager:
    Allows Administrator to update the calendar on a regular basis.

Nice To Haves

  • Remote Access:
    Allow users to access the page via VPN access.
  • Email Access:
    Allow users to email each other within the company.
  • Search Capabilities:
    Allow users to search for past and upcoming events.
  • User friendly:
    Allow users with basic computer knowledge to use the page.

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IntraCor Deliverable Four - Topic: Available Tools

Quick Link: IntraCor Meeting Seven, IntraCor Meeting Eight


The Excel form for Available Tools: IntraCor Available Tools


The Suitable Tool for each Case

  • Use Case One   - Tools & Resources:   Tool No.19 - Intranet Connections
  • Use Case Two   - Associate Services:  Tool No.21 - Intranet Tool Bitrix Intranet Portal - Solution 8.0
  • Use Case Three - Business Operations: Tool No.17 - IntelliEnterprise
  • Use Case Four  - Company Calendar:    Tool No.36 - Weboffice


 Available Tools List

No. IntraCor Tools Company URL
1 Active Web Solutions Active Web Solutions Ltd. http://www.aws.net/
  Price Info: Not free. Contact vendor.
  Features: Intextra™: 1.Make the Intranet THE place to go for key information; 2.Give access to the Intranet to EVERYONE; 3.Launch it, promote it, look after it; 4.Make sure IT and communications work together as one team; 5.Allow personal interest content; 6.Keep the content fresh and engaging.
2 Adenin adenin® TECHNOLOGIES Inc. http://www.adenin.com/
  Price Info: IntelliEnterprise: Perpetual License -- This license gives you the right to use IntelliEnterprise indefinitely. You pay a one-time, up-front fee. The price for 100 named user licenses is US$ 9,900.00; License Rental -- You rent a term license which entitles you to use IntelliEnterprise for a fixed period. The price to rent 100 named user licenses for 1 year is US$ 2,574.00; The price for the Support & Subscription Contract is US$ 2,376.00 per year.
  Features: IntelliEnterprise is the unbelievably complete Intranet Suite including Enterprise Portal, Content & Document Management, Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration, Dashboards, Search and Workflow modules. Key Features: Portal Engine; Portals & Portlets; Portals; My Pages; Tag Cloud Portlet; Report Viewer Portlet; RSS Portlet; Outlook Web Access Portlets; Remote Desktop Portlet; World Clock Portlet; Image Grabber; Conversion Tools Portlet.
3 Base - 10 Bridgeline Software, Inc. http://www.base-10.com/
  Price Info: Contact vendor. Two investment options: one that allows your company to lease the software and one that allows you to purchase the license.
  Features: BASE-10 enables authorized content experts throughout your organization to easily contribute content, efficiently manage business assets. Key Features: Licensed or Managed Hosted Solutions; Flexible, Single-Source Content Management; Central Data Repository; Core Functionality; Library Services; Security; Workflow; Searchable; Digital Asset Management.
4 Bondware Bondware Inc. http://www.bondware.com/
  Price Info: Start your 15-day, free trial instantly with no obligation. Buy later from your trial site. Pricing starts at $25/month & includes domain and email services.
  Features: Bondware is web-based software that runs on our servers and is provided to clients as a monthly subscription. Clients access the software using their web browser and are free from the worries normally associated with owning hardware and software. This approach to software delivery is often referred to as SaaS (Software as a Service).
5 BrainKeeper BrainKeeper, Inc. http://www.brainkeeper.com/
  Price Info: Full-featured 30-day free trial. Starter Pack: 4 Users $17/month, $170/year to Total of 250 Users $499/month, $4,990/year.
  Features: BrainKeeper's Enterprise Wiki Software helps enhance business communication with a centralized knowledge base that everyone in your organization can use. Key Features: Collaboration - Get everyone engaged by giving your entire organization the tools to collaborate in real time; Knowledge Management - Consolidate your critical knowledge into a single, searchable, simple system that everyone can use; Intranet - Work more efficiently, keep everyone up to date, and quickly give your staff the answers they need; Extranet - Stop relying on email and go-betweens to collaborate with your partners and vendors.
6 CentralDesktop Central Desktop Inc. http://www.centraldesktop.com/
  Price Info: Workgroup Edition: Free - $99/month; Enterprise Edition & Community Edition: Affordable Annual Plans.
  Features: Manage People, Time, Tasks. Connect Global Teams. Find & Share Files 2x Faster. Fast. Get Started in Minutes. Accessible Anywhere Anytime. Secure. Web-Based Software.
