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Deiliverable two

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Windows 7 Upgrade


Larry the Network Manager for a Midsized holding company in Chicago wanted to migrate the companies PC systems to Windows 7.The company has 6 US sites and 3 international sites with a IT team distributed throughout the U.S. 

They have 500 desktop machines less than 3 years old.


·         Approval Process

·         Budgeting

·         Procurement

·         Systems Inventory

·         Training

·         Testing

·         Scheduling

·         Implementation


Build Nuclear Power Plant


The city of Anniston, AL is envious that every country is getting Nuclear Power and they still use a coal powered plant.  They want to build a Nuclear plant to power the next generation of Annistonites’ homes.  They decide to contract with Sargent & Lundy the Chicago based leader in power plant engineering to construct the plant.


·         Approval Process

·         Training

·         Regulatory Tracking

·         Security

·         Capacity Planning

·         Exit Strategy/Emergency/DR


Plan a party


Eric was going to be moving from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue a new career but wanted to have one final going away party before he left. Since Eric has lived in Chicago for 5 years he had a lot of friends that he wanted to invite to his party. His friends lived in Grand Rapids, New York, Detroit, and all throughout the Midwest.


  • Determine budget
  • Staff
  • Theme
  • Decoration
  • Invitation planning
  • Invitation process
  • Purchasing
  • Clean up process



Online school


Brad is a network administrator for a large school that only operates in Chicago, wants to expand their reach by creating an online school for distance learning students. With the direction that technology is taking, he feels that offering the school online can not only gain a better reputation across the entire country but also offer an opportunity for the best students to take class while not in Chicago.


  • Determine budget
  • Database/Infrastructure/Bandwidth planning
  • Student enrollment process
  • Security software
  • Curriculum planning
  • ERP Implementation



Build a House


 A couple is planning to build a house but they live in different cities. They cannot meet frequently.

They want a solution allows them to meet and manage their project,,,


·         Purchasing/Procurement

·         Managing Labor

·         Building Permits

·         Architectural Planning

·         Inspecting

·         Determine budget


Write a book 


A company is planning to write a book about its successful strategies. The company is thinking about using a popular author to write the book, and must sale during the current year.


·         Purchasing

·         Idea Generation

·         Research

·         Write

·         Editing

·         print

·         Publisher

·         Advertising

·         Determine budget




Comments (2)

keith@townsendconsulting.com said

at 1:49 pm on Oct 5, 2009

So, we are a little cloudy on the term Dimensions. We looked at examples from previous quarter on their deliverable for dimensions and the documents that they delivered looked more like the above which I would agree a use cases.

Dr. Ruth Ter Bush said

at 12:45 pm on Oct 5, 2009

You seem to have gone about this a little backwards by developing Use Cases (to a small degree) and then trying to identify the dimensions. It is generally easier to find the dimensions in which people do activities and then develop the Use Cases.
This format will be difficult to use for the evaluation of software to meet the Use Case defined needs.

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