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Enterprise Frameworks Use Cases

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Dimensions: Reliability & Improved Development

Activity: Business Forms


Goal: To provide both internal and external access to the myriad of forms the company utilizes.  Reduced paper usage, improved cycle time, and a centrally managed repository are also of utmost importance.


Company: The You Health Private Insurance Company


Business Problem:

The You Health insurance company is a private company that provides supplementary insurance coverage for those individuals who are not covered by their employer or those who need additional coverage (i.e. high risk patients, etc.).  You Health started out as a small company serving about 1000 customers in the Chicago-land area.  During this time, their one storefront location was all that was necessary.  As the business grew, management knew that in order to compete with the larger players they would need to expand.  In the summer of 2003, they began an expansion program and at the end of 2007, they had 15 offices in many of the large cities in the United States. 


Despite their increased presence in the market, their cycle time (time from initial patient claim to patient being paid) was increasing.  Management decided to take a very close look at the operations of the business and realized the key problem was how they managed the hundreds of forms in use.  At first look, each individual office was using a different form for the same activity (i.e. the Chicago office had its own form for a new applicant, or the Boston office had its own form for a supplementary claim, etc.).  Some forms existed in more varieties than there were offices!  Knowledge transfer was high so a tenured person in the Chicago office knew that there were some forms that existed that were not “used anymore”. 


Primarily, You Health needed a web presence.  With that web presence, they needed a unified set of forms, and those forms needed to be available on the web.  From the web-enabled forms, they needed a way for their customers to fill out the forms on line, and the results to be stored some sort of management console.  Workflow would need to be created in order to support this new effort once it gained popularity.  Before the web-enabled front and back ends could be created however, an effort needed to be started that collected all of the forms in use, those that should be retired, and any additional forms that needed to be created.  This universal set of forms then needed to be digitized and done so in a consistent manner.  You Health knew that this entire project needed to be done in order to remain relevant in their highly competitive corporate environment; they just did not quite know where to start.



  • Front-end web site that enabled their customers to search for and fill out form
  • Predictive logic built in that could “guess” a form for the user depending on certain identifiable criteria
  • Back-end system that housed all of the forms and collected them centrally
  • Work-flow to support the entirely new way of doing business
  • Reduced cycle time for both the business and their customers


Dimensions: Knowledge Management / Reliability

Activity: Enterprise Search


Goal: A unified system to find relevant business information from a wide range of repositories and formats.


Company: XYZ Sys Networks Inc.


Business Problem:


XYZ Networks designs and deploys wireless and wired networks, management software and applications for access control. The corporation encourages customer-centric business practices and tries to give it employees the productivity enhancing tools they need to collaborate across multiple global offices.


Due to rapid expansion and decentralized application development and support, XYZ Sys Networks has a heterogeneous aging web infrastructure within multiple environments. In order to find information, employees are forced to search multiple environments separately. If a relevant document was not found, the document had to be recreated using up valuable time and creating potential redundancies. The system had no tools to find colleagues or subject matter experts, across geographical boundaries, in order to provide efficient customer service or project management.




  • Single, standardized solution for communication, collaboration and search requirements.

  • Scalable to accommodate disconnected web sites.

  • Create search indexes from multiple Internet and Intranet sources and consolidate results containing product information; applications for employees, partners and customers.

  • Create repositories for all employees to store personalized information that includes; skills rolls, managers, groups, distribution lists and areas of expertise

  • Ability to search for company documents.

  • Keep all business secure through the control of access rights.




Dimension: Complete business process management

Activity: Business Intelligence

Goal: To use enterprise framework architecture to provide a much effective business intelligence environment for the whole organization.


Company: ABC Publishing Ltd.


Business Problem:


For organizations looking to utilize technology to make a difference in the marketplace, business process management is a major factor in achieving success. Many business processes are standardized across departments, regions and organizations. Business processes that differentiate a company from its competitors are highly customized and typically need to be changed or edited frequently to meet business needs.

One of the major business processes that enable a business to operate smarter is the effective use of business intelligence/decision support system. Couple of years back, the IT department of ABC publishing company integrated a data warehousing tool with their enterprise system as part of the “record to report” process. The tool was implemented to provide a paperless reporting environment that delivers fast, accurate and flexible reports to meet reporting needs for multiple departments. After two years of implementation, the business is realizing that the tool is not becoming a good decision support system as numbers of reporting views have grown multifold to create more confusion than to support an effective decision making process. The organization is growing at a rate faster than they anticipated due to an aggressive acquisition strategy. New products with complex product profile are getting incorporated with new sales channels opening up every other day. The business managers have to deal with more complex information matrix to stay on top of the market place.  To realize the ROI stated in the date warehouse implementation business case, sales and marketing divisions started looking for an efficient and personalized web interface to find the reports they require. This is not the case that the divisions are not getting the information they are looking for. They are not getting it efficiently so they can make better use of their time, getting more satisfaction in doing their day-to-day job. Inter and intra departmental security has become a major concern as most of the information available through this tool is extremely sensitive and confidential. Many new employees are unable to use it, as it does not provide a user friendly method to access and create customized views. Also there is no direct link to feed a data set back to the enterprise system. After much debate the company is contemplating a business case to use enterprise framework architecture to provide a much effective business intelligence environment for the whole organization. 