7 Claromentis Claromentis Ltd. http://www.claromentis.com/
  Price Info: Not free. Contact vendor.
  Features: Intranet Software and Extranet Manager. The product focus is to manage an information layer of online content, application files and other data stores. Key Features: Publish - Documents and News and Blogs; People - Forum and Image Gallery; Calendar - Room Booking and Holiday Planner; Surveys and Polls; Corporate and Personal Links; S News Reader; Widgets and Gadgets.
8 Competitive Competitive Computing, Inc. http://www.competitive.com/
  Price Info: Not free. Contact vendor.
  Features: Intranet Portals. Connect people, processes, and information. Better –and accelerated- decision making. Accessible from any web browser or even a mobile phone or PDA, intranet portals are commonly used for: Document sharing; Information sharing; Team workspaces inc. workflow, alert systems, calendaring; Project management; Business Intelligence inc - reporting, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs).
9 Confluence Enterprise Wiki Atlassian Pty Ltd. http://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/
  Price Info: From $49.00/month to $3990.00/month
  Features: Key Feature:Create - Your pages are editable, Instantly, Online; Workspaces - Because your organisation is too big for just one wiki; Blogs - Timely information — notices, bulletins, news and blogs; Attach - Attach, track and search your files; Notify - Keep up-to-date with the information that matters to you; Discuss - Follow the thread of team discussions; Organize - Link, tag, index, cross-reference, search, hierarchify; Search - Everything is searchable. Everything; Administer - Powerful, simple admin, no geniuses required; Secure - Confluence brings enterprise security to the wiki arena; Open - Confluence plays well with others; Integrate - From daily office tools to enterprise systems; Customize - Tailor Confluence to your organisation's style; Usable - Not just a pretty face; it works well; it feels right; Plugins - More than a wiki, Confluence is an extensible application platform.
10 Denali DCASoft http://www.denaliintranet.com
  Price Info: One Time Cost: 25 Users - $1499; 50 Users - $2499; 100 Users - $3999; 200 Users - $4999; Unlimited Users - $5599; Source Code Version - Unlimited Users - $7999; (The last one is non-refundable due to source code exposure)
  Features: Denali is a Intranet package / Groupware: 1.combines 40 Customizable Modules using a common database; 2.Web 2.0 Features like Wikis, Blogs, MicroBlog, Forums, Messaging, Profiles, etc; 3. 100% Browser Based and Create Unlimited Portals even Mobile Access; 4. Web-based "Live Data" Business Charts; 5.Customizable Multi-Level Security - Password Protected.
11 Ektron Ektron, Inc. http://www.ektron.com
  Price Info: Standard Edition: 1 URL/5 CMS Users $5,000, 1 URL/10 CMS Users $7,500, 1 URL/25 CMS Users $15,000, 1 URL/Unlimited CMS Users $30,000; Professional Edition / Enterprise Edition: Ask your sales person for details
  Features: Enterprise search (a must have for an effective intranet), Content, document and asset management, Photo Gallery, Ability to post external RSS feeds with industry news, Blogs, Wikis, Categorized threaded discussions, Mapping (help employees find colleagues to carpool with), Employee directory (address book), Social networking for collaboration and discovery, Cross-browser support, Explorer-like access, Microsoft Office Toolbar, Auto-generate PDFs, Auto-export to HTML, Workflow and task management support, Automatically launch applications (MS Office), “Smart Client” technology
12 HotOffice AdJuggler, Inc. http://www.hotoffice.com
  Price Info: STANDARD PACKAGE: $14.95 per month / 150MB Initial Storage / Unlimited Users, Standard package includes: E-Mail Support, Webmail Access, 150MB of storage, PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE: $49.95 per month / 500MB Initial Storage / Unlimited Users, Pro package includes: Telephone Support, Monday - Friday, 9AM-6PM/EST, E-Mail Support, Webmail/POP3/IMAP4 Access, 500MB of storage
  Features: Document Management: Customization, My Desk, Calendar; Bulletin Boards: Email, Group Contact Manager, Online Document Viewer; Private Chat Rooms: Web Links, Access Rights, Reminders
13 HyperOffice HyperOffice http://www.hyperoffice.com/intranet-software-solution
  Price Info: Various Price Models
  Features: Business Email Service, Online Document Management, Online Calendar, Online Contact Management, Task Manager, Data Import, Security:SSL 128-bit encryption, Training & Support
14 Iflexion Iflexion http://www.iflexion.com/portfolio/projects/itrintranet.php
  Price Info: Request Quote
  Features: Departments Sections, News Section, Forum and Chat Section, Help Desk Section, Document Library
