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Group 1 Product Selection

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Product Selections for Use Cases


Use Case 1 Click here for detailed Use Case 1

A small group of individuals are working on a document and each user will need to make edits but the users are less likely to be battling against one another for file access to make edits.


Product(s) of Choice: Ranked and Reasoning:


1.  Google Docs
Google Docs is the first choice for the use case because of the high familiarity the users have with Google products.  The integration with Google email, calender, and Google talk for chatting makes it a complete product for collaboration.  Student are able to upload many documents and work on one or combine them. The revision feature is similar to Writewith.com but creates its own notes instead of those supplied by the user.  They can control who can do what to the documents and what documents each user can see.  Given that all these products are free and available 24 -7 through the web makes up for the lack of a workspace as in Microsoft Groove.


2.  Microsoft Groove
This is the most complete suite of products or features of the 3 products.  Groove is a product that is very easy to set up, has lots of nice features, and easily integrates with Microsoft Office.  The fact that all feature are accessed thought a workspace makes it very easy to navigate between features.  Although this product is the most ideal, it is too expensive for students to implement for this project.  Unless the product is bought with the Student Office it's expensive and has a limited 60 day trail.  Since our students term is 11 weeks it would not fit their needs.


3.  Writewith.com
Writewith.com is a website where you register and upload documents and share them with other users.  This product has revision capabilities, allows users to add notes to each revision, and group leaders the ability to assign tasks.  This is a very simple and free product and a very good option for this use case.  However it is missing any calender or chat feature that is included in the other products.



Use Case 2Click here for detailed Use Case 2


A larger group of individuals are working on a document and the users will have a slightly higher rate of battling against users for file access (simply due to pure numbers) in order to make edits but the demand is still relatively low.


Product(s) of Choice: Ranked and Reasoning:


1.) Microsoft Groove Server 2007

Microsoft Groove Server 2007 provides the best product for this use case.  Groove allows the Client Services team to have a central location where the financial reports can be stored and maintained on a monthly basis.  Groove will also allow for the Client Services team to enjoy their own personal workspace that can be easily managed by the Sr. Client Managers.  New employees and outside Team Members can be added to the workspace as needed.  Since ITS Services, Co. will be using Groove Server, they will be hosting the applicaiton on their own servers but the infrastructure of the tool in the client server envrionment will not require the Client Services team to utilize VPN access when interacting with the tool outside of the company network.  Groove also gives the Client Services team an enhanced communication and notification system to utilize as a team when completing the use case task but it can also be used for additional tasks outside the scope of this use case.  ITS Services, Co. will greatly benefit from the application being hosted on their own internal servers and Groove will allow for Active Directory integration making it very simple to work with while in the office.  The perpetual license for Groove Server is also a plus as it will keep costs down for the organization but ITS Services, Co. will have complete file control and can use their own tools for backup and disaster recovery. 


Groove will make a nice new collaborative environment for the Sr. Client Managers to post the monthly financial documents and communicate to the Client Manager team that it is time to make and submit edits.  The tool will support the MS Excel format very easily.  The implementation of the tool will also give the Client Services team a chance to build team collaboration via their own personal workspace into the future.   


2.) Sharepoint Services 3.0

Microsoft Sharepoint Services 3.0 offers up a bundle of valuable features to the Client Services Team, such as: Easy-to-use collaborative tools, the environment is relatively quick to implement, the tool makes it easy to manage documents while helping to ensure the integrity of content.  In addition, Sharepoint Services also allows for ITS Services, Co. to own and maintain the services used to assist the Client Services Team. 


Sharepoint Services has many of the features of Groove, but Sharepoint also includes many additional tools that are just not necessary for the needs of the Client Services Team at this point in time like wiki and blogging capabilities.  Sharepoint Services is a much more elaborate tool that includes collaboration tools but should also be used for additional initiatives in order to be fully utilized.  If additional initiatives of IT Services, Co. can utilize the features of Sharepoint Services, then it may be considered as the top pick for this use case but when focusing solely on the Client Services issue, the tool is much too elaborate for what is needed at this time.    


