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PM440 Homepage

Page history last edited by Danny Mittleman 6 months ago


This wiki support Project Management 440 at DePaul University, School of Computing


Winter 2020


Project One

Team John   
Team Paul   
Team George   
Team Ringo   




Material From Previous PM440 Sections

Virtual Collaboration Book

This book was written and edited by students over several quarters of the course.  Please properly cite use of their work.


PM440 Project Team Spaces

The material below is from previous quarters of 440.   You are welcome to peruse the projects those students completed and make use of any materials you find valuable.  Please properly cite use their work.


Materials from PM440 Winter 2008

Materials from PM440 Spring 2008

Materials from PM440 Fall 2008

Materials from PM440 Winter 2009

Materials from PM440 Spring 2009

Materials from PM440 Fall 2009

Materials from PM440 Spring 11 2011

Materials from PM440 Fall 2011

Global Conference Analysis Documents Winter 2012

Materials from PM440 Spring 2012

Materials from PM440 Winter 2013

Materials from PM440 Spring 2013

Materials from PM440 Summer 2013

Materials from PM440 Spring 2014

Materials from PM440 Summer 2014

Materials from PM440 Fall 2014

Materials from PM440 Fall 2015

Materials from PM440 Spring 2017

Materials from PM440 Fall 2017

Materials from PM440 Fall 2018


Meta Notes:

This wiki exists to support the PM440 course at DePaul CDM.  Questions about this wiki should be directed to Daniel Mittleman.  
Students in the course should use the PBWorks feature to request edit rights and those rights will be granted.   Former students from this course are welcome to renew access, if interested.


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