15 iiIntranet Infosys International Inc. http://www.iiintranet.com/default.asp
  Price Info: Contact Us
  Features: Browser Based, Dynamic Content, Integration with Other Web Sites, E-mail Notifications, Security
16 Instant Intranet Builder Passageways http://www.engbsolutions.com
  Price Info: Instant Intranet Builder Lite: $1500.00 / Recommended if less than 30 employees / Database included; Instant Intranet Builder Professional: $3900.00 / Recommended if less than 100 employees / Database included; Instant Intranet Builder Enterprise: $4900.00 / Recommended if more than 100 employees / With your Microsoft SQL Server Database; Instant Intranet Builder Enterprise: $7200.00 / Price is for run-time single processor / Microsoft SQL Server can also be bundled with IIB as the full SQL Server implementation
  Features: Document Publication, Site Management, Easy Link to IIB Pages, Integration to other Applications / URLs, Web Page Review and Approval, Manage User Access Rights, Document Management, Form Builder, Calendar Module or Link to Outlook Calendars, Threaded Discussion Board, Site Search, Marquees, Table / Photo Page / Thumbnail Picture Pages, Employee Contact and Resource Pages, Chat Module, Personal Portal, Project Tracking and or link to MS Project, IT Item Tracking, Child Links, Secure Document Directories
17 IntelliEnterprise Adenin Technologies Inc. http://www.adenin.com/IntelliEnterprise.aspx
  Price Info: License Calculator: e.g. 100 user licenses: US$ 9,900.00; Support & Subscription Contract: US$ 2,376.00 per year
  Features: Enterprise Portal, Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration, Document Management, Application Builder, Workflow, Search, Content Management, Dashboards
18 Interact Intranet Suite Odyssey Interactive Ltd http://www.interact-intranet.co.uk
  Price Info: Contact Vendor
  Features: Easy to Use Intuitive Interface, Superior Technology, The First Intelligent Intranet, Built in .NET, DDA 'AA' Compliant, Unrivalled Experience, 100's of Applications Included as Standard, Interact is an out-of-the-box Intranet That Can Be Tailored to Fit Your Exact Needs
19 Intranet Connections SQBox Solutions Ltd. http://www.intranetconnections.com
  Price Info: Intranet Connections [bundled with Adobe ColdFusion]: $7,500.00 US; Second year maintenance renewal: $1120.00 US/year
  Features: Out-of-the-Box Intranet Software: Ready-to-Use Applications, Unlimited Publishers, Simple to Install and Maintain, Friendly and Intuitive, Full Customization, Extranet Capabilities, Affordable and Robust; Active Directory Integration: Seamless and Automated, Real-Time Data Sync, Simple to Implement, Manage Users from AD; Support Desk: Automated Ticketing, Build Custom Forms/Fields, Document Ticket Notes, Track Tickets and Resolutions, Export Data, Comprehensive Search; e-Form Builder: Build Custom Forms, Point & Click Features, Quick View Reports, Design & Brand Forms, Approval Workflow, Build Multi-Column Forms; Department Pages: Create Unlimited Department Pages, Build Navigation Menus, Customize & Brand per Department, Advertise New Members, Add Unlimited Content Boxes, Create Department Surveys, Assign Department Administrators, Secure Confidential Content; Content Approval and Workflow: Unlimited Content Managers, Direct the Flow of Content, Built-in Workflow, Automated Notifications
20 Intranet Dashboard(iD) The ADWEB Agency http://www.intranetdashboard.com
  Price Info: Contact Vendor
  Features: Smart Intranet Management, Real Time Deployment, Superior Content Publishing, Live User Statistics, Intuitive Interface, Version & Audit Controls, Extranet Capabilities, Clever Tools & Applications, Multi-level Architecture, Enhanced Security, Customizable Look & Feel, Open, Scalable Technology, Localization Capabilities
21 Intranet Tool Bitrix Intranet Portal - Solution 8.0 Bitrix http://www.bitrixsoft.com/products/intranet
  Price Info: Pricing starting from $1299 (25 users included). Additional user’s price is $20 for minimum of 5 users.
  Features: Easy-to-use Tools = Effective business communications, Intuitive Windows-like interface, No HTML or technical knowledge required, Information can be searched across all content (docs, files, etc.) Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration = Document and file sharing, Native WebDAV support, Event Calendars, Contacts and staff profiles, Instant Messaging, Groupwork, Task Management. Social Network = Staff personal profiles, Blogs, Forums, Friends, Groups. Staff Training and Support.
22 Edge Software Jagged Peak http://www.jaggedpeak.com/JP_SOL_EDGEsoftware.htm
  Price Info: Must contact for quote
