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Group 13 Dimensions Matrix

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Dimensions Descriptions



Resource Management

  • Human
  • Equipment
  • Time
  • Cost Estimation



  • Platform: The operating system that the system can perform on (example Windows, Mac, Linux). Platform type single and multiple.
  • Hardware: physical requirements such as hard drive space and amount of memory.
  • Installation/access: How and where the software is installed. Types of installations stand alone, server based, web portral.
  • Email
  • 24/7 or restricted schedules
  • Online or web help
  • Built-in Help i.e. MS Office
  • On location assistance
  • Training on-site/off-site
  • Group Size: The number of users that software supports
  • Email list
  • Revision Control
  • Charting
  • Document versioning
  • Document retention
  • Document sharing
  • Document repository
  • Evaluation and survey

Group 13 Start Page

































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