3.) Zoho Docs

Zoho is a complete suite of online applications/services that you sign up for and access from their website.  The website will then provide a service to store documents securely online and allow access from anywhere while maintaining multiple versions of your files.  One very impressive advantage of Zoho Docs is the ability to allow multiple users to work and collaborate real-time on a document simultaneously.  In addition, the tool also incorporates online chat & collaboration through the suite or products.  


Zoho is a great, intuitive product but could not be used effectively in this use case.  IT Services, Co would prefer to maintain and host the application being used so all of the data could be stored and controlled in the business environment and would not be relied upon by a third party service.  In addition, the Client Services team would need to create their own user accounts and the online support would not be provided by the IT Services, Co when issues arise.  The functionality provided by Zoho is ideal but the setup and configuration in the business environment of this use case does not make it the preferred product of choice.   




Use Case 3Click here for detailed Use Case 3


A small group of individuals are working on a document and there will be a large amount of edits and the users will need to make sure they have access to the file without erasing a team members work.  Time may also be a consierable factor in this use case as a potential deadline must be met.


Product(s) of Choice: Ranked and Reasoning:


1.) Sharepoint Services 3.0 

Quick setup that integrates with current Microsoft Office Suite system including Outlook.  Roboust enough for large group collaberation and specifically for shared document collaberation. Features like checkin/out, versioning, and security that works with Active Directory, intranet based only.  Cost is very low, free to evaluate and is part of Windows Server 2003, CAL's are unlimited.  If loved, SharePoint Portal Server can be built on top of SharePoint Services.


2.) Bitrix 

Intranet Portal which boasts quick setup and integration with MS Office and Active Directory.  Supports Enterprise (large) user setting and cost is cheap for testing group.  ($18 a user to start + $1400 startup cost).  Complete set of calendar, task, project planning, meeting room booking tools.  Access filed/documents from outside network, IM-social networking ready, search capability, total ECM solution basically, but not sure of extensive versioning/checkin capability or security.

3.) Microsoft Groove 

As we know has extensive document management capabilities and has free trial.  Works with MS Office, AD, and can support user group - up to 25 users per workspace.  Personalized document security.




Use Case 4a > Click here for detailed Use Case 4a


A large group of individuals are working on document collaboration and there is an even higher amount of demand for file access (simple due to pure numbers) and team members must be able to submit their changes in a small window of time without disrupting a team members work.


Product Selection and Reasoning:


The perfect software suite for this use case does not exist now, but as far as selecting the best fit software, I would have to go with Synchroedit. This is because of several reasons, one of which is its ability to be implemented into a specific webpage without the need for any specialized software suites. Due to privacy concerns, we can make this more secure by running it on specialized servers within out organizational intranet, which will allow for a more peace of mind due to understanding and confidence with our internal security controls such as firewall, IPS…etc. We can also ensure that being on our local intranet we can better manage the users, making sure that only those that were invited or are a part of the process are actually within the tool and contributing.

The biggest feature of this tool is the synchronous manner in which it will allow you to edit your documents. In this use case (4a) we have a team of legal experts collectively working on a document to be released shortly. The document is broken out into different legal sub-sections, so that each legal team can focus on their area of expertise. With this tool we can essentially have the entire document open and each team working on their individual sub-sections without any issues. However I think a more relevant approach would be to create different documents for the different legal sub-teams and have them collaboratively and synchronously work on their sections. Upon completion a quick amalgamation of the different sections will result in a well compiled and highly efficient document, not to mention truly collaborative document!




Use Case 4b > Click here for detailed Use Case 4b


A large group of individuals are working on document collaboration and there is an even higher amount of demand for file access (simple due to pure numbers) and team members must be able to submit their changes in a small window of time without disrupting a team members work.


Product Selection and Reasoning:


I have decided to go with MixedInk. This is primarily because of the voting feature that would be beneficial in assisting with the completion of use case 4b. The idea behind that use case was developed from a demo on MixedInk. Here supporters of the candidate can login to the site and appropriately submit what they believe are the marketable points of the candidate. As time progresses and more and more supporters contribute to the documents, we will eventually like to end up with a document that reads like an endorsement letter from the people for the candidate.

The voting feature as well as the ability for other writers to collect and re-write other peoples information will allow us to eventually end up with a document that was truly written in “collaboration” with others that share a common set of goals – in this case support for a candidate.

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