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Dabbleboard http://www.dabbleboard.com/

by General Electric





  •  Online whiteboard
  •  Automatically detect basic shapes based on mouse clicks. Freehand drawing is also available
  • Create and reuse images by creating libraries.Public library of shapes available
  • Can create UMLs, flowcharts, network diagrams using public library images
  •  Sharing and collaboration over email or public URLs
  • Upload/Download picture to/from Dabbleboard
  • Currently in Beta version



  • No downloads or proprietarty software required
  •  Browser agnostic.



  •  Free (in Beta)
  •  Easy to use UI



  •  No chat integeration
  • No version control.
  •  Hard to collaborate on a single drawing. Each collaborators work off their own copy of the image.


Use Case



  •  Hard to use for team collaboration.



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