  • To be accessible by the intranet portal where other business systems and collaborative tools are available. So every authorized employee will be able to access the tool through a single sign on required for other systems within the intranet environment
  • User profile driven security – User profile will be a sub class of departmental profile. In this way reports can be published without worrying about the sensitivity of the data
  • User’s ability to customize the intranet page to have direct accesses to the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports depending on the individual requirement. They will be provided with a default set of views based on their profile but they should be able to modify the list within their security domain
  • Ability to extract and transport data set easily. The data should be transported easily to all available collaborative tools so it can be published as fast as possible
  • Ability to cross check data set with the enterprise system to increase integrity of the published report



Dimension: Collaboration & Knownledge Management

Activity: Business Intelligence


Goal:  To provide clear communication channels, improved operations and customer service, and increased “user-friendliness”.

Company: Your Local Bank


Business Problem:   

"Your Local Bank" (YLB) is a full-service community bank that offers a wide range of banking products to the residents of four Midwest states.  YLB also provides data integration and currency conversion services for a number of commercial institutions. The Bank currently has 18 branch center locations and provides retail and commercial banking services along with treasury management, bond registration, and agent payment services.

Donald Fairstein, the bank’s CIO knew that he had a problem.  “We are in a unique situation where resources are needed to be spent in both income generating and income sustaining avenues.” YLB is in the process of sending requests for proposal (RFPs) to major software vendors.  They are looking for a solution to aid in the process of decision making and overall knowledge acquisition in their respective economic environment.  At the same time, they are always seeking out ways to decrease costs to their customers while providing all of the services their customers have grown to expect.  YLB is also a member of the Federal Depositor Insurance Company (FDIC) thus regulatory considerations are always of paramount significance.  “Our ideal solution will allow us an intimate view of our entire operation.  We want to be able to proactively predict market conditions, our customer’s needs, and the requirements of the FDIC.”

Specifically, the issues currently facing YLB are numerous.  “Currently YLB is structured like 18 small ‘islands’ where each branch operates individually, and thus no one true goal can be found.  We need a solution that incorporates all of our braches (and avenues of service) to deliver large-scale, sweeping changes,” adds Donald.  Beyond the “simple” goal of uniting all of the braches, Donald notes that they are currently on the reactive side of the curve when it comes to demand forecasting.  “When the housing bubble finally popped, we were stuck with millions of dollars invested in over-priced real-estate, we needed a way to at least ‘see this coming’ and prepare.”

Another clear example of being on the “wrong” side of the demand curve was with the concept of savings accounts.  When other institutions were moving toward a “keep the change” effort, (purchases are rounded up and the resulting change is automatically deposited into the customer’s savings account) Donald felt as this was too invasive for his customers.  Unfortunately, he lost many long-standing accounts as his customers took their savings and moved it to banks that offered this service.  “I really thought this practice wouldn’t be in the best interests of our customers, apparently I was wrong”.   

He is looking for one software vendor to provide the entire package.  “We need someone who will work with us as partners.  We will need to run the whole gambit; Hardware, software, and professional consultative services.” As stated previously, however, this effort while having great potential for increasing YLB’s market share, will not come cheap, thus the scope of the project will need to be maintained to allow significant resources for day-to-day bank operations. 



  • To share accurate information in real time using a collaboration solution that facilitates fast meaningful communication.
  • Instant messaging (IM) tool with a secure (encrypted) method of communication and a platform for delivering advanced collaborative capabilities throughout the bank.
  • Encryption of information and archiving of messages.
  • Ability to have virtual (online) meetings. 
    • Whiteboard, voice/audio conferencing
    • File transfer utility that allows for sharing of files and team collaboration. 
    • Ability to archive all meetings for retrieval later. 
  • Easy integration and empowerment of Blackberry© powered devices.
  • Predictive/proactive technology built into the system to allow for market demand forecasts and overall economic ecosystem predictions.
  • Maintaining the highest levels of customer service throughout. 


Comments (1)

Danny Mittleman said

at 2:16 pm on May 7, 2009

Structure of your deliverable is fine, but use cases are at a very high level. Granted, frameworks are high level and difficult to get specific about. But the purpose of use cases is to help you surface specificities. For example - on your Enterprise Search use case: how can we use the surfaced requirements to test whether one framework is a better implementation candidate than another framework? All canddidate frameworks will support basic search concepts. But what will actually searches be like? What kinds of boolean logic might be used? Will some data be secure to some users and, if so, how will the framework authenticate users to search permissions? What kinds of granualarity for protecting data will exist? This just scratches the surface for the types of questions that will come up. Nothing in the use case begins to address.

Bus Process Mgt use case was written by a non-native English speaker. The rest of the team is responsible for the grammar mistakes as this is a team deliverable.

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