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Group 1: Use Case 4a

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PM 440 > Group 1 > Deliverable 2 > Use Cases > Use Case 4a


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Use Case 4a



(Ficticious or actual company/instituion/group involved in scenario)

> Mark Michael Denis Joe & Associates (MMDJ & A)



(Description of use case and sources for requirements)

> MMDJ & Associated specializes in corporate litigation cases usually in defense of their larger corporate clients who are being accused of wrong doings by the plaintiffs. Though the firm has the necessary experience and skill level to handle smaller cases for their clients, they actively specialize in class action lawsuits and large cases that require upwards of 10 employees (lawyers, legal aides, secretaries, researchers…etc).


In this case, MMDJ & Associates client Fictitious, Inc. was involved in a class action suit where the plaintiffs claim ignorance in a civil conspiracy suit by alleging that Fictitious Inc gave false and misleading information.  The size of the case includes over 200 plaintiffs.  The case is also very complex as it involves proving and disproving the prosecutor’s claims as well as rebutting the testimonies of over 100 witnesses who chose to give their accounts to the Grand Jury.  MMDJ must stay on top of all of the information being passed along through the evidence chain primarily because this class action carries a $400 million price tag.  In addition, the lawyers at MMDJ must pull their collective geniuses together to prove their client innocent of any wrong doing.


In the settlement phase of this lawsuit, the deadline is to have a deal drafted and submitted to the plaintiffs by midnight and due to the last minute decision to settle, the lawyers have about six hours to get the document written, proofed and submitted.  MMDJ is looking for a collaborative solution whereby its team of lawyers and aides on a case can virtually seat in the drafting room (seats 100), and collaboratively work on creating and modifying documents of such nature as a last minute settlement.  The collaboration solution must include the ability for writers to submit their sections, and immediately have it up for review across the entire platform, allowing others to modify it, and add theirs comments and feedback without waiting too long (in this case 1-2 minutes).


An ideal solution would have the teams broken up and made up of legal aides, lawyers and secretaries.  The aides would write the documents with the direction of the lawyers.  These sections are created so that everyone has something they are working on simultaneously in order to meet the deadline associated with the case.  Upon completion, each section is placed within its location on the final document and revealed to all. At this point everyone can go through and reaffirm that their sections have been adequately placed and no necessary parts are missing from the final draft. Since this is a legal document, and each section has been proofread for any potential errors, we are not really interested in whether or not the sections that follow each other “flow” or not (this isn’t a typical English class paper, it is a legal document).



(Goals to be achieved by the scenario)

> Find a document collaboration tool that allows large scale rapid updates to a document for a large number of users in an environment making edits in a short amount of time


Primary Actor(s)

(Who are the users & systems involved)

> Lawyers – Main purpose is to check and make sure that their sections meet all the legal requirements with regards to the case at hand and the settlement guidelines.

> Legal aides – Most of their duties would involve actually writing the document on the tool, making sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by their section leaders (lawyers).

> Researchers – Ensure that the lawyers and legal aides have the necessary information at hand in order to appropriately complete the document. They assist by performing fact checks and data checks using the in-house law library.

> Secretaries – Ensure that everyone in the process has what they want in order to get the job done on time.



(Conditions that must be true for use case to terminate successfully)

> The case being tried has it assigned 10 or more employees (lawyers, secretaries, legal aides, researchers…).

> The writing teams are placed in document sections (so we don’t have confusions with regards to whose doing what).

> Each team will proof read their sections and the lawyers will attest to their validity once completed.


Frequency of Activity

(Is this a one time vs. recurring activity)

> Recurring, utilized for each large case



(What action/activity instigates this use case)

> The need to draft a motion or to write up a settlement for a case presented to MMDJ



(Application must have's to accomplish goals)

> Document editing feature, Allow one document to be opened and edited by large groups, consolidation is done when each group is satisfied with their efforts and submits their copy for synchronization [see assumption 2 above]

> Secure environment – The tool for which these actions will take place must be highly encrypted, or at least secure from the prowls of the internet

> Versioning support – Let users see who has changed what and where

> Broad file type support

> Online and offline capability (internet & intranet)


Added Bonuses 

(Applicaton nice to have's if found in solution) 

> Chat capabilities

> Document change notifications

> Personalized workspaces for each writing team

> Storage capabilities to house previous cases for reference

> Search and indexing capabilities



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