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Page history last edited by Joe Steinkamp 10 years, 10 months ago

Meeting 7 Notes November 12, 2009 10:00 PM


Discussion Topics:


Presentation: Discussed solutions for our use cases that will be presented. Kim T. circulated a first draft of the PowerPoint presentation that will be used for the presentation. Comments were exchanged and all are in agreement that we are on the right path and on the same page. We discussed the order and format for presenting the use cases. Siva will send his slides to Kim T Saturday at the latest. We will have another meeting on Sunday to go over the final draft of the presentation and plan to meet before class on Monday for a run through.


Team Wiki Page revisions: We need to add additional software for our list: Kim T. suggested a few that she has had experience with that are not on the list. Siva submitted a few via email and will make sure they have all relevant information included in them before submitting to Joe. Joe will find a few more that he came across on Wikipedia and Kim will review old class lists and update stats on them and submit to Joe.


Wikipedia Submission: We discussed potential update areas in Wikipedia and settled on a couple of research topics that will include: advantages/disadvantages, additional features, additional activities and histories. Joe has references on advantages/disadvantages and Kim will find more information on undisclosed features and activities and perhaps additional history. Joe has a good reference by a university professor and will forward that for review. Kim submit content to Joe for posting on Wikipedia.


Meeting adjourned at 10:40 PM.


Next meeting: Sunday evening 7:00pm

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