  Features: Expand the efficiency and range of business-to-internal transactions = Self-service on-demand environment, Transcends organizational boundaries, Unites software, hardware, and broadband connectivity. Technical Attributes = Web based – Accessible through a web browser, Enterprise standards – Built on J2EE standards, XML-based interfaces.
23 Magic Logix Magic Logix http://www.magiclogix.com/web-development/intranet-and-portal-sites.html
  Price Info: Must contact for quote
  Features: The capability to create and manage your company's employees, news, events, projects, tasks, web resources, documents, and discussion forums. Completely web based = Cost-effective, Users can view information and data via web-browser rather than maintaining physical documents such as procedure manuals, internal phone list and requisition forms, Customizable. Full source code is standard .asp included = Time: With intranets, organizations can make more information available to employees on a "pull" basis.
24 Metadot Metadot http://www.metadot.com
  Price Info: FREE under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Must pay for support. - 1-h trouble shooting, 8h turnaround time, 8am-5pm, M-F $250. - 1-h trouble shooting, 2h turnaround time, 8am-5pm, M-F $489. - Installation = $450, Remote installation and unlimited 10-day email support, login and telephone support - Webdesk support = $1,500 per year. Tech support for one year. You ask questions and the Metadot staff will answer via our web based helpdesk. This does NOT include remote login. - Login support = $3,800 per year.
  Features: Easy-to-use content management interface on all site pages, Discussion forum, File management, Link management, Task / To-Do List, Calendar, Poll, FAQs, Custom forms, User Personal Website, Group and user-based access control, My News Page - like My Yahoo, Email Notifications, Rich text Editor (from interactivetools.com), Site themes and templates
25 Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/Sharepoint/default.mspx
  Price Info: Servers: Office SharePoint Server 2007 = $4,424 -- Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search Standard = $8,213 -- Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search Enterprise = $57,670 -- Office Forms Server 2007 = $4,424. Client Access Licenses:Office SharePoint Server 2007 Standard CAL = $94, Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise CAL = $75, Office Forms Server 2007 CAL = $54, Office SharePoint Designer 2007 = $187. Internet Facing Sites: Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites = $40,943, Office Forms Server 2007 for Internet sites = $22,118.
  Features: Real-Time Presence and Communication, Social Networking Webpart, Standard Site Templates, Wikis, Blogs, People and Groups Lists, Calendars, Email Integration, Task Coordination, Surveys, Document Collaboration, Issue Tracking, My Site Personal Site, Content Syndication, Privacy & Security, Site Directory, User Profiles and the Profile Store, Audience Targeting, Mobile Device Support, Site Manager, Portal Site Templates, SharePoint Sites and Documents Roll-up Web Parts, Integration with for Access 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Word 2007, Integration with SharePoint Designer, Integration with Outlook 2007
26 Mindtouch Mindtouch http://www.mindtouch.com
  Price Info: Must contact for quote
  Features: WYSIWYG Page Creation, Hierarchical Pages, Content Management, Search, Document Attachments, Versioning, Revisioning, Alerts & Notifications, Multi-level Permissioning for pages, and workspaces, Intuitive user management tools for roles and user groups, Authentication support for Drupal, Wordpress, Mambo, Joomla, and other systems, Support for Active Directory and LDAP, Connect people, enterprise systems, Web 2.0 applications/services and data sources with IT governance, Easily create powerful dynamic reports.
27 Enterprise DLP 4.0 Nextlabs http://www.nextlabs.com
  Price Info: Must contact for quote
  Features: Comprehensive suite of data protection applications, Precise policy evaluation based on Identity, Context and Content, User-centric design and proactive remediation, True enterprise policies and procedures, Endpoint Data Loss Prevention, Application and Device Control, Unified Communications Control, Information Rights Management, Control Center Policy Server Platform.
28 Noodle Vialect http://www.vialect.com
  Price Info: Must call for quote
  Features: People Friendly - Intuitive user interface, Easy to use wysiwyg editor, Drag and Drop Word, PDF, or Excel. Wiki Pages & Portals - Rich text formatting of pages with WYSIWYG editor (no wiki syntax required), Personalized, customizable portals of internal and external data, Information portlets can be assembled with a drag and drop user interface, Multiple portal layouts for different business activities, Link to a page, database, section, file, or images, Links observe privacy: users can't see what they can't access. People & Groups - Profiles and user directory enable discovery of expertise, Search and discover people behind content, Manage user & group permissions, Facebook™ like user profile pages, Twitter™ like Micro Blogging (What are you working on?).
