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Ideation - Use Cases

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Use Case 1:



Ester Long 

VP of Sales and Planning

HotelCLICK, Chicago IL 




HotelCLICK is one of the leading providers of ecommerce solutions for hotels. HotelCLICK has 15,000 customers including global brands such as Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International and Best Western. HotelCLICK has 450-plus employees serving customers in 140 countries. It has global offices in Barcelona, Chicago, Dubai, Houston, Phoenix, Melbourne, Shanghai and Tokyo. 




Ester Long, the VP of Sales & Planning at HotelCLICK, recently met with Christopher Post, the President and CEO. During the meeting it was determined that due to the economic climate, HotelCLICK would need to reduce the number of sales managers that it employs from 70 to 55. She was left with the task of figuring out which sales managers will be released.



Ester has determined that she will need to meet with the RDOSs (Regional Director of Sales) of each region since they supervise and work closely with the sales managers. There are 10 RDOSs, all working remotely in different parts of the world. She will need a collaboration tool that allows her to schedule and manage individual & group meetings. She will solicit ideas from the 10 RDOSs on the criteria that should be used to determine which sales managers should be released so she will needs a tool that supports brainstorming.  




Christopher Post has also entrusted Ester with the task of developing 3 bonus/sales incentives to help boost sales. In the past HotelCLICK has used bonus incentives for HVTs (High Value Target accounts) as well as incentives centered around market penetration. Post wants Ester to develope three new and exciting sales incentives. Ester has determined that she will aslo solicite ideas from the RDOSs on the incentives that they feel the sales managers would respond to. She will use the ideation tool for brainstorming on sales bonus ideas.



In addition, the tool should have voting capabilities and should let her keep track of her notes and collect feedback/recommendations.



Tool Selection:


Wisemapping : http://www.wisemapping.com/c/home.htm

This tool is a free mind mapping tool.  It was selected because it fits Ester's needs. It is a web based tool that can be accessed anywhere from a PC, MAC or Linux. It is simple and easy to use. No pluggins are required and it is compatible with all web browsers. This tool allows multiple users to view and edit mind maps - it will accomodate all of the users (Ester and the 10 RDOSs)



Use Case 2:




Nick Jones

IT Manager

Quick Apps Inc.


Nick Jones is a manager in the information technology department at a Fortune 500 company in Skokie, IL. Nick manages a 30 person international project team that consists of software developers, project managers, and analysts from the US, Ireland, and India. All team members have regular access to the internet as well as tools used to conduct international conference calls but Nick is finding it difficult to work collaboratively. 


The team wants to start an internal project to improve international working relations across all of Nick’s teams but they need a tool to assist them in this effort. Some of the internal projects Nicks plans to conduct include brainstorming activities to provide direction for tactical and strategic planning for the upcoming year, methods on how his team can work together more efficiently, and a forum to share ideas about prototyping new technologies among other efforts. Team members must be able meet virtually, brainstorm in real time, share and store documents, and have a space to communicate final decisions and or announcements. Due to the location of each team as well as the local time differences face to face meetings are very difficult to schedule and often avoided.


The overall goal in using any tool is the shared development of a collaboration strategy, possibly displayed through diagrams and other graphical displays.  Video conference and e-mail notifications among other features are nice to haves. The company doesn’t want an expensive tool that requires a lot of maintenance nor a tool that supports less than 75 users at any one time.

Tool Selection:

Bubbl: http://www.bubbl.us/index

This tool is a free web application that allows users to synchronously or asynchronously brainstorm online. Other tools considered included Buzan's iMind Map, Mapmyself (Mapul), and Mind Genius. Of the three rejected tools Mind Genius offered the best brainstorming options but it was among the most expensive and therefore was not selected but should be considered as an option in the future.


Bubbl was selected because it best fit the needs of Nick's team. It is a web based tool that can be accessed anywhere from any computer with access to the internet regardless of operating system or web browser. The tool is simple to use and offers enough features that any mind map can be customized and shared during presentations or team meetings via HTML or embedded images. For Nick's purposes this tool will enable him and his team to get the job done more efficiently without spending any money.



Use Case 3:


Name: Aleena Naseem


Position in the company: Consumer Marketing Knowledge Manager


Goals: Looking for a solution that will allow different CMK Managers based in different countries, collaborate and share their ideas.

Company name: Vision Marketing (Pvt) Ltd


Company size & location(s): 191 Employees based in CEEMEA (Central East Europe and Middle East Asia) Region.

Company Description: Vision Marketing (Pvt) Ltd is Below the line marketing Company which was established in 1992, and after that they opened there offices in different countries, they are in Contract with different FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Companies as a support of their marketing Campaigns, since being established in 1992, they opened their offices in different region, trying to market products all over the Region with the most effective ideas, that generated sales in the region.


Aleena Naseem an employee of Vision Marketing (Pvt) Ltd employed as a Cosumer Marketing Knowledge Manger at their Dubai Office, one of her job description is to come up with the most effective way to do the Direct marketing of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Dubai and hence align a strategy to present in front of their contractors like P&G and Unilever.

Her daily work description is to take feedback of her fellow CMK managers based in different offices all over CEEMEA Region, and then based on that feedback submit her Opinion that whether that strategy that worked or did not work in different countries to be Implemented in Dubai region.

