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Ideation-MindMapping Dimensions

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Dimensions   MindMap for MindMapping Brainstorming Session 1)


1) What do people do with your category of tools?


1. Interdepartmental Collaboration

      2. Academic Projects

      3. Project Concepts

      4. Software Feature Sets

      5. Social Collaboration/ Interaction.

      6. Brain Storming

      7. Presentation planning

      8. Creating Hierarchy / Topology

      9. Idea generation/ Organization/ evaluation

     10. Task Management

     11. Design Management / Analysis


2) Top 5 or 6 of the activities


  1. Interdepartmental Collaboration
  2. Project Concepts
  3. Software Feature Sets
  4. Creating Hierarchy / Topology
  5. Idea generation/ Organization/ Evaluation
  6. Design Management / Analysis



  1.  On-line real time.
  2.  Simultaneous interaction
  3.  User friendly.
  4.  Graphical tools
  5.  2 way audio and 2 way video.
  6.  Ability to upload/export attached images
  7.  Access to communicative software; e-mail
  8.  Gantt Charts
  9.  Task management Software
  10.  Operating System Compatible
  11.  Browser Compatible


4) Category Range 


1) ALL Range

  • Online web version (web accesible)
  • Client Version (installation on desktop or laptop)
  • Mobile Version (for smartphones/iPhones) 


2) Simultaneous interaction Range:

  • Reviewer: Maybe the person/group can only "See"
  • Editor: "You can see and edit/draw, but maybe not delete or add images.
  • Owner: Full Control - Add/Delete images.


3) 2 way Audio/Video Range:  

  • Audio Only
  • Video Only 
  • Both 


4) Ability to upload/export attached images Range:

  • Basic: Can only import/export to .gif, .bmp
  • Intermediate:  Can only import/export to .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .png
  • Advanced: Can import/export to gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .doc, .pdf


5) Dimensions (Requirements Categories) 


  1. On-line real time.
  1. Simutaneously interaction
  2. User friendly. 
  3. Access to communicative software; e-mail
  4. Operating System Compatible
  5. Browser Compatible  


6) List of activities and the associated list of dimensions


  1. Interdepartmental Collaboration - Collaboration amongst internal teams/groups within a specific area or business unit
  2. Project Concepts - Allow for mindmapping of a projects high level goals/concept design
  3. Software Feature Sets - Allows for the visual view of the features/tools provided for a particular software application
  4. Creating Hierarchy / Topology - Used to create organization or group hiearchies or logical topology views for infrastructure
  5. Idea generation/ Organization/ Evaluation  - Use as brain dump for the initial stages of idea/concept creation
  6. Design Management / Analysis  - Used to create a graphic design with the related parties for integration the system


Our Dimensions include the following:


  1.    On-line real time
    1.      The tool should he hosted online in a web environment where it can be universally accessible and all interaction is displayed in real time (instantaneous)
  2. Simultaneous interaction
    1. The tool should allow for real time synchornous interaction with the tools and display.  The tool should allow for simutaneous collaboration such as editing, drawing, and manipulating map objects
  3. User friendly - Easy to use interface and intuitive.
  4.  Access to communicative software; e-mail  - Integration of mindmapping software with business & communications software such as e-mail for embedding into other documents or e-mailing as attachment.
  5. Operating System Compatible  - Platform independent PC and MACintosh (client version)
  6. Browser Compatible    - Browser Independent (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Other)

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