29 Novo Document Manager Enterprise Edition Novo Solutions http://www.novosolutions.com/document-management-software
  Price Info: Must call for Quote
  Features: Web Based, Configurable, Industry Standards: Completely Web Based - only a Web Browser is needed to administer & use the system, Easily Accessible on your Corporate Intranet or Web Site, Industry Standard Architecture (MS SQL Server, ASP/ASP.Net), In-House & Hosted (ASP) Editions available, No Additional Hardware Required (can typically be installed on existing servers), Utilizes Existing IT skills with minimal need for re-training. Flexible Security and User Roles.
30 TIBCO Portal Builder TIBCO http://www.tibco.com
  Price Info: Must contact for quote
  Features: Flexible Content Management: The template-driven content management approach gives business users the ability to create and target content, improving the timeliness and relevance of portal content. PortalBuilder supports multilingual content development as well as integrating with leading third-party content management systems. Delegated Security and Administration: Delegated administration simplifies portal management by giving selected individuals control of different functionality or areas within the portal. Out-of-the-box support for single sign-on, standards-based authentication methods as well as support for leading web security vendors.
31 PMO Intranet Portal Project Assistant http://www.projectassistants.com
  Price Info: Call for quote
  Features: Depends on your company and industry
32 Sitecore Sitecore Intranet Portal http://www.sitecore.net
  Price Info: Call for quote
  Features: Integration anytime and everywhere, scalability built in
33 Student's EduWeb Shareware Connection http://www.sharewareconnection.com/student-s-eduweb.htm
  Price Info: Free download
  Features: It depends on the categories you want
34 Teamware OfficeTM 7.3 Teamware http://www.teamware.net
  Price Info: Call for quote
  Features: Library, calendar, Forum, Directory, Email, Notifier, Web service
35 ThoughtFarmer Thoughtfarmer http://www.thoughtfarmer.com
  Price Info: Call for quote
  Features: Group collaboration, Blogs, Calendar, Search, Security,Wikis, Navigation, People directory
36 Weboffice WebOffice http://www.weboffice.com
  Price Info: 30 days free trial, then call for quote
  Features: Document manager, Online Calendar, web meetings, Task manager, Expense report, Web database, Discussion, Announcement, contact list, Customization.
37 WebSphere IBM http://www.ibm/software/websphere
  Price Info: Call for quote
  Features: Intelligent management, Standalone server, job manager, Deployment manager
38 WorkSmart WorkSmart http://www.worksmart.net
  Price Info: Free trial. 1-10 users is $11 per month for 500MB, 11-25 users is $10 per month for 1GB. 26-250 users is $9 per month for 3GB. 251-1000 users is $8 per month for 7GB
  Features: Manage and track project, empower sales and marketing team with real time, Accessible email and schedule, 24 hours availability
39 WorkZone WorkZone http://www.trichys.com
  Price Info: Call for quote
  Features: Email-Notification, Uploading files, Project tracking, Customization, Group Calendars, Online approval, Discussions.
40 Zoho Zoho http://www.zoho.com
  Price Info: Free for individual. Prices depend on needs of team or group
  Features: Wiki, Blog, Notebook, Chat, Planner, Project, Invoice


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Danny Mittleman said

at 8:28 am on May 23, 2009

Good tool list.

Dr. Ruth Ter Bush said

at 3:40 pm on May 11, 2009

Use Cases -- your Must haves should be more descriptive and include some measure (how will you know if the candidate tool can do this? It should be noted that often checking off the capability is NOT a good way to determine best fit as HOW a feature is implemented is often very important. You may want to explore a little more exactly how people will use the tools within your scenarios. for the most part fairly well done. The weakest is your newly hired employee. The system will reject any overlapping meeting? Holy moly -- my company would never get any work done (there must be concurrent meetings -- different departments, etc.) Maybe this just needs to be rewritten more clearly.

Danny Mittleman said

at 10:47 am on Apr 29, 2009

Good information and excellent presentation of your information.

Dr. Ruth Ter Bush said

at 10:53 am on Apr 27, 2009

Nicely done!! Dr. T

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