Her way to review the feedback from different CMK Managers is based on Emails from a few manager, phone calls to and from a few managers and then through Online Chat. In this process she found it hard for herself to compile all the data and analysis received from different CMK manager’s and felt the same for her fellow CMK managers from different countries because of no proper tool where all the data they discuss can be documented on one single platform, hence a lot of follow up time after meeting on messenger linking up tools, and if any Brand Manager wants to present their Idea to the CMK Experts they cant due to lack of a proper portal, on which managers from different countries can comment and brainstorm on an idea.

So it was clear to Aleena, that they needed a proper tool on which all the mentioned problems can be sorted and hence have a tool on which everyone can brainstorm on real time, share their ideas, reach a resolution and then present that scenario for approval to the Higher Hierarchy so that a suitable marketing strategy can be applied to the specific country according to their local needs, and hence she was in search of a product that could help guide her through the process effectively.

 Aleena wants to be able to keep track of the Consumer Marketing Knowledge Updates from different countries and different regions and hence directly devise a strategy for local marketing campaigns. She also wants to drive the marketing campaign with aggressiveness on the basis of knowledge of different ethnicity reaction to the different marketing campaigns all in CEEMEA ( Central Eastern Europe and Middle East Asia ) in the Locality of different cities of different CMK Managers Region,

Aleena’s plan to accomplish the company’s goals is to have a platform, where Consumer Marketing Knowledge managers can meet and collaborate and brainstorm ideas, and discuss the result of implementations that they did with the help of marketing brand managers and response in their locality, and what was the most effective marketing strategy. 


 Aleena shared the following requirements and nice to have options for the chosen tool:


·                                 Ability to document the Ideas

·                                 Ability to capture the ideas of all the participants

·                                 Ability to save mind-map, and easily retrievable and resume able mind mapping.

·                                 Ability to organize and prioritize ideas

·                                 Ability of Minimum One Facilitator



Nice to haves

·                                 Tool to create reports from the brainstorm

·                                 Meeting management capabilities.

·                                 To be able to make decision on the basis of polls and surveys



Tool Selection:

 Mindview.: http://www.matchware.com/en/products/mindview/default.htm


MatchWare’s MindView 3 Business is a professional Mind Mapping® software application that allows users to brainstorm and visualize ideas quickly and easily. MindView 3 Business makes meetings more productive, accelerates project planning and helps turn ideas into action, hence it was ideal for Aleena’s selection as she wanted to collaborate on one portal and different ideas were easy to be addressed and strategies hence easily devise.


Cost : $389 with a Free Trail.




Use Case 4: 






Verity Inc. is a financial services firm headquartered in San Francisco with satellite offices in London, Berlin, Hong Kong and Bombay.  Offering a wide range of U.S. and international stock, options and mutual funds, Verity has maintained average revenue over the past 3 years of 1 billion US dollars. 



The majority of functional areas will be located in the San Francisco office including Marketing, Development, Clearing, Operations, Compliance, PMO and Finance.  However, the IT functions are located in Bombay.  In addition to customer services and administrative functions, localized clearing employees work in the London, Berlin and Hong Kong offices.  Total, Verity has 78 employees in San Francisco, 25 in London, 7 in Berlin, 4 in Hong Kong and 49 in Bombay.  



Given their strong revenues and desire for control, Verity has decided to become its own clearing agent for all of its business.  Kari Peters will be the Program Manager for this change with the underlying projects: Enterprise Clearing Software Integration, Business Process Implementation and Regulatory Implementation managed by Neilesh Patel, Scott Schultz and Ken Strote respectively.


Kari wants a tool that will allow for collaboration among project targets in determining departmental requirements as well as allowing the project managers to collaborate with the program manager and identify interdependencies of the various projects.  The tool will be used to allow the approximately 100 operational employees of each functional area to submit, view, associate/link and rank requirements for the project/program.  Since some operational areas will be distributed geographically, the tool will also ideally integrate with other collaboration tools such as instant messenge, video conference calls and emails.


When a submitted requirement is included within the scope of the project, the facilitators (project managers) must be able to mark the idea as an open task.  Tasks ideally, but not mandatorily, will be able to be indicated and tracked with visual representations or ancillary information available as appropriate (comments, associated documents, screenshots).  The project managers will use the tools to identify phasing for the project, determining most important features, track tasks and visually review the project specifications. 

As not all individuals should have access to edit or even view every section of every project, the tool must allow for various permission levels.  Given the dispersed employee base, especially the difference between the PMO and IT functional area, both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration is important.  The software must support at least 150 asynchronous and 35 synchronous users.






·                                 Ability to document the requirements and desired software abilities of each department

·                                 Ability to produce task lists and mind maps

·                                 Ability to save and retrieve mind-maps and task lists 

·                                 Ability to organize and prioritize ideas

                  Ability to restrict user access

                  Ability to organize information by project and department


 Nice to Haves:

·                                 Integration with MS Outlook

·                                 Integration with other collaborative technologies such as Instant Messenge and Video Conferencing



Tool Selection:


Mindjet Catalyst : https://catalyst.mindjet.com/?lang=en

This tool is a paid collaboration tool which includes the MindJet MindManager mindmapping software.  Catalyst is $200 per user per year, but the firm will save on their current video conferencing cost.  No contract term is required, so Verity can purchase the software for the duration of the project and then only retain the licenses for the PMO afterwards.


Catalyst was the ideal tool for Verity because it included full integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office.  It also has the ability organize and prioritize ideas, group maps into workspaces by department, restrict user access, and easily document the requirements of each department and then use the software to track the duration, priority, resource assignment and status of each task.

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