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Founded by Chris Kohlhardt and Clint Dickson in San Francisco, California





Pricing - Gliffy Basic is Free. Gliffy Premium is a paid service and has 3 categories -Individuals,Organizations,Academic Groups. Price range from $5 - $1750 per month based on number of users. More product pricing info can be found here.

* Online diagramming tool

* Supports UMLs, Flowcharts, Floor plans , Network diagrams , User Interface, E-R diagrams

* Can collaborate instantly while creating a diagram. (Need to refresh to see any updates from collaborators)



 * Mac and PC Compatible - Gliffy works across platforms, so your entire team can edit the file. 



 * No download required/

 * Advanced feature set .

 * Automatically maintains versions between collaborators. Makes it easier to revert in case of unwanted changes



* Free account cannot restrict access on diagrams. 

* Collaboration mainly via email. No chat .


Use Case



* Collaborators branch off and work on their own version. Not sure on how it handles conflicts in case of simultaneous updates.

* Gliify Examples http://www.gliffy.com/examples/flow-charts/


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