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Page history last edited by Joe Steinkamp 11 years ago

October 28, 2009 -- Meeting 5

10:00 PM via Skype



Kim T. initiated the conference call and all were in attendance.


Deliverable due Nov. 6th â€“ Software List – 20-30 items with appropriate detail.


The team discussed what approach we should use for reviewing and listing software.  Siva has found several new technologies not seen in other lists which will be incorporated into our final list.


The team decided to review past lists and look for those that most closely relate our current use cases.  We will update information about them as needed and focus feature listings on our use cases.


Kim T. Will review the first 10

Kim G. will take the next 10

Siva will take the last 5

Joe has remaining


We will communicate via email during our reviews to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of review progress.


Joe provide the team with a sample of how the list information should be given to him for publishing.  All content should be delivered to Joe by Sunday, 5:00 pm.


Use Case Revisions


We briefly discussed use case revisions and confirmed that all revisions have been made and are ready for Dr. T’s review.


Sunday by 5:00 pm should have content to Joe


Next Deliverable – Wikipedia page


The team discussed Wikipedia page requirements and next steps for this task. 

Everyone will take some time looking at existing wiki content and try to identify a specific topic to focus on, i.e., try to identify an item that needs an update and/or create a new entry.




Siva and Kim T or Kim G will be the presenters.  Kim T. will start building a presentation document and share it with the group for revision.  Will discuss which use cases will be used closer to the date.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 10:45p